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Stories of Practitioners Defending Falun Dafa in Beijing

March 14, 2001 |  

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1. Falun Dafa is Good

On December 30, 2000, I went to Tiananmen Square with two other practitioners to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa. When we got to the southeast side of the square a policeman came over to investigate us and asked us to curse Falun Dafa. When we refused to do it the policeman concluded that we must be Falun Gong practitioners. Soon the police car arrived and we found that we were surrounded by plainclothes policemen. We decided to unfold the banner and said loudly from the bottom of our hearts, "Falun Dafa is Good!"

2. Even a Little Girl was not Spared

At the Tiananmen Police Station, practitioners who refused to tell their names and addresses were taken to the corridor on the east side of the building. Soon the corridor was crowded with Falun Gong practitioners. They were divided into two groups: male and female. Among them were 10 children, ranging from 1 year-olds to 12 year-olds. Practitioners recited together Teacher's Hong Yin (collection of Teacher's poems). Every time a new practitioner arrived everyone applauded to welcome him or her and recited together "Non-existence":

To live with no pursuits,

To die with no regrets;

All excessive thoughts extinguished,

Cultivating Buddhahood is not difficult.

Each time when practitioners recited Teacher's poem, a 12 year-old girl started with the title and the others recited the poem. The police later took the girl away. She cried when she came back and said that the police had beaten her.

3. A Bus Promoting Falun Dafa

Around 100 practitioners were taken into a bus at Tiananmen Square and were transferred to the Detention Center of Chaoyang District in Beijing. On the way they passed many crowds. The practitioners in the bus shouted together, "Falun Dafa is Good!" The words from the bottom of their hearts shook everyone. People outside stopped; they all understood the situation and looked at the practitioners with respect. The practitioners unfolded the banners on the window. Policemen in the bus tried to stop them and grabbed the banners. Practitioners tried to protect the banners. The courageous were standing up to the vicious...

4. Torture by Freezing

After one or two days, the police started giving force-feeding to the practitioners who were on a hunger strike. The tubes were not taken away after each feeding in order to threaten the practitioners at each ward. The vicious police said, "Take a look, you will be fed if you do not eat."

A hunger strike is resistance against the vicious suppression of kindness. One practitioner continued with the hunger strike and ignored the threats. The vicious police tortured her by "freezing" her. In the mid winter, she was blown with an electric fan for an hour with only underwear on. Afterwards the police said nastily, "If you continue with your hunger strike, I will use a cigarette butt to burn your private part!"

5. Policeman Angered by Practitioner Without Much Money

When practitioners arrived at the Detention Center of Chaoyang District they were told to hand in their money before body searching. Money found during body searching would be confiscated. Only the notes larger than 10 Yuan RMB were recorded. The notes fewer than 10 Yuan were not recorded and were taken by the policemen. One practitioner did not have much money with him. Seeing there was not much money, the policeman cursed the practitioner loudly to express his anger.

6. Solid as Stone

Practitioners started a hunger strike to resist the detention. Several days later, after cursing the practitioners loudly, the policemen dragged one or two practitioners from each ward to beat them and make them "lie on the board" (to have a person with only underwear on tied to a wooden board with ropes or tapes with the arms and legs stretched out). One practitioner resisted. The vicious policemen ordered several criminals to drag him out of the ward and raise him off the ground after beating him. Another 2 practitioners were also dragged out and raised up after they stood out to protect the fellow practitioners. One of them was raised with his hands and legs tied. His head was between the breast and the legs. Facing the violation of human rights and various kinds of cruel tortures, the practitioners that were raised up recited together: "When it's difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it's impossible to do, you can do it." Their beliefs in Falun Dafa were as solid as stone.

7. Stop the Vicious Police with Righteousness

When the interrogations and tortures started, the police used various nasty ways to con the practitioners to say their names and addresses. One of them cut Teacher's picture and Falun Dafa books with a knife to force practitioners to tell their names and addresses. The practitioners told him with compassion, "Do you know who our Teacher is? He is offering salvation to people. You are damaging the Teacher's picture and the universal law. What you want is to flatter the evil government and get a bonus, but you have committed a huge wrong that will affect your entire future. The punishment you will get from above when Dafa is rectifying the human world will become a regret all through your life. The ancient saying 'good and bad deeds will be paid back' won't be wrong!" When all the practitioners in the detention center knew about the vicious action of the police, they announced that they would start a group hunger strike if there were any further damage to Dafa books and the Teacher's picture.

8. Policeman Punished for Behavior

The policeman who damaged the Teacher's picture and Dafa books learned a new trick from other places. He ordered a practitioner to only wear underwear and a pair of thin pants and he locked the practitioner to a chair outside in the harsh winter for 2 hours, with his arms stretched on each side. The practitioner recited Hong Yin quietly and was not affected. But the policeman caught a cold even sitting in a heated room with his cotton jacket on. His eyes filled with tears and he had a running nose. He was coughing and sneezing. It was sad that this punishment could not make him realize what happened. He went on beating the practitioner on the bottom, the legs and the back. He was out of breath afterwards and asked the practitioner whether it was painful or not. The practitioner was peaceful and calm, without complaints or hatred. The policeman who believed in violence did not give up and took out a wooden stick, a rubber club, an electric baton and pliers. He said that he would use the rubber club if the wooden stick doesn't work, and he would use the electric baton if the rubber club doesn't work. The practitioner was not scared at all, and reacted with a smile out of a peaceful heart.

9. The Compassion and the Righteousness Scared the Viciousness

One policeman went to sleep after the mid-night interrogations and left the practitioners handcuffed outside in the freezing weather until dawn. A practitioner who was hung by a single arm for two hours recited "LunYu" and Hong Yin and passed the tribulation easily. Several policemen interrogated practitioners for several days and nights demanding their names and addresses and could not succeed. They threatened a female practitioner nastily, "If you still do not tell us, we will take off your clothes and send you to the male ward." The practitioner was not scared. One policeman asked one female practitioner to go outside with her clothes off. When the practitioner refused, the policeman wanted to take off her clothes himself. The practitioner said: "If you dare to do it, I will yell that you are a pervert." The policeman did not succeed.

Some practitioners were pushed onto the snow-covered ground. Two policemen shoveled the snow up to his knees and pressed the snow with the shovel.

Dafa practitioner from China

March 2001