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People Are Awakening

Dec. 6, 2001 |   Written by a Falun Dafa practitioner from China


A Woman With a Sense of Justice

A Falun Dafa practitioner I knew often promoted the Fa and explained the truth behind the persecution to his auntie. After she had understood the truth and found out that this practitioner had been persecuted by the evil forces, she said, "If they dare to do so again in the future, I will write an appeal letter for you. Just tell me where to send it." When the practitioner told her that good would be rewarded with good, and that evil would be met with evil, she said with firm righteousness, "Jiang Zemin and those policemen are really bad. It is time for evil to be met with evil."

One day the practitioner was folding some truth-clarifying flyers. Upon seeing the large stack, the auntie said, "You have so many flyers. Are you able to distribute them all? Give me some, and I will help you distribute them. When she returned from distributing the flyers, she talked to us in detail about where she had distributed the flyers.

The auntie was always very concerned about the practitioner's safety. The practitioner explained to her that we were given the Fa-rectification formula by Master so that we could eliminate the evil. With righteous hearts, we won't run into any problems. The auntie said, "Our protection for you can only be considered to be an extraneous factor. The most important factor is you, yourself. You should put everything into either using your wisdom or into sending forth the righteous thoughts so that you can protect yourself."

A Passenger on a Train Protects a Falun Dafa Practitioner

Upon seeing that a practitioner was reading Essentials for Further Advances, a passenger on a train was shocked and said, "How are you still so courageous as to read that book in such a dangerous time?" The practitioner answered peacefully, "This book teaches you how to be a better person. It teaches no wrong, so why should I be afraid?" The practitioner then read a paragraph to the passenger. The passenger felt worried for the practitioner's safety and used his own body to shield the practitioner from being seen while reading the book.

In The Future When People Ask, I Will Say That Falun Dafa is Good

A practitioner's younger cousin used to not know the truth behind the persecution of Falun Dafa. His cousin told him that if they didn't allow him to practice, then he should just give up. The practitioner clarified the truth by telling him what the evil had done, explained to him principles for becoming a better person, and recited the poems in Hongyin to him. After his little cousin understood the truth, he said that in the future if people would ask him, he would say that Falun Dafa is good. Some time later he even recited the poem "Tempering One's Mind and Heart." When he saw Dafa slogans, he would usually read them quietly to himself and then tell the practitioner that he again saw how Falun Dafa was good. Falun Dafa has restored the purity of a child's heart.

The Persecution is Not Supported by the People

A deputy Secretary General of the XX [party name omitted] Party of a municipal government once stated, "I think the majority of the Falun Gong practitioners are good people. I am not afraid of being punished for saying this. Your Falun Gong will be redressed for sure. It will only be a matter of time."

A member of the XX Party committee of a township once said, "We have been taking a perfunctory attitude towards our jobs. The higher authorities demand that we go into the township every day (to carry on the persecution). I did not comply and when they asked about it, we would answer that we had already gone. When we saw practitioners distributing Dafa flyers, we would not report them either."

A government employee said, "I have been given orders from higher authorities. I have no choice. I would rather go to the township than look at my supervisor's expression. I myself also feel that these orders are very silly. They definitely must have been made by someone with a mental disorder. When every sensitive day comes, they become afraid because Dafa practitioners may go to Beijing. It is really tiring to live like this every day. If I had to live like that, I would quit my job and go home."

A person working for a township said: "Leaving this courtyard, I can speak freely. Falun Dafa is good. Every one of the Falun Dafa practitioners is good. How can one transform them? What is wrong with Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance? What can you possibly "transform?" When they suffered injustices, they still were not allowed to speak; what kind of human rights is that? That's just presenting a false facade of peace and prosperity. I think Dafa practitioners are courageous to go to Tiananmen. What law says that people are not allowed to go to Tiananmen? Is this in the Constitution? Since ancient times, Tiananmen has been the place where the common people could go to complain about an injustice or appeal for justice."

A common person said that we have come upon a time when good people are arrested and bad people are released. This is a violation of heavenly principles. If they would just put half of their efforts into addressing corruption, this country would change fundamentally. During this period of havoc, mankind cannot save itself through its own governance and administration but through the arrival of a Buddha, Tao, or God. Otherwise they would be on the path of destroying themselves.

An awakened sentient being said that if people in society were like Falun Gong practitioners, then society would probably have improved a long time ago. There would be no opportunities for idling away time in binging, drinking, visiting prostitutes, gambling or stealing. The security situation would have improved much earlier as well. But now, the central government is sparing no expense in persecuting all these good people. The persecution goes against heavenly principles. It will undeniably be an eternal injustice. Not only does it harm the people, but it also creates opportunities for corrupt people to take advantage of the situation for their own profits. It has made a mess of the entire country.