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A Seven-Year-Old Practitioner Safeguards the Fa

February 21, 2001 |  

  1. Dealing with the police

Zhenzhen, a 7-year-old second-grade student, attained the Fa 4 years ago. On October 1, 2000, Zhenzhen was doing his homework when a police car suddenly pulled up in front of his home. Some policemen got out of the car, came inside the house and began searching around. Then they asked Zhenzhen, "Where are your parents? Did they go to Beijing? Do you know?" Zhenzhen knew that many Dafa practitioners were arrested recently and these policemen must have come for his parents. Fortunately, his mom and dad had gone out. Otherwise, they would have been arrested as well. So he replied calmly, "They went to work." A policeman asked, "When?" Zhenzhen said, "In the morning. And they told me to buy some dumplings for lunch." Zhenzhen took two Yuan (Chinese dollars, the monthly salary of an averaged worker in cities of China is about 500 yuan) from his pocket and added, "They left money for me." The police asked again, "When are they coming back?" Zhenzhen said, "Maybe before dusk, since they know that I am afraid of the dark." Having seen Zhenzhen's frankness, the policemen then said, "Let's go now and come back at dusk." They climbed back into their car and left.

Now, heaving a sigh of relief, Zhenzhen realized that they would be back again later. He quickly gathered all of the Dafa books and flyers in the house and took them to a relative's home.

  1. "Come quickly, thieves are in my house!"

Several days later, in the evening, Zhenzhen awoke to knocking at his door. He got out of bed, ran to the front door and peeked outside. It was the police again. Zhenzhen was afraid that they would try to break down the door, so he propped a piece of wood up against it to keep them out. After a while, two men jumped over the wall and opened the door from the inside. These people were in civilian clothes and started to search the rooms without a word. They looked everywhere, even in vases and pots. Zhenzhen said bravely, "What are you doing? My mom and dad were taken away by bad people a long time ago. Can people hide inside vases and pots? I think you are searching for money!" However, no matter what Zhenzhen tried, he could not stop them. Suddenly, one of the intruders said, "Chief, here is the safe, but I can't open it." The Chief said, "Where is the key that you found last time?" The Chief took the key, tried for a while, and still could not open it. One person said, "Chief, don't waste your time. Without the combination you won't be able to open it." Then the Chief stared at Zhenzhen and asked, "Do you know the combination?" Zhenzhen said: "You are so stupid. If I knew, could it be called a safe?" The Chief said, "If we can't open it, let's just take it." Upon hearing this, Zhenzhen bravely ran out of the door and cried out, "Come quickly, thieves are in my house!" Hearing Zhenzhen's cries, more than ten neighbors came running, carrying sticks, knives, and spades in their hands, surrounding the authorities. The Chief was very scared and immediately explained, "Look, we are not thieves. We are from the police department and we have IDs. Look, you can see them." Zhenzhen raised his voice: "Uncles and aunts, you see how messy they made this room. They jumped inside from the wall and tore up everything. How can these be the actions of police?" A stout tall neighbor asked the Chief, "Do you have warrant to search the house in the middle of the night?" The Chief said, "We forgot to bring it." The neighbor said, "Why do you casually take other people's belongings without a warrant?" The Chief explained, "We really did not take anything." Zhenzhen stepped forward and said, "Look, everyone, not only did they rob things, they also want to take the safe away." Seeing that they were in a very unfavorable situation, the police rushed away.

The neighbors then helped Zhenzhen call and get his relatives to transfer the valuables to a safer place. Seven-year-old Zhenzhen stopped the evil with his wisdom. Dafa practitioners admired his intelligence and bravery. This also demonstrates the power of Dafa and further solidifies our decision to safeguard Dafa and to practice Dafa steadfastly.