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Latest News from China - 02/16/2001

February 24, 2001 |  

[Taihang Mountain, China] Validate the Truth in Taihang Mountain

The "Temple Festival" in the Taihang mountain region is very famous. Every Lantern Festival (in the lunar calendar, the 15th of the first month of the lunar year) more than ten thousands people from over one hundred miles away come to pay their respects to Buddha. This trend has become increasingly important.

Falun Dafa practitioners used this opportunity to distribute over ten thousand flyers to pedestrians. The flyers were everywhere. The flyers explained the inconsistencies of the Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident and how Jiang Zemin is cruelly persecuting Falun Gong. The materials exposed how Jiang Zemin employs the state-run media to slander and incriminate Falun Gong. The flyers have helped the public to understand and identify the evil nature of the persecution of innocent people by Jiang Zemin. This kind of information makes the Xinhua news agency of Jiang Zemin lose credibility among common people. A local citizen said, "we cannot listen only to Chinese Central Television, we also have to listen to Falun Gong."

The public's eyes are clear. The common people have their own judgment. There will be a fair judgment of the wrongdoings.

[Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province] China Charity Federation Founder Ms. He Bin Detained

The founder and permanent Director of the China Charity Federation, Ms. He Bin (the President of Shenzehn Qu Hwa Communication Ltd) was arrested on Jan 25, 2000 because of an alleged association with Falun Gong. She is being illegally detained in the detention camp in the Shenzhen southern mountain area. Ms. He Bin graduated from the People's University of China with a master's degree in 1988. Ms. He Bin has been successful in business for many years, has paid a large amount of taxes to the country and created many employment opportunities to aid society. While Ms. He has succeeded in her career, she has not forgotten to reciprocate to the community. She has donated one million yuan to the China Charity Federation and built "The School of Hope" in Jiangxi province. As recently as 1999, 2000 Ms. He Bin's company, Shenzhen Qu Hwa Communication Ltd (a high-technology company), has paid five million yuan in taxes and hired over 100 employees.

Nowadays, the President of A charitable foundation is being detained, the employees are all scared, company faces tremendous pressure and difficulties. When such a decent charitable person is detained, one must wonder which laws her persecutors follow?

[Hebei Province] News From the First Detention Camp of Hebei

After practitioners Zhang Deyi, Qiu Liying, Duan Jingjing and He Jing went on a hunger strike, they were remanded to the mental hospital. There, they were force-fed, the feeding tubes being left in place for so long that their throats abscessed and festered. At the same time, they were injected with the medicine "Mighty 200" which destroys the nerve center. This is done to destroy practitioners' staunch wills and made them imbeciles. This treatment caused He Jing and the others to lapse into comas. Duan Jingjing 's tongue stretched out one inch and could not be withdrawn. The practitioners were cruelly injured and their lives were endangered; the unethical and heartless doctor asked instruction from the labor camp if they should continue the medication. A cadre from the Education Department said cruelly, "Continue using the medicine!" At the same time, the practitioners were given electric shock treatments. The doctors turned the voltage to highest limit when giving the electric shock to Qiu Liying. At the moment Qiu Liying firmly held the thought "Cultivate Dafa with inviolable heart". Based on her confidence in Dafa, she passed this tribulation safely. The practitioners were kept isolated in single rooms. For a long time, they were not allowed to talk to people or read anything. The guards tried to use the unbearable loneliness to destroy practitioners' spirit and will. However, no matter how many tricks they used and how hard they tried, they still could not achieve their goal. In front of the great and indestructible Dafa disciples, the guards' evil plans came to a dead end. They sent the practitioners back to labor camp to continue the persecution. Not until Dec 17, did Dafa practitioners have a chance to describe their persecution to Director Zhou of the labor camp. However, Director Zhou said, "I sent them to mental hospital for the sake of their health. Regarding the measure used by the mental hospital, it was their responsibility and has nothing to do with us."

[Jiamusi City, Xinjiang Province] The New Regulation of the Municipal Party Committee: If Practitioners Appeal, Their Spouses Will Be Put Into Prison.

The person concerned said that the municipal Party committee of Jiamusi City would hold a cadre meeting at the director level in the near future. The meeting will focus on finding solutions to the difficulties of suppressing Falun Gong. One of the resolutions is aimed at the people who go to Beijing to appeal; regardless if their spouses are practitioners or not, as long as practitioners go to Beijing, their spouse will be detained.

[Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province] Loudspeakers Resound

At nine o'clock at night on January 21, the clear and loud loudspeaker resounded through the First, Second and the Third detention camp in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang province. It has strengthened the Dafa disciples' belief and frightened the guards and wardens.

[Northeast of China] Northeastern Disciple Clarify the Truth during the New Year

A year ago in the northeastern of China, a large number of practitioners were detained. Under such severe persecution, Dafa practitioners were not scared by the evil. They have firmly and assuredly stepped out at each opportunity to help our teacher to validate the Fa during the Fa rectification period.

On New Year's Eve, practitioners distributed nearly 10,000 pieces of "The Truth about Falun Gong" literature. After receiving the material, some people asked, "Why didn't you send us the material earlier?" People crave for the truth. Morality and justice have been increasing constantly within peoples' hearts.

On the second day of the Chinese New Year, Dafa materials were pasted everywhere in the streets and lanes. Dafa banners were hung all over the trees and fences. They glittered like gold. It looked like a joyous harvest day. In order to let people understand the truth as soon as possible, on the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, Dafa practitioners have placed highvolume loudspeakers in high population areas and broadcast "The World of Falun Dafa" program. The broadcast reached thousands of households. The voice of universe loudly and clearly reverberated in the whole city. The loudspeakers were like magnets; they attracted hordes of people from their houses to search for the sound. They were surprised and found it interesting. They listened attentively to the loudspeakers, absorbing the mind-shaking report of the truth of the Fa rectification period. Although it was windy and bitterly cold, everyone stayed and listened for close to an hour. They listened intently to the facts and explanations. They felt great and wished that they could have learned more.

The truth of Dafa has unlocked people's kindness and awakened their sunken awareness.

[Northern China] Practitioners Tell the Truth in Spring Festival

During Spring Festival, practitioners from a northern city adopted various approaches to tell the truth to people.

They painted slogans such as "Falun Dafa is good", "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" on market place walls, building entrances, etc. Although police and street porters were busily erasing those messages, the three words "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" were still clear and eye catching.

Several days before Spring Festival, practitioners posted a banner with words "Falun Dafa is Good " on the other side of police office. It was two days before police finally found it.

On the 1st day of lunar New Year, practitioners walked far away into mountains. They posted 10 banners, which were three to four meters long, as well as another twenty small banners on the top of the hill, where they would be visible from the city below.

There were tens of thousands small banners with words as "Falun Dafa is good", "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance", "Restore Master's reputation" all over rural sidewalk, highways and buildings.

On the 15th day of the lunar New Year, practitioners hung a seven-meter-long banner with words "Falun Dafa is good, Restore Master's reputation" on the lightening rod of a middle school. The bright red banner blew in winds 26 meters in the air for two days. On the third day police came, but no one was brave enough to climb up to remove the banner. "Falun Gong is remarkable, how did they manage to put it so high?" somebody said. At last the police called for a fire truck to help them.

[Benxi City, Liaoning Province] Practitioners Who Had Been in Custody Are Arrested Again

According to police internal news: recently, police decided to arrest all practitioners who had been in custody before, to prevent them from going to Beijing to appeal during the "Two Meetings" period. Some of the practitioners have been arrested. Most practitioners had to leave home to avoid being arrested.

[Beijing] Practitioners Are Detained in Iron Cage with Electricity

Practitioner Ms. Huang Jian from Shijingshan of Beijing was arrested last June. Since then she had been detained in Tuanhe labor camp serving a one-year sentence. Later she was transferred to Tiantanghe female prison. Because she was determined to practice Dafa and unwilling to write a repentance letter, police put her into an iron cage which was connected to electrical cables. If she moved, she would get shocked by electricity. The so-called People's police have been treating citizens in such a brutal way, in what is claimed to be the "best human rights period" in China.

Another practitioner Ms. Ma Lihua from Beijing was arrested by police from Babaoshan police office when she posted Dafa material on Dec 27, 2000. She was sentenced to one year in labor camp on Jan 26, 2001. Ms. Yu Guilan was sentenced one year labor camp for posting Dafa material on Dec 23, 2000.

On lunar New Year's eve, police from Chaoyang of Beijing arrested six practitioners include Ms. Zhang Chunling, on their way to go shopping. No one knows where those practitioners are now.

Mr. Jiao Baoguang and his brother from Beijing validated Dafa at Tiananmen Square on the 1st day of 2001. They were sentenced to one year in labor camp and then sent to Tuanhe labor camp.

Mr. Wu Yaxian from Chaoyang of Beijing was arrested by police on Dec 31, 2000. Because Chaoyang police office arrested too many people, some were transferred to Haidian police office. No further information is available at this time.

[Dalian, Liaoning Province] Police from Labor Camp Make Money

There were hundreds Dafa practitioners were detained in Dalian labor camp. Greedy police thought of a way to make money. They informed practitioners' family members that practitioners could be visited only if every visitor paid 71 Yuan for a "Visit Pass". After one paid for the pass, a policeman named Jing Dianke, took out a form for the visitor's signature. There were three items stated on the form. Item 1, Admit Falun Gong is evil; Item 2, Say bad things to our respected Master; Item 3, Quit Falun Gong.

If the visitor didn't agree to sign, the visit was not permitted and the 71 yuan were not refunded.

What is the Law? Where is the justice? Is this the "best human right period " in China?

[Dalian City, Liaoning Province] Police Unlawfully Implicate Practitioners

At 6:00pm on Jan 4, 2001, two police forced their way into the home of 14-year old Liu Jin, a student of Dalian school No. 51 The two are assistant officer Wang Jun, and patrolman Cui Zhe, from Houjiagou police office of Dalian. Liu Jin is the son of a practitioner Ms. Wang Juan. The child was unwilling let them in, so the police didn't let him to attend school's night class and forced him wait upstairs. They arrested three practitioners Dong Baoxin, Yang Chunling and Yang Chunhua, who were tenants of the apartment. Wang Jun wanted to take them to the station, but the practitioners were unwilling to go with him. So Wang Jun called for backup. Wang Jun sent practitioners to Houjiagou police office with the excuse of helping police investigate the situation.

When the practitioners were arrested, Wang Jun let Officer Cui Zhe and others search the rooms thoroughly. With only a 14-year old child at home, without showing any warrant or permit, they unlawfully searched the rooms and greedily stole citizens' private possession. They confiscated Zhuan Falun and other Dafa books, 500 Yuan (the monthly salary of an averaged worker in cities of China is about 500 yuan) that Dong Baoxin had put under mattress, and a deposit book with 2500 Yuan from cabinet. When the child asked them why they took away money, they shamelessly said: "Your relatives need money in prison." They ransacked of every corner of the dwelling, turning the tidy room into chaos.

Police unlawfully tried the three practitioners in Houjiagou police office, then put them into an iron cage for 24 hours. In order to retain the money they stole from practitioners, end the case and take credit, Wang Jun put some Dafa materials, which didn't belong to the three practitioners, into their bags to implicate them. Without real evidence, Wang Jun used this as an excuse to send the practitioners to the Dalian Drug Treatment Bureau. In order to find out who was the real practitioner, he forced them to say slander Master Li. Mr. Dong Baoxin, 61, refused him. On the way to the Dalian Drug Treatment Bureau, Mr. Dong requested Wang Jun to drive back to get his money and personal belongings. Wang Jun shamelessly said: "No. We won't let you live well, otherwise, we won't live well." No one knew where the three practitioners are now.

We call again for the release of all detained practitioners, the safeguarding of citizen's personal belongings and basic human rights, justice for the corrupt police from Houjiagou police office, to a return of the money and goods being illegally taken away. All kind people with justice in your hearts, please help!

[Mainland China] Nation-Wide Hunt for Falun Gong Practitioners

On January 20, 2001, I took a northbound train home for Chinese New Year. I heard a member of the crew talk to a police officer; I was in the lower bunk bed, and they were sitting beside me. The police officer mentioned that a nation-wide hunt for 3,900 Falun Dafa practitioners had started along the railway. To this, the female crewmember replied: "Where can you find these people? There is no way you can tell who the practitioners are. Who knows? Maybe some of them are right on this train."

According to my colleague (he got the information from a government official), a bonus of 3,000 yuan will be issued to security officers along the railway for each arrest. The money will come directly from the fines imposed on Dafa practitioners.

In Heilongjiang province, a group of practitioners were arrested after the Chinese New Year. Some of them were arrested on the third day of the New Year, and some the first day back to work from the holidays. All of them were sent to labour camps. Reportedly, counties across the province have been delegated the authority to pass sentences.

I also heard that a farming unit in Hegang City, Heilongjiang province, was responsible for sentencing more than 10 practitioners. Practitioners arrested after the New Year had been sentenced to one to two years in prison. Some were also detained.

[Mainland China] A Story about Two children Awakening to Dafa

During the Chinese New Year, two practitioners travelled to rural areas to post flyers clarifying the truth of Dafa. Despite extreme weather conditions (extremely cold and snowy with temperatures below 22 F), they continued on from village to village, which were six or seven kilometres apart. It was not an easy trip for them. Once, while finishing a posting job in one of the villages, they heard children's voices shouting: "They are Falun Gong practitioners! They are posting Falun Gong materials!" Upon hearing this, the two practitioners attempted to hide so as not to get into trouble. Practitioner A told practitioner B to detour around a haystack while she herself went straight ahead. Meanwhile, the children began chasing after them, shouting: "They are posting Falun Dafa flyers! Get them! Stop! Give us the flyers!" At that moment, practitioner A realised that they must not be overcome by fear but instead should utilise the power of Fa to deal with the situation. She stopped, gave the children friendly pats as they came close, and asked:

"Are you students?"


"Do you want to be good people or bad people?

"Of course, good people."

"Falun Dafa teaches Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. Practitioners all strive to be good people. We are posting these flyers to help people become better persons. If you turn us in, are you doing something good or bad?"


"Then why do it? Do not believe what the news reports say on TV."

Before leaving the children, practitioner A shared with the children how one can be a better person. The children listened with sheepish smiles. Then, the two practitioners continued their journey to other villages in the extreme weather.

It is clear to us that when we are exposing evil and clarifying the truth, we have to be cautious but at the same time keep a pure and patient heart. We should not lose patience just because people are negatively influenced by the media and do not understand why we have to post the Truth Flyers. I strongly believe that what we do will not be in vain. I hope that we will get better at clarifying the truth.

[Beijing] County Chief Persecutes Dafa Practitioners

Following his official designation as the county chief, Wang Hongzhong, ex-deputy chief, intensified his persecution of Dafa practitioners. In a show of his new power, he ordered that nine practitioners be sent to the Daxing Labour Camp during the Chinese New Year.

Phone number of the government office of Miyun County: 86-10-69041684, 86-10-69041685

At the direction of Liu Baoshan, the Party Secretary of the Pinggu County, the townships and villages started a blitz of penal actions on practitioners in the afternoon of January 23, 2000. Practitioners were asked to submit cash pledges, and to write "guarantee statements". Those who refused to comply were detained immediately, which resulted in some practitioners having to leave their homes in order not to be arrested. Reportedly, several dozen practitioners are being targeted for labour camps.

Phone number of Pinggu County: 86-10-69961035

Two days before the New Year, the police officers at Pinggu County arrested two practitioners in their homes without reason. One was a retired female factory worker with the last name of Jin, and the other was Wang Shuxiang, who worked in a special education school for deaf and mute children. Both were sent to Daxing Labour Camp.

Phone number of Pinggu Detention Centre: 86-10-69961219

[Huairou County, Beijing] News from Huairou County, Beijing

Starting from mid-December, police in this region began arresting practitioners in their homes. As of Chinese New Year's day, more than one hundred practitioners who refused to write the "guarantee statements" were arrested. Some were released after serving their sentences, but were arrested again within 10 minutes of reaching home; some were arrested again a few days later.

A document from Office 610 released in mid-January indicated that re-education will be combined with labour camp sentencing as a mean to persecute Dafa practitioners.

The police began a new wave of arrests of practitioners on January 23, 2001. The arrests lasted a few hours from 5 o'clock in the evening until 1 o'clock the next morning. A 60-year-old female practitioner was dragged away from her apartment on the 4th floor by more than 20 people including 13 police officers, and staff from the Office of Municipal Affairs Management, Health Department where her husband worked, and the Neighbourhood Committee. The police officers argued that they were not arresting her, but rather sending her to (Beijing Daxing Hotel) transformation class. Reportedly, there are three sessions in each class, and each session lasts 15 days. Among the 10 people in the first class were an old couple, more than 60 years old. They were arrested twice, but this time were transferred from the prison to the transformation class. Among the first group were also practitioners who had written the "guarantee statements". From mid-December until now, more than 30 practitioners have been sentenced to labour camps, and 11 still detained, with 9 already sentenced to labour camps. The vicious document released by 610 office dictates that those who are not successfully re-educated by the transformation classes will eventually be sent to labour camps.

The Ministry of Public Security issued a document on January 28 stating that the nature of Falun Gong had changed; it has now become the public's enemy. They are still using the jargon typical of the "class struggle". It is indeed a mockery of the Chinese justice system

[Qingdao City, Shandong Province] Students Are Forced to Sign Petition

At the direction of Jiang Zemin for a "cultural revolutionary"-style campaign against Falun Gong, university students in Qingdao were forced to participate in a pledge to condemn Falun Gong. In some universities, students were asked one by one to sign the petition. Knowing that Jiang is masterminding this, and that they had no choice, these students used excuses to avoid signing the forms. Some scribbled Yu Buqian, meaning, "I am not going to sign", while others called in sick. These universities also held forums and forced students to take a public stance on Falun Gong. One professor was disgusted with this campaign and said: "Jiang Zemin is crossing the line. He has lost the hearts of his people, who have seen through his lies."

[Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province] Mistreatment of Practitioners Qiqihar

Cui Xuemin, female, is 54 years old. Retired from the Agriculture bank. She went to Beijing to appeal on October 8, 1999, and was sent to the No.1 detention house under escort. Later, she was sent to the Gan Nan detention house because she practiced in jail. She suffered much there. She did not have blanket to cover herself at night, no food to eat except cold, hard corn bread. They kept her there fifteen days, then sent her to the No.1 detention house again. She had been detained for nine months there before the court would hear her case. They asked her what she would to say to the court. She said, " I would like to verify Falun Dafa: we'll meet in the court." The police did not hold hearing s because they were scared. Then they sent her to Shuang He detention house to reform her through labor for three years. She has been kept shackled the entire time because she continues to practice in the cell.

Li Chunhua, female, worked in the Huaqu Culture Center. She was sent to the No.1 detention house under escort because she went to Beijing to appeal on October 9,1999.

She too was kept shackled because she would not give up practicing. After thirteen days, she was sent to Shuanghe detention house to be reformed through labor for one year. She was on a hunger strike and continued to practice in her cell. She said, " I will get out here openly and aboveboard." She would not write a guarantee letter after one year in custody, and because of that, her sentence was extended another three months. After that she was still not released. She was sent to Caihong detention house in Qiqihar on October 14 right after she got off the train at 6:00am. She was chained to a radiator for one day without been given anything to eat. Then she was sent to the No.1 detention house at 9:00pm at night. She started practicing at 7:00am in the morning on October 16. Because of this, she was sent to the detention house in Gan Nan province under close guard. After fifteen days, she was sent back to the No.1 detention house again.

Dang Yujiao, female, went to Beijing three times to appeal. She went to Beijing with her daughter twice to rectify Falun Dafa. The third time, she was sent back to the No.2 detention house, and nobody now knows where she is.

Yue Huimin, was illegally taken away from his home on December 25, 2000, and three days later, his wife was illegally taken away from their home too. Now they are kept under detention in the No.3 detention house, and their young child is left at home alone without care.

All the practitioners from Qiqihar asked for the release the Falun Dafa practitioners who are kept under detention.

It is reported that more than two hundred practitioners are illegally detained in the three detention houses in Qiqihar. Most of them were caught when they went to Beijing to appeal, or on the way to Beijing, or were recognized by the police of Qiqihar resident in Beijing. Some of them were caught by telling the truth to the common people and saving them, and some of them were illegally detained because they refused to write writing a letter promising not to practice. We don't know how they are now. We appeal to the kind-hearted masses for support.

Shi Shuang, a garden captain of Longsha Park, has been sentenced to imprisonment for three years. He was stopped on the way to Beijing, near Qinhuangdao, when he went to rectify the Falun Dafa on December 17, 2000. He was illegally sentenced to reform through labor for two years in Fuyu detention house less than one month after he was sent back to Zhinghua local police station in Qiqihar.

Er Yurong, female, retired from Minzu middle school, was arrested for distributing Falun Dafa fliers in January 2000. She is kept under detention in the No.2 detention house.

Zhang Lifeng, female, thirty-seven years old, a worker in the Qiqihar general store, was stopped in the Baicheng railway station and sent back to Qiqihar when she went to Beijing to appeal in December 2000. She was detained in the No.2 detention house.

Wang Guirong, from the training center of Qiqihar Agriculture bank, has been missing since she went to Beijing to appeal in January 2001. Her husband (whose last name is Tian) has been missing since he went to Beijing to appeal in December 2000. He was a cadre in the taxation department.

[Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province] Xie Shaodong Will Be Prosecuted With Fabricated Evidence

Xie Shaodong, practitioner from Guangzhou, has been detained in Huanghua detention house in Guangzhou police department since last December. According to sources in the police department, police are collecting evidence in order to prosecute Xie Shaodong for the crime of using the banned religion to overthrow the state. So far, the police department has not collected enough real evidence. According to the well-informed sources, they will put him to cruel torture to make him confess that he had a connection with the Guomin Party.

The first office (political office) of the police department in Guang Zhou

Department officer: Xu Hong

Address: 200 Qi Yi road, Guang Zhou

Tel (operator): 86-20-83116688

Appeal Tel: 110, 86-20-83347347, 86-20-83118040

[Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province] Falun Dafa Practitioners Are incarcerated in Psychiatric Hospital

Practitioner Lijian Shen from Nanjing was arrested for distributing Falun Dafa flyers. She was forcibly admitted to Qinglongshan Psychiatric Hospital in Nanjing by the Qinhua police department in November 2000 because she refused to reveal the source of the materials and continued to practice Falun Dafa. She remains in custody at this time. A medical examination revealed that her liver doesn't function well. She was not supposed to be kept in the hospital, but nobody dared to let her go without permission from the police department. Shen Lijuan was a retired worker of Nanjing Chenguang Factory and she was arrested and has been kept in the Brain Hospital (It is actually a psychiatric hospital) for four months because she went to Beijing to appeal and she refused to write the renouncement letter.

Practitioner Li Xueqin, male, forty-one years old, was kept under guard in the psychiatric hospital for more than two months last year because he had gone to Beijing to verify Falun Dafa many times. During the last National Day, he went to Beijing to verify Falun Dafa. Later, he was sent to the "Transform Class". But he did not change his mind. He was then detained in Nanjing Qilongshan psychiatric hospital. He has been released, and no information about his condition is available

[Nongan County, Jilin Province] The Facts of How the Police Persecute Dafa Practitioners

Liu Shangkuan was from the political security section of the police department in Nongan County, Jilin province. He used very mean measures to fine the practitioners with merciless. The list of the practitioners been fined are as below:

Practitioner 1 was fined 5400 Yuan

Practitioner 2 was fined 9500 Yuan

Practitioner 3 was fined 3000 Yuan

Practitioner 4 was fined 3000 Yuan

Practitioner 5 was fined 8000 Yuan

Practitioner 6 was fined 3000 Yuan

Practitioner 7 was fined 2000 Yuan

Practitioner 8 was fined 24500 Yuan

Practitioner 9 was fined 5000 Yuan

Practitioner 10 was fined 2850 Yuan

Practitioner 11 was fined 9000 Yuan

Practitioner 12 was fined 2000 Yuan

Practitioner 13 was fined 10000 Yuan

Practitioner 14 was fined 3000 Yuan

Practitioner 15 was fined 3000 Yuan

Practitioner 16 was fined 3000 Yuan

Practitioner 17 was fined 7000 Yuan

Practitioner 18 was fined 6000 Yuan

Practitioner 19 was fined 3000 Yuan

Practitioner 20 was fined 3000 Yuan

Practitioner 21 was fined 3500 Yuan

Practitioner 22 was fined 3500 Yuan

Practitioner 23 was fined 3100 Yuan

Practitioner 24 was fined 7000 Yuan

Practitioner 25 was fined 4100 Yuan

Practitioner 26 was fined 14000 Yuan

Practitioner 27 was fined 5000 Yuan

Practitioner 28 was fined 3100 Yuan

There are in total more than one thousand practitioners who have been arrested by the police department in Nongan County. How much money did the police keep; how many practitioners' families were broken?

Some of the practitioners were detained one to three months and they had to pay 20 Yuan for food every day. The people's commune collected the fines from the practitioners when they were released to go home. They took away everything from the practitioners, even the straw cover for the heatable brick beds. The practitioners were left with nothing but empty room to return to.

[Beijing] "I have to practice Falun Gong when I saw you did."

Recently, Xiaoguang (a nonpractitioner) traveled to Beijing on official duty from the factory in Changchun City, Jilin province. It was surprised to him that some police on duty checked him and asked him to curse in public when he got to Beijing, saying that if he didn't he would be punished as a practitioner. How can you find such truth in this world? Xiaoguang was very upset with this. He resolved not to curse and told the officers that he had never cursed, and would not. The police on duty detained him without any reason. Xiaoguang couldn't leave until somebody brought written verification from his factory guaranteeing that he was not a practitioner. Xiaoguang was delayed in his work because of this. Later, something seemed to awaken in Xiaoguang. He said angrily when he left there, "I have to begin practicing Falun Gong now that I have seen what you do!"

[Beijing] Policewoman in Tiananmen Square Has Lost Human Nature

A young woman who just been demobilized and worked in Beijing told us her own experience on the bus from the town of Miyun to the countryside on the afternoon of January 22, 2001. Her story shocked all the passengers on the bus.

On the morning of January 22 she went to Tiananmen Square for pleasure, and met her friend there--an undercover policewoman. The policewoman stopped her and checked her, then instructed her to curse Falun Gong and Master Li. She countered her with a question, "We have just been apart from each other for a short time, and you knew I have never practiced Falun Gong even for a day. Why should I curse them?" At this moment, a banner reading "Falun Gong is Good" appeared nearby. The policewoman grabbed her intercom to contact the other plainclothesman, and her friend left the area immediately. One hour later, the policewoman stopped her friend again in Tiananmen Square and ordered her to curse Master Li and Falun Dafa. Her friend explained again. The woman policewoman was not satisfied and angrily said, "Don't argue, this is an order. If you don't want to go home for the Chinese New Year, I'll take away your camera, expose your film, and send you to the branch police station." These two friends remained stalemated for almost an hour before the policewoman gave up and they went their separate ways.

When she talked about this, she told the passengers, "The police in Tiananmen Square are all plainclothesmen. They questioned all the people and instructed them to curse. They arrested all the passengers if they looked like practitioners. They beat the people if they were not satisfied. I don't know what has happened with our country. How did it become like this? It is hard to be a good person."

[Chendu City, Sichuan Province] Practitioner Cao Jinfen Who Was from 420 Factory in Chendu Was Detained in Zizhong (or Ziyang?) Detention Center Because She Went to Beijing to Appeal.