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Latest News from China - 12/22/2001

December 29, 2001 |  


[Pi County, Sichuan Province] Falun Dafa Practitioner Chen Guijun Goes On A Hunger Strike to Protest the Persecution in Pi County Detention Center in City of Chengdu

According to the Xindu County Police Department, Falun Dafa practitioner Chen Guijun was sent to the Pi County Detention Center in the city of Chengdu and has been on a hunger strike ever since. Please pay close attention to his situation.

Units directly responsible for the persecution of Dafa practitioner Chen Guijun:


The Suburban Police Station of Xindu County

Phone: 86-28-3964803 or 86-28-3963444

Gou Xiping, Head of the Suburban Police Station of Xindu County

Cellular phone: 86-13908227496

Pager: 86-198-82106041

Zhong Shaojun, Instructor of the Suburban Police Station of Xindu County

His phone number has not yet been determined.

Other responsible units:

Section 1 of the Xindu County Police Department

Phone: 86-28-3964801 or 86-28-3964811

Head of the Xindu County Vice Squad

Pager: 86-28-96998-678815

Xindu County Detention Center

Phone: 86-28-3972939

Pi County Detention Center in Chengdu City

Phone: 86-28-6407825


2, Mail Box 227

3 Zhengyi Road

Anjing Town, Pi County, 611731

[Gangyaoling, Liaoning Province] A Young Man's Celestial Eye Opens After Using Good Intentions to Post a Flyer

A young man in the Gaoyaoling area of Liaoning Province picked up a red packet in front of his home. Upon opening it, he found a Dafa truth-clarifying flyer with the heading "Cherish the Last Decision in Your Life". His neighbors said, "Let's post the flyer up." He agreed, "All right" and put up the flyer. That night, his celestial eye was opened and he saw many scenes from other dimensions.

[City of Lanzhou, Gansu Province] Bad Deeds Committed in Anning District, City of Lanzhou

Zhu Zongyi, Secretary of Dongmen Village, Anningpu Township, Anning District, City of Lanzhou, is a close follower of "human rights scoundrel" Jiang Zemin. On December 11, he forcibly took a Dafa practitioner, Lu Lanying, away from her home to have her brainwashed. Her daughter and eldest daughter-in-law, who was about to give birth, were left by themselves at home.

[Gansu Province] Ping'antai Forced Labor Camp Persecutes Dafa Practitioners

Dafa practitioners illegally detained in various teams in the Ping'antai Forced Labor Camp of Gansu Province have suffered inhuman torture. They were forced to do hard labor during the day, and were brainwashed during the night. Many Dafa practitioners from Team 3 and Female Team 7 suffered even more so because their terms were extended. The lawless police from the Ping'antai Administration Section who were in charge of persecuting Falun Gong arbitrarily approved the paperwork for extending these practitioners' terms. Dong Xuezhou, 29 years old, from Yumen, is one of the practitioners serving an extended sentence in Team 3. We hope Dong's relatives and other righteous people will pay close attention to this matter. The guards in various teams arbitrarily deducted the practitioners' scores and used this to file the paperwork with the Administration Section to extend their terms. The people in charge of Ping'antai approved the extended sentences and persecution without any hesitation. The lawless guards have also force-fed, beat, and shocked Dafa practitioners with electric batons.

Practitioners Li Jiankui and Jiao Tianyun from Linxia County are being tortured yet again. They were illegally sent to the Ping'antai Forced Labor Camp. We hope their relatives will expose this evil and help stop the persecution.

Yuan Jiang, a graduate from Tsinghua University was tortured to death recently and his body was taken away. The police destroyed the evidence and have blocked all access to any information regarding his death.

Ma Zufu, a teacher from Jingtai County Middle School No.1, was illegally detained in Ping'antai Forced Labor Camp for the second time. He was unlawfully sentenced to 3 years of forced labor education. His wife has also been sentenced to forced labor education.

The persecuted Dafa practitioners in Team 3 are Ma Zufu (from Jingtai), Dong Xuezhou (from Yumen), Shi Tianxi (from Gannan), Yang Zonglin (from Zhuanglang), Huang Rufu (from Jiuquan), Quan Zhengwei (from Longxi), Zhang Shutang (from Lanzhou Woolen Mill No. 3) as well as others.

Some other Dafa practitioners in other teams being persecuted are Jiao Tianyun, Li Jiankui, Li Wenming and others. There are more than 60 practitioners being illegally detained. Please pay close attention to this matter.

[Zhucheng City, Shandong Province] List of Criminal Officials in City of Zhucheng, Weifang, Shandong Province

Zhang Jiangting, Secretary of the City Committee

Fax: 86-536-6066900

Cellular phone: 86-13853696336

Wen Zhilian, female, Vice Secretary of the City Committee

Cellular phone: 86-13906363162

Song Ruiliang, Secretary of Commission for Inspecting Discipline, a member of the "610" Office

Home Phone: 86-536-6212462

Police Department:

Zhu Pengde, Head of the Political Security Team

Cellular phone: 86-13906460769

Home phone: 86-536-6217863

Zhu Wei, a member of the Political Security Team who beats practitioners

Home phone: 86-536-6112992

Zhang Wenjie, from the Qiujiazhuang Police Precinct

Home phone: 86-536-6051300

Cui Yan, a member of the "610" Office

Phone: 86-1390633769

Zhou Yong, Policeman

Phone: 86-536-6421400

Cellular phone: 86-13806498383


Wang Zonghe, Team Leader of the detention center who beats practitioners

Phone: 86-633-5215879

Wang Zuotang, an employee of the Armed Section of the Textile Mill

Home phone: 86-536-6217739

Gao Runhai, Team Secretary of Qiujiazhuang

Home phone: 86-536-6216521

Guo Shuhua:

Home phone: 86-536-6216523

Collaborators in the brainwashing class (People who once claimed to practice Falun Dafa but now denounce it):

Sun Shufang, an employee of the Fanrong Hotel Office

Home phone: 86-536-6122992

Wang Jinxiu

Home phone: 86-536-6160016 or 86-536-6218957

Sun Yaojiang, an employee of Zhucheng Textile Mill

Phone number: 86-536-6213767

[Laiwu City, Shandong Province] Responsible Officials and Units That Persecute Dafa Practitioners in City of Laiwu

Li Yumei, Secretary of the Laiwu City Committee

Phone: 86-634-6213902

Zhang Zhengquan, Secretary of the City Political and Judiciary Committee

Phone: 86-634-6213034 or 86-634-6223996 or 86-634-6222399

The Political Section of the City Police Department

Phone: 86-634-6215635

The City Detention Center

Phone: 86-634-6217227

Head of the City Police Department

Phone: 86-634-6213440