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Practitioner Li Mei Killed in Hefei [City, Anhui Province] Women's Labor Camp

February 06, 2001 |   Practitioners in China

[Minghui Net] Hefei [City, Anhui Province] Dafa practitioner Li Mei, female, 28 years old. Due to her determination to practice Dafa, she was illegally sent to Hefei Women's Labor Camp. She insisted on practicing in the labor camp and suffered repeated mistreatment. In October 2000, she was transferred to strict supervision (the labor camp has three different levels, loose supervision, normal supervision and strict supervision). She was exposed to severe torture until she died. On January 29(or 30), Li Mei's father was brought from his home village over 50 kilometers [about 30 miles] away. He was directly sent to the hostel of the workplace and someone was assigned to accompany him. The Political and Law-enforcement Committee brought her mother. The parents had been notified that Li Mei was in very critical condition. The family of Li Mei requested to see her . In the afternoon or evening of Jan. 31, 2001, they were instructed to go to No. 105 Military Hospital to visit their daughter. In the hospital, the family of Li Mei was surrounded and forbidden to approach her. Li Mei's body was covered with a quilt, only her head could be seen. Bloodstains were vaguely visible around her nose, corner of her mouth and her ears; there were black and blue wounds on her face and her neck was enclosed in gauze! According to the doctor, Li Mei's brain was no longer responding, and she only had a faint heartbeat! On February 1, 2001, Li Mei left this world. Because of the tight control within the labor camp, details about what had happened are still not known. While some people concocted the Tiananmen self-immolation incident and confounded the facts, this tragedy again shows everyone precisely who is responsible for persecuting innocent citizens and trampling human rights! We appeal to all governments of every country in the world, every international peace organization, and all people with the sense of justice to realize what is happening and show their concern for the practitioners of Falun Gong who are enduring such persecution! Phone numbers of related parties:

The Public Security (Police) Bureau of Anhui Province:

Office: 011-86-551-2801201

011-86-551-2801299, 011-86-551-2801298

Hot lines: 86-551-2823110

Appealing Department: 011-86-551-2801215

Labor Re-education Bureau of Anhui Province:

Office: 011-86-551-2813594, 011-86-551-2846412

Management unit: 011-86-551-2812215

Anhui Province Women Labor Re-education Center:

Office: 011-86-551-5312701

Party secretary: 011-86-551-5315700

Chief officer: 011-86-551-5315739

Supervising office: 011-86-551-5313254

Team No. 1: 011-86-551-5310372

Team No. 2: 011-86-551-5310305

Team No. 3: 011-86-551-5315514

Team No. 4: 011-86-551-5310308

(Currently most Dafa practitioners are under supervision in team No. 2)

Anhui Province No. 105 Military Hospital, phone operator: 011-86-551-5141123