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A Letter from a Fugitive Mother to her Daughter

March 10, 2001 |  

Dear daughter,

How are you! You must be missing Mom. Mom also misses you every moment. I seem to hear my daughter call out to Mom: Where are you Mom, your daughter misses you so much. You didn't even come home for New Years. Everyone at home is heart broken... My dear daughter, Mom also wanted to come home and celebrate the New Year with you!

The all mighty great Falun Buddha Law is respected and longed for by numerous people. This causes the wicked and foolish Jiang Zemin to be so jealous that he lost his mind and went insane. He showed off his power in front of all the kind citizens. Without any cause, he slandered the practitioners of the Buddha school, causing harm to countless lives and filled the land of China with sorrow. So many people lost their family and loved ones. They had no place to live. So many children lost the love and care of their mother. Losing all his goodness, Jiang Zemin on the one hand ridiculously announced to govern the country with virtue, on the other hand he suppressed people. Whoever doesn't recognize the slimy, crude, low and dirty as the central ruling body, whoever dares to speak the truth, will be bankrupted economically, defamed politically, destroyed physically. If you were beaten to death, it would be considered as a suicide. Rob everything and then go on television to spread rumors about practitioners giving up family, giving up their loved ones and their jobs. It is as if a robber used a weapon to take your property and then held a knife against your neck to threaten you not to say a word. Then he screamed to everyone, "Look at this evil person, he doesn't even want his own property, he has no responsibility, no love, he should be destroyed..." If you risked your life to speak the truth to everyone, uncover the true nature of the robber, the robber would be angrier and would kill you to destroy the evidence. Then say that you committed suicide and lie to the people that you were not afraid of death, did not treasure life and encouraged suicide...this is the logic of robber Jiang.

This crack down is one of a kind in all of human history. It reflects the good and the evil to the world. The 18-month bloody suppression strengthens the strong minds of practitioners. Dear daughter, Mom is so glad that you are not being kept in the dark by the lies on TV. Think about it, without Master's kindness to save us, your Mom would not be alive today. Now, the wicked people in power try to chase and kill our Master and they curse him. Practitioners suffer from the hardship, some had their lives taken away while the people in the world were kept from the truth. They hostilely treated and suspected the great Buddha Law. Being a practitioner of Dafa, it is our honorable responsibility to protect Dafa, to defend the truth of the Universe's "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance", to spread the Buddha law, to tell the truth to the people in the world and to save the predestined people. Therefore, the practitioners walking in the front already gave everything they had, all the true practitioners wanted to do this. It is not that we don't love ourselves and family members. It is not that we don't treasure our lives. All the living beings that still have kind hearts, practitioners gave out everything for you. Don't you know that? Everything in the Universe is created by the Buddha Law, the earth is a speck of dust in the Universe, and the people on it are confused and live in delusion. They slander, suspect and hostilely treat the Falun Buddha Law. Where are they positioning their lives? Treating others kindly is treating oneself kindly. Falun Buddha practitioners went through unknown sufferings only to awaken the kindness buried in people.

My lovely daughter, through this period, of over a year, you truly went through a lot. I remember in December 2000 when I went with other practitioners to visit Beijing. You knew it was the right thing to do and supported it. But when we just left the house you dropped everything and ran out of the house and held on to Mom to cry loudly without saying a word. I understood you fully. You were afraid that Mom would be captured and suffer great pain and hardship. In March 2000, when I was being illegally detained and went on a hunger strike, in order to support Mom, you only sent me some [non-food items] and tried hard to control your sadness from showing. After you went home, you were so sad and cried and couldn't eat. You were taking it quietly. In July 2000, I was captured again without cause; the chief of the police station scared you and asked you if you wanted to become a Communist Party member or a soldier. You said you did not want to; he also asked you if you wanted to go to College, you said when it is time you will go. Finally, the chief angrily said you were just like your Mom. On July 19th, 2000 a little after 7 PM, the police station played dirty tricks and rang our doorbell. When you opened the door, 3 to 4 policemen rushed in. But you were not scared and questioned them with dignity and firm words: What are you here for; it is against the law to come into a residential home! They said they were from the police station, and you said, do you have identification? Do you have a warrant? As you were speaking you pushed them out. They had nothing to say. After reading the letter written by Mom to be used for visiting the government, you said you would show it to your school mates and let them understand and let them see what kind of suppression Falun Gong practitioners were facing. Your courage made Mom so glad, because under such an unusual condition, having such righteous thought and action is hard to come by and valuable. You should keep up with it. Master said: "Whoever supports Dafa and positively spread Dafa, he then created his future life existence and future foundation for gaining Dafa."

Daughter, your studies must be very busy, soon you have to take the college entrance examination. Mom can't be around to take care of you. I am very sorry. The corrupted Jiang Zemin separated us by force. Dear daughter, you have to pay attention not to lose your temper. Your grand mother is getting old and she is not in good health. Do not get her angry. Let her take care of her body. Your have a very heavy burden, hope you will help Mom to take care of your father because he is not in good health and often gets sick, therefore don't talk back to him and don't make him worry. You have to be strong. Go through hardship and pain in this human world without changing your initial kind intention is a very good thing. Not to mention that we are doing this for the great and mighty Falun Buddha Law. Daughter, when you have time you should often read Zhuan Falun. You will then understand more and more. Definitely treasure this rare opportunity that is hard to come by in thousands of year. When Fa rectifies the world and the world celebrates it, Mom will go home. Do you still remember the note I wrote you before going to Beijing? It says: Daughter, don't worry about Mom, don't worry, Dafa will rectify the human world.


January 15th, 2001