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Latest News from China - 11/30/2001

December 07, 2001 |  


1. [Beijing] Police Kidnap Falun Dafa Practitioner From Home

On November 25, 2001, Falun Dafa practitioner Feng Xue (female) was kidnapped from her house. Feng left her job in March 2001 in order to resist the brainwashing class. The wicked police always wanted to get her and had been following her. This time, they broke the security gate of her house and forcefully took her away.

The responsible parties include:

Beijing Changping District 610 Office

Beijing Changping District Police Department

Beijing Changping District Department of Education

Beijing Changping District Songyuan Police Station

Beijing Changping District Village Professional School

2. [Beijing] 1200 Yuan Reward To Police For Catching One Falun Dafa Practitioner

On October 28, 2001, I went to Tiananmen to validate Dafa. A policeman named Yang illegally arrested me and took me to Zhongshan Park Police Station. One policeman pointed at me and asked another policeman, "How much (can we get)?" The male pretended like he was counting the money, "pa, pa, pa, 12 bills" which meant 1200 Yuan. (Translator's note, the average monthly salary for a Chinese urban worker is 500 Yuan) Finally the police decided to send me to Tiananmen Police Station. There, a policeman asked the police who sent me there while writing down my registration information, "The form is not filled out. Whose name are you going to use to claim the money?"

Under the dictatorship of Jiang Zemin, it has become a rule that police can illegally arrest good people and take part in graft and corruption.

3. [Northeast China] A Story of Broadcasting the Truth to Validate the Fa

At 6:30 p.m. on November 23, 2001, in a residential district in a northeastern city, Falun Dafa music could be heard, followed by the broadcasting of the truth. The broadcast lasted for one hour and fifteen minutes. The time just happened to be when the most people would be out. Some people surrounded the speaker and discussed this. They all admired the fearless and magnificent behavior of Falun Dafa practitioners. More than 80 buildings in this residential district all heard the broadcast about the truth of Falun Dafa. It took the evil a long time in order to take the speaker off, since Falun Dafa practitioners applied their wisdom and hung the speaker on the electric power line between two buildings.

This Fa-rectification act allowed many people to hear the truth about how Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan's political gang framed and persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners and this therefore greatly frightened the evil.

4. [Beijing] Restrictions Are Implemented in Internet Clubs

Recently Beijing implemented restrictions on some Internet clubs. Everyone who wants to use the Internet must present his/her ID card and have it scanned and the information sent to the database in every district's police department before he/she can use the Internet.

5. [Wuhan, Hubei Province] Falun Dafa Practitioner Huo Dongju Is Illegally Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

Falun Dafa practitioner Huo Dongju was illegally sentenced to three years and is in the process of appealing. She is presently illegally detained in Wuhan's First Detention Center in Ergouzhi, where about 70-80 Falun Dafa practitioners are currently detained.

6. [Wujin City, Jiangsu Province] The Parties Responsible for Falun Dafa Practitioner Liao Qinying's Death

In the Town of Lijia, Wujin City, telephone: 86-519-6231004; 86-519-6231005; 86-519-6231107, zip code: 213126

The party committee secretary is Cao Jianping and the mayor is Chen Zhengrong.

Wujin City belongs to Changzhou City

Changzhou Judicial Bureau

38 Qingguo Xiang

Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, zip code: 213003

Fax: 86-519-8123859

E-mail address: czsf148@pub.cz.jsinfo.net

Changzhou Police Department

Changzhou Police Department, Public Security Team

188 Qingguo Xiang

Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, zip code: 213003

Telephone: 86-519-6684010

E-mail address: czga01@pub.cz.jsinfo.net; czga02@pub.cz.jsinfo.net

7. [Beijing] The Warnings for Those Who Went Astray

Qu Shuxiang attained Falun Dafa in 1994 and had been in good health for six years until 2000 when she accepted the brainwashing in a force labor camp. After she was released in the end of 2001, she found a lump in her right breast one day. She seemed to realize something and started to practice Falun Gong again. The lump became smaller everyday. However, she did not treasure Master's mercy and said, "practicing exercises is right, but 'reform' was not wrong." Recently, she was admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed with cancer.

The Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan political gang's so-called "reform" is to force the Falun Gong practitioners to sign materials that slander Dafa and the Teacher as well as to orally slander Dafa and the Teacher. How could a true Falun Dafa practitioner slander Falun Dafa while benefiting from Dafa? This kind of hypocritical person lacks the most basic human morality. Therefore, what the Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan political gang is doing is actually thoroughly destroying people's moral consciences. We hope that all kind people in the world can clearly recognize their true intentions.