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My Heart is Solid Like a Rock: The Bitter Experience of a Dafa Practitioner at Maojiashan Female Labor Camp, Chongqing City, Sichuan Province

March 14, 2001 |  

I am a Dafa practitioner in Chongqing. Here, I'd like to talk about my experience during my imprisonment.

On April 25, 2000, I went to Tiananmen Square to display a Falun Dafa banner and was arrested. On the way home under escort, I escaped and returned home secretly. Later, I felt that I could have been done better. So I decided to go out and tell the truth to more people. On the morning of July 4, 2000, I went to the local police station but found no one there. Then I went to see the street administration office manager. The manager told me to come back in the afternoon. At noon I called a fellow practitioner to discuss my plan. He told me not to go because I might be arrested. Since I had promised them that I would show up in the afternoon and Dafa practitioners do not lie, I went back to the street administration office in the afternoon. They were ready for me. Before I could say anything, they arrested me and sent me to Maojiashan female labor camp.

On the way to Maojiashan female labor camp, the police started to severely beat me, causing several bumps on my head. When I entered the labor camp, a guard suddenly yelled at the top of his lungs, "Get out! Who do you think you are coming here? This is a labor camp, not a place you can come and go as you wish!" I suddenly realized that the Teacher was teaching me indirectly through this person. This became clear after I studied Master's article "Rationality." I was the one who invited trouble. It was me who intentionally let the police arrest me. I felt so sorry that my attachments hindered the cultivation path that Teacher's Fashen [law body] had arranged for me. I decided to get out of there. But soon I changed my mind. I wasn't sure about myself and didn't want to make more mistakes. So I stayed.

In the labor camp, the guards and their assistants (transformed Falun Gong practitioners) worked together to transform the practitioners. But the genuine practitioners were all very determined. They put me together with the transformed ones (Group One) and boasted that they achieved 100% transformation for Group One. Facing such a big lie, I told them that I would "practice the Fa firmly and follow the Master closely." The group leader was very mad at me. Assistant Wang, a friend of mine in the past, reported to the leader that I was just too loyal to the Teacher, and that given enough time, I would change. The team leader scolded, "You told me that she will change. Now read her report! You said she was uneducated, yet why was her report so well written?" On the day before Assistant Wang was released (September 14), I told her, "My faith in Dafa is as unshakeable as the mountains."

I stayed more than five months. One day in December during a lecture, a guard said, "You are suffering here, if you are really capable, why don't you fly away. If one of you can really fly out of here, I would believe in Falun Gong and join the practice." I told myself, "I got to leave this place and I will definitely do it." Immediately, I stopped performing any forced labor. To punish my defiance, they made me stand for a long time. A guard shouted at me, "Why don't you work?" I replied, "I am innocent. You detained me here. I am not going to go along with you any more." So I began to talk to the group leader and the guards. I also wrote another report called "The Compassion of Buddha's Nature Can Never Be Transformed." I hoped they would be able to better understand my thoughts. Fearing that I might escape, the guards asked several drug addicts to cut my hair very short and in an ugly manner, and guarded me around the clock. They believed that I wouldn't be able to escape. I thought this was an everyday person's understanding. If I have no attachment, I would certainly be able to escape. And I would exposure all their crimes after I got out.

Originally, I planned to escape at night. But soon I changed my mind; I thought I should leave in the daytime with dignity. On the morning of December 16, when the wake up alarm rang, I left the cell ingeniously and immediately. With the protection by the Teacher's Fashen, I, a 1.52 meter's (5") tall, middle-aged woman, jumped over two walls and successfully escaped the heavily guarded labor camp. In one hour, they sent out massive manpower to search for me. They assigned one police officer to guard each of my relative's family. They also illegal detained my sister for 24 hours. They even repeatedly interrogated my ex-husband. As a result, I couldn't go home and had to remain in hiding.

In the labor camp, the guards committed many crimes. The following are a few cases:

Case 1.

Brainwashing Dafa practitioners. A practitioner from Hechuan City was forced to renounce Dafa. But she realized that she made a mistake two days later. Worrying about the harsh punishment, she agonized and appeared disoriented. The guards tortured her even harder. In August 2000, she became insane. When people from her employer (Hechuan Electrical Power Co.) came to pick her up, they asked the guards, "She was fine when we sent her to you. Now she is insane. What can we do?" They almost refused to take her. Fearing that she would suffer more in the camp, her employer sent her to the hospital. We don't know what happened to her afterwards.

Case 2.

Many practitioners were not released after they served the full term in the labor camp. Ms. Wang, a 50-year-old school teacher from Bishan City, was one of them.

Case 3.

After my escape, they used massive manpower and physical resources to look for me. They even released several drug addicts to join the manhunt.

Case 4.

After I ran away, they vented anger towards other practitioners in the camp. For instance, they put some of them in solitary confinement. I also heard that they would send some devoted practitioners to labor camps in the Northwest of China where the workload is much heavier.

All kind-hearted people please pay attention to the situation and give support to the practitioners.

Director of Chongqing Maojiashan Female Labor Camp: Song Ping;

Head of Group One: Mr. Luo.

A Dafa practitioner in Chongqing

March 6, 2001