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DC Falun Dafa Practitioners Clarify the Truth to the Chinese Recruiting Delegations

December 09, 2001 |   Written by DC practitioners

(Clearwisdom.Net) From Nov. 30 through Dec. 2, the second "Job Fair for Chinese Students in North America" was held in Washington DC. About two hundred representatives from nine Chinese recruiting delegations came to the job fair to recruit Chinese students in North America and to hold trade talks with business circles. Being overseas students, local Falun Dafa practitioners signed up for the event. We also wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa, and to reveal the facts about the persecution of the practitioners in China to our Chinese compatriots. It was our hope that they would bring our voice back to Mainland China.

During the three-day job fair, we had very congenial talks with the Chinese delegations there, and left a deep impression with many Provincial and City officials, some of who showed their sympathy for us.

On the evening of Dec. 2, the Chinese Embassy held a reception and dinner party for the delegations and the overseas Chinese students, as the end of the event. We registered, paid for the tickets, and went there to join the party.

But when entering the embassy, one of the practitioners was identified and stopped by an embassy official. The practitioner asked them why they didn't allow Falun Gong practitioners to get in but let others pass through. Another official claimed, "Because it is China's territory here." Isn't it absurd? Can't Falun Gong practitioners stand on Chinese territory? Can the Chinese Embassy deprive us of our Chinese citizenship just because we practice Falun Gong? With a compassionate heart, we were there just to clarify the truth to the Chinese delegations, and to speak out about the nature of the persecution of practitioners in China.

On the sidewalk opposite the Chinese Embassy, the practitioners were holding truth-clarifying banners in the cold wind, with the voice in our heart yearning to tell the people of China, "Please take a look at the truth-telling pictures! Please, with your compassion, won't you care for the suffering Falun Gong practitioners? Please listen to our stories, use your intellect and reason to distinguish clearly between right and wrong, and between good and evil. Don't be misled by the transient lies that cause lasting sorrow."