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Practitioners in South Africa Clarify the Truth to the Precious Mainland Chinese

December 28, 2001 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Over 40 students from Mainland China came to the capital city of South Africa during the months of June through August. They wanted to study further here. I saw them quite often in the library, where groups of three or five of them would study together. I asked them about the Falun Gong situation in China. From their responses, I could see that they had been affected by the false propaganda of the Chinese media. So I introduced Dafa to them and explained the truth to them right away. They felt very surprised upon hearing these words from me. Once I tried to give them some of the Falun Gong introductory materials, but they dared not accept them.

They located themselves near a Chinese fast-food restaurant where they had meals everyday (this restaurant is the regular eatery for the students). I planned to hongfa (introduce Dafa to the public) and clarify the truth directly to them there. I went there to hang up the articles and posters, the majority of which are the truth-clarifying materials and pictures from Clearwisdom.net, on a wall with an iron grid near the restaurant. I also posted the truth of the self-immolation and Falun Gong's effects on healing illnesses and keeping fit there. However the students happened to be in vacation, and some of them went back to China, so I thought I would have to delay the hongfa until later after they came back.

Once I saw by chance several Chinese people talking with the fast-food restaurant owner downstairs from my house and I went over to talk with them. I found out they had come from Southern China and that most of them, totaling over 40 people, were from Shanghai. They had traveled here for sightseeing. A thought flashed through my mind: tell them the truth. I went to their hotel another day and learned they wouldn't come back until about 6 p.m. So I went home to prepare some truth clarifying materials, then came back to wait there. They came back after 8 p.m. I spoke to them while handing out the materials: "You are welcome to know the truth about Falun Gong." At the beginning, some of them would not accept them; some went away right after accepting the materials; some asked, "Are you a supporter of Falun Gong?" I told them I was a Falun Gong practitioner. Some even asked for two copies, and soon they all came to ask for the materials. I told them: "I hope you can view the news in China objectively. Now Falun Gong has been widely spread in over 40 countries and has received a very good response..." A person came from behind and said to me: "Don't promote here to us, we don't like to get involved in politics." I replied to them: "We don't like to get involved in politics, either. We're the ones being persecuted." It seemed he was the person in charge of the group. The group gradually went away. One of them said: "It's very good!"

After I went home, I found myself expecting further improvement in clarifying the truth. Recalling how eager these Chinese people were to get Dafa materials, I had a better understanding of the seriousness and importance of being a Dafa practitioner.