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Latest News From China - 02/26/2001

March 2, 2001

[Beijing] To Clarify the Facts, a Lot of Falun Dafa Materials Appear at Universities, Seemingly from Nowhere

Recently, many Dafa truth-clarifying materials found their way into the teachers' residential areas and instructional buildings of the universities. The materials revealing the truth about the "self immolation" incident was particularly influential, and aroused the teachers' and students' righteous thoughts. The supervising committee of a certain university felt very nervous, since they could not find the person who distributed the materials. They forcibly took all the Dafa practitioners who had not been sent to a labor camps away for "transformation classes" [Promising to 'transform' and never practice Falun Dafa again]. We hope all kind-hearted people pay attention to this latest, illegal action.

In addition, following the next few days after February 11, when He Zuoxiu [the person who initiated the attack on Falun Gong in 1999] gave his "Anti-Falun Gong" speech at Beijing Normal University , lots of Dafa truth-verifying materials appeared in the residential area on the campus. The materials had effectively exposed the vicious lies and rectified the environment.

A large mount of Falun Dafa materials appeared at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, after Sima Nan [a person who always slandered Qigong] gave a vicious speech at this university.

[Liaoning Province] One Kind-hearted Policeman is Awakening

A policeman, who was waiting for a chance to catch practitioners in the act of distributing fliers, did arrest a practitioner. While he was on his way to the local police station, the practitioner took the opportunity to spread Dafa to the policeman and told him the true story about the vicious persons in the government fabricating all kinds of rumors to slander Dafa and its founder. The policeman changed his attitude soon afterwards and said: "You Falun Gong people are really good. You can leave now. Distributing flyers is very dangerous, please take care of yourself." So this Dafa practitioner was released and he continued to distribute flyers in other places.

[Tianjin City] Officials at a Middle School Slandered Dafa at the Flag-Raising Ceremony; the Students Hissed to Express Their Indignity of the Slanders

Last Monday, a middle school raised the national flag in a routine ceremony. However, at the end of the ceremony, the school principal asked the students to stay and listen to the broadcast that slanders Dafa. The content of the broadcast was completely consistent with the state-run CCTV propaganda. The students hissed to show their dissatisfaction with this kind of message. Several teachers were also dissatisfied with the continuous slander of Dafa. The lasting effort to slander Falun Gong in elementary and middle schools has been gradually causing disgusted feelings towards Jiang Zemin and his followers. This effect can even be observed among those who did not care about Falun Gong initially.

[China] We HAVE LEARNED that all Practitioners who Published the "Solemn Statements" on Minghui Net will be Sent to Forced Labor

Someone said that the Police Department has issued an order to send all practitioners to a labor camp who published their "solemn statements" on Minghui Net.

[Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp, Liaoning Province] The "Transformed" People from Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp were "Transformed Back" by the Genuine Practitioners

Before the Spring Festival, the local government carried out the order from Jiang Zemin's regime to further persecute Dafa practitioners. To "collapse the spirit" of Dafa practitioners, they released more than a hundred "transformed" people from Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp and forced them to form a "help and education group." The group had to co-operate with the government to "transform" Dafa practitioners. One group was made up of 18 people. They tried to forcibly transform the Dafa practitioners and would report to the police if any practitioner refused to be transformed. However, the genuine practitioners were dignified and spoke with the force of justice which suffocated the evil. As a result, this plot to transform the genuine practitioners fell through, since the genuine practitioners were not disturbed by the "transformation." Instead, it is the genuine practitioners who changed these "transformed" people. Motivated by the mighty compassion of the great Buddha law, those who were deceived in Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp were awakened one after another. They stepped forward to expose the vicious brutishness of the persecution towards Dafa practitioners in Masanjia. They felt great regret for their wrong deeds on the way of cultivation. Some of them went to the local police department and announced that all materials they wrote that violated Dafa were invalid. Some of them went on the journey to Beijing to safeguard Dafa. Others put their "Solemn Statements" on Minghui Net. This kind of anti-transformation is a heavy blow to Jiang Zemin's regime and its anti-human rights group.

After the Spring Festival, the government intensified their persecution of Dafa practitioners. They forced everyone to "pass the test" and forced Dafa practitioners to speak against Dafa. They sent practitioners to forced labor without any legal procedure. They have sent several dozen determined practitioners, including Zhang Yarong, Zhu Laicheng, Liu Wansheng, Wu Xiulan and Liu Yuzhi, to jail and beat them inhumanly.

A guard from Jinzhou City Second Detention Center disclosed that the guards broke several wooden sticks while they were violently beating Dafa practitioners. To fabricate charges against practitioners and get credit for their misdeeds from the higher level officials, they subjected Dafa practitioners to freezing conditions outdoors in a field of snow at -4 F temperatures. Sometimes they even poured cold water on practitioners' bodies. Li Xiejiang, the head of 621 office in Jinzhou City's Police Department, fined and extorted money from the practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal or to distribute Dafa materials. The fines ranged from 3,000 Yuan to 10,000 Yuan [$363.00 to $1.200]. As many as several dozen practitioners were fined by him. This vicious, illegal behavior has upset the local citizens. It also has aroused the conscience of all the people who have a sense of justice. Now they have started to complain of the unfairness towards Falun Gong.

Right now, many Dafa practitioners in jail went on a hunger strike and also refuse to drink water. They refused to corporate with evil. Their lives are in danger. About 100 Dafa practitioners are now detained in JinZhou City Wangtun Detention Center. About 200 practitioners are detained in Masanjia Labor Re-education Camp. We hope all kind-hearted people all over the world pay attention to this.

Li Xiejiang, the head of 621 office: 011-86-416-3150179

Gao Chongkuan: the head of Section One of Jinzhou City Police Department, 011-86-416-2572108

Jinzhou City First Detention Center: 011-86-416-4588931

Jinzhou City Second Detention Center: 011-86-416-4588539

[Beijing] Dafa Practitioner Cao Jing was Brutally Tortured in a Mental Hospital

On January 28, Minghui Net reported the story of Dafa practitioner Cao Jing who was arrested due to distributing Falun Dafa flyers. Later on, she was sent to Qinglongqiao Mental Hospital, Haidian District. She was forcibly injected with drugs and, on a daily basis, was forced to take overdoses of psychosis medicine. After 49 days of brutal persecution, Cao Jing almost completely lost her eyesight. She could not control her bowels or her bladder. Her four limbs were stiff and weak and her whole body became extremely exhausted. Before the Spring Festival she was released to her home. However, her family members planned to send her back to the mental hospital again. Cao Jing secretly escaped from her home, almost totally blind, simply by sheer willpower. She was without any money, wore only very thin clothes and found it hard even to stand up. Fortunately, she came across Dafa practitioners. After resuming the Fa study and practice for few days, Cao Jing's health condition was getting better. The toxins from the poisonous, illegally administered drugs were still working their way out of her body. The resulting smell was terrible. Though Cao Jing is still in suffering, her firm belief and righteous thoughts to Dafa are as solid as a rock.

[Beijing] The Vicious 208 First Hearing Office

There is a young policeman in 208 First Hearing Office of Haidian Detention Center in Beijing who is short and stutters. He behaved like a ruffian and abused practitioners while interrogating them. He became outraged when practitioners could not understand what he said. He yelled madly at the practitioners who refused to tell their names or addresses. He used all his strength in beating practitioners. He slapped their faces from one side to the other and grabbed their hair to slam their heads against the wall. When his hands were tired, he would kick practitioners in their faces with his hard leather boots until he was tired.

Another elder policeman in this office actually threatened the practitioners: "I would dig holes and bury all of you who come to Beijing to appeal."

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] The Police Tried to Use the Relatives to Denounce and Catch Practitioners and Offer Bribes

A policeman from a local police station in Harbin City went to a practitioner's home and told his relative: " Follow your spouse and find out which practitioner he visited. I will give you 30,000 Yuan for each practitioner we catch."

[Qiqihaer City, Heilongjiang Province] The Vicious Forces Might Call In the Army To Persecute Dafa Practitioners

Recently, some local officials revealed that between February 18 and March 1, the vicious forces will call in the army, armed police and public police to enforce the search and arrest of Falun Dafa practitioners.

In the afternoon of February 20, near Liuyuan [a place name], seven Dafa practitioners were arrested while speaking out about the truth of Falun Dafa. Among them were An Jingtao, her younger sister, Li Zhendong, Liu Jingming, and others. According to some witnesses, the people who arrested the practitioners were some young men in their early 20s. They didn't look like police. We suspect that they were probably soldiers from the army.

The Lengsha District Police Station is a notorious "Haunted House" in the city. There were all kinds of torture instruments that were once used by the Japanese occupational forces to torture Chinese people. These instruments, which cause excruciating pain, were frequently used on Dafa practitioners. It was said that one Dafa practitioner was brought to a secret place with her/his eyes blindfolded. The place was eerie and held a roomful of scary torture instruments.

This is the way the Chinese police treat their fellow countrymen who are good people who just want to practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. This is another testimony to the so-called "best period in Chinese history for the human rights record." Like all other victims being attacked in political movements in the past, the truth about the greatness of Falun Dafa will reveal itself to the world sooner or later. We hope police with any conscience left will treat Falun Dafa practitioners kindly. Please do not bury yourself along with Jiang Zemin. All kind-hearted people, we call for your help to stop the Chinese police from abusing Falun Dafa practitioners with excruciating tortures.

[Shanghai City] Guo Xiaojun, a Young Teacher at Jiaotong University, was Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison

A young teacher, Guo Xiaojun, at the Electronic Message Department of Jiaotong University in Shanghai City was illegally detained in August 2000, because he practiced Falun Dafa and distributed Falun Dafa materials. Recently, he was sentenced 2 years in prison. Later, his wife, Xu Wenxin, was arrested because of distributing Falun Dafa materials and was sentenced to 2 years of forced labor.

[Changping County, Beijing] The Police Acted Collectively to Arrest Falun Dafa Practitioners

Today, (February 25), Chungping County police acted collectively to arrest Falun Dafa practitioners. The practitioners were forced to attend a 15 day "Class." The police announced that those who could not be "transformed" would directly be sent to labor re-education camp. Many practitioners therefore had to leave their homes and wander about and are now forced to find an existence somewhere else as homeless people.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] People from the Gas Engine Factory in Changchun City "Sieved" Dafa Practitioners

Gas engine factory supervisors in Changchuan City began to "sieve" each Falun Dafa practitioner and ask them to write denouncing statements, meaning that they denounce Falun Dafa and would not practice it any longer. Those who refuse to cooperate would have to participate in transforming classes and finally, be fired.

Grossly disrespectful guards without shame in Changchun City Detention Center even beat and abused an 85-year-old female Falun Dafa practitioner.

[Qiqihaer City, Heilongjiang Province] Practitioners Who Were Sentenced to Forced Labor

Shan Yang was sentenced to 2 years forced labor in January 2001, because of appealing to the government. He is now detained at Fuyu Labor Re-Education Center in Qiqihaer City.

Sun Jiangjun was sentenced to 1year forced labor in January 2001, because of appealing on behalf of Falun Dafa to the government. He is now detained at Fuyu Labor Re-Education Center in Qiqihaer City.

Tian Lei was sentenced to 1 year forced labor in 2001, because of appealing for Falun Dafa to the government. He is now detained at Fuyu Labor Re-Education Center in Qiqihaer City.

Ma Yong was sentenced to 1 year forced labor, because of appealing to the government for Falun Dafa. He is detained at Fuyu Labor Re-Education Center in Qiqihaer City.

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Zhu Changfa and his Gang at the Provincial Hospital Persecuted Falun Dafa Practitioners

Falun Dafa practitioner, Wang, 60-year old, female, an employee of the provincial hospital in Harbin City, was sent to a mental hospital because she refused to denounce or give up practicing Falun Dafa, even under the pressure from people of her working unit. The details about her case are still unknown.

Another female practitioner by the name of Wang, also from the provincial hospital, refused to denounce Falun Dafa. Consequently, her son, who did not practice Falun Dafa, was fired by the hospital. The hospital gave the reason for his dismissal as "he is needed to watch over his mother at home." Now, Wang and her daughter, who also works in the provincial hospital, are threatened with being fired. Simply because the practitioner refused to denounce Falun Dafa, she and her 2 family members were threatened with losing their jobs. This is how the provincial hospital treated its employees.

In the provincial hospital, practitioner Qiao, a driver in the hospital, about 50-year old, was fired because he did not want to give up practicing Falun Dafa. He was also sentenced to 1 year forced labor. Under this severe circumstance, he left his home. However, the hospital also fired his son who does not even practice Falun Dafa

Actually, more practitioners who work at the provincial hospital are facing the same fate of being fired. However, it is not appropriate to reveal their cases at this time.

Leader of Provincial Hospital in Heilongjiang Province

Zhu Changfa: 011-86-451-5655061 ext. 4054 (in charge of persecution of Falun Gong)

President of the Hospital: Yu Zhizhou: 011-86-451-5655061 x 4056

[Shulan County, Heilongjiang Province] The Principal of 22nd Junior High School Intentionally Mislead and Trapped Falun Dafa Practitioner

On January 3, 2001, the principal of Qingfong 22nd Junior High School in Shulan County went to teacher Yao Chunyan's home. He told her that the leader of the education committee would like to talk to her. Yao Chunyan has a 9-month old child. When Yao Chunyan's mother suggested that she take the child with her, the principal said: "It will only take few hours." However, he sent her to the "Transformation Class" held by the education committee. Not until 12 days later did the leader talk with her. Twenty days later, on Lunar New Year's Eve [January 23, 2001], she was sent to a detention center and is still in custody now.

Practitioners Guo Qilun and Zhao Zhunfan went to appeal in Beijing in December 2000. On December 12, 2000, they were arrested on the train to Jinzhou City [Liaoning Province] and illegally detained in Jinzhou City's (women's) Detention Center. A leader in the detention center, Guo Zhongying, claimed that she was a Falun Dafa practitioner and she could take care of practitioners' Dafa materials and other personal belongings, such as money. She said that she would return those back to them. Guo Qilun gave her 2000 Yuan and Zhao Zhunfan gave her 800 Yuan for sare-keeping. However, till now, Guo Zhongying has not returned the money to them.

Jinzhou City Detention Tel: 011-86-416-4588575

Guo Zhongying Pager: 011-86-416-2572888 x 882

[Jilin City, Jilin Province] Kind-hearted People, Please Help Out Dafa Practitioners in Jilin City

The police from the Yushugou police station in Longtan District, Jilin City, persecuted Dafa practitioners and transferred practitioner Huang Guangyu from No.3 Detention Center to No.1 Detention Center. They will sentence him to jail soon. Kind-hearted people from all walks of life, please pay attention to this matter.

On the morning of February 9, 2001, policemen from the Gaoxin police station took Dafa practitioner Xu Baiyi away by force and sent him to the Jilin City Labor Re-education Camp.

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Dafa Practitioner Bai Xiaojun, a Lecturer from North-Eastern China Normal University, was Beaten to Disability

Bai Xiaojun was a former graduate student and lecturer of the Philosophy Department at North-Eastern China Normal University. Many times he went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Dafa and because of that, he was sent to a labor camp. He was so brutally beaten up that he became disabled.

Bai Xiaojun's 65-year-old mother, Cao Qian, a teacher of Huanan Forestry Bureau Affiliated Dongfeng Primary School, was the senior teacher with most years of teaching experience. She was known as good person and enjoyed a high reputation. She was detained many times after July 20, 1999. The last time she had been detained, she was brutally abused for distributing Falun Dafa truth materials. Shortly after being released, she was forced to participate in the so-called "transformation class."

[Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province] My Experience of Being Several Times Unlawfully Detained

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. In November 1999, after I went to clarify the truth for Falun Dafa in Beijing, I was escorted back. Police from a local police station illegally sent me to a detention center. I was repeatedly detained for more than 4 months and was forced to hand in 10,000 Yuan as "deposit," which has not been returned to me till now. The policemen from Anmin Police Station in Dongfeng Residential Area, Daqing City, told me that the money would be returned to me if I would promise that I would not return to Beijing within one year. In June 2000, driven by order from Daqing City Police Department, the local police station again illegally sent us to a detention center because we held a group practice outdoors. The detention term was originally 15 days, but, without offering an explanation, they kept illegally extending the term. The other Dafa practitioner in my cell, Zhang Tieyan, (female, 29-year-old), was held too long and was suffocated to death due to a serious lack of oxygen [under the bad environment of lacking fresh air in the tiny cell during the summer time]. Since I was in a karma-eliminating state [in the state of an extremely bad physical condition], they had to release me after 80 days of detention.

In November 2000, they caught us for the third time. This time their excuse for arresting us was " illegal assembly" when we were trying to hold a Fa conference. For the past two years, I spent the Spring Festival in the detention center. I was held unlawfully for 87 days, till February 23, 2001. The lack of oxygen due to overtime detention [because of absence of fresh air] increased my pulse rate to over 100 beats per minute. Under these circumstances, they had to send me to a hospital and take an X-ray. Sui, the head of the police station planned to take me back to the detention center afterwards. At the time, my family was watching over me. When I noticed the people from my work unit and the police station had left and my family was distracted, I escaped from the hospital. Now I cannot go back to my home. Nevertheless, I've escaped from the "palm of the evil." There is a Dafa practitioner by the last name of Du who also has not gotten away from there yet. I don't know his whereabouts. Another practitioner is now being treated and watched by the hospital. Today, I finally have the chance to reveal the truth. It is the Master who arranged for me to get away and reveal the evil. I will value this good opportunity.

[Xinbin Region, Liaoning Province] The Partial List of Names of Some Practitioners being Held in Xinbin Region

Song Wanshou, male, public security director of Nanzamu 636 Division, is held in Fushun City Labor Camp.

Wu Guangyuan, male, peasant of Jiahe village, Yongling town, is held in Fushun City Labor Camp.

Zhao Guangyu, male, peasant of Jiahe village, Yongling town, is held in Fushun City Labor Camp.

Zhao Jiwei, male, peasant of Yushu village, Muqi town, is held in Fushun City Labor Camp.

Zou Guirong, female, worker of Xinbin County Road Maintenance Department, is held in Masanjia Women's Labor Camp.

Zhao Shuqin, female, accountant of Xinbin County, is held in Masanjia Women's Labor Camp.

Liu Wei, male, worker of Xinbin County Hardware Company, is held in Fushun City Labor Camp.

Wang Yuyin, male, peasant of Nantai village, Pingdingshan town, is held in Fushun City Labor Camp.

Liu Huiren, male, retired worker of Xinbin County Water Pump Factory, is held in Fushun City Labor Camp.

Li Guanbin, male, peasant of Xiujia village, Xinbin County.

Lang Xinhua, male, layoff worker of Xinbin County Engineering Company, self-employed.

Zhang Guixia, female, worker of Xinbin County Carbonated Beverage Factory.

Sun Diangui, male, staff of Xinbin County Industrial