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Maryland Chinese Community Celebrates the Lunar New Year

February 03, 2001 |   Practitioners from Maryland

[Minghui Net] A Chinese School in Maryland hosted a party on Jan 20, 2001, in celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year. Over 200 people attended the party and enjoyed the activities of the evening. Among them were teachers, students, parents, other students from Minghui School, and some practitioners from Maryland. There were various wonderful programs presented during the party. The most attractive one was the Falun Gong Exercise Demonstrations.

Before the demo, practitioners briefly introduced Falun Gong and explained the brutal crackdown in China against Falun Gong. They called for the people's support and for a peaceful resolution of the problem.

Then, accompanied by beautiful music, a dozen practitioners in golden dress showed the five sets of exercises.. After the demo, the audience applauded warmly, and many people signed the appeal requesting the Chinese Government stop the brutal persecution of practitioners. Members of the audience also asked questions that were answered by practitioners. With this, the Hongfa and validation of Dafa activity was successfully concluded.