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Facts about the Persecution of Dafa Practitioner Gu Changqin of Huludao City, Liaoning Province

December 27, 2001 |  


Gu Changqin (female) is a 46 year-old Dafa practitioner, a dentist and resident of Nanpiao District, Huludao City, Liaoning Province.

In October 1999, Gu Changqin was arrested for appealing in Beijing and was sent back to her hometown, Huludao City, in handcuffs. At Gangyaoling Detention Center, she was put in shackles and tied to a plank (a torture device, one foot wide and 6 feet long) for 24 hours. Three days later, she was transferred to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp where she was given a three-year term without any legal procedures. Gu suffered constant physical torture including the following: forced standing for long periods of time, body folding (standing with two legs straight and knees together in a toe touching position), being forced to remain alert while facing a wall for many hours, denial of sleep, hard labor, verbal abuse and beating. In mid-November 1999, inmate Li Fenglian, following the guards' instructions, cruelly tortured practitioners who practiced the Falun Dafa exercises. She brutally beat each of the practitioners in Room 4, Squad 1. She punched and kicked their heads, faces, necks and chests. There were times that Gu vomited blood after such attacks.

The guards used inmates or those "transformed" [Note: practitioners who were successfully tortured and brainwashed into giving up their belief and practice of Falun Dafa] to torture practitioners. The guards body-searched Gu and intensively monitored her 24 hours a day. Even in bed she was surrounded by thugs, forced to sleep between them. When she sat on the ground, if she loosely folded her legs (how Northeastern Chinese commonly sit), she would be abused for adopting a meditative position. She could not close her eyes as this would be taken as getting ready for reciting Master's articles. Gu was not allowed to write or speak to anyone. Anything like this would lead the guards to believe Gu was reciting or copying Master's articles. Gu could only go to the bathroom twice a day and was watched and humiliated.

The mental and physical torture and the forced labor (for as long as 16 hours a day, and sometimes even more) had a serious impact on Gu's health. In October 2000, Gu experienced difficulty in eating, breathing and speaking. Li Shuhuan, a female police, 40, forcefully sent Gu to Shenyang Medical University Hospital where she was given an ultrasound check-up and diagnosed to suffer from nodal infection. Medical records of the diagnosis are kept at the Masanjia Hospital.

Meanwhile, Gu lost her ability to eat and talk and had difficulty breathing. A medical "expert" was brought to the Forced Labor Camp to examine Gu. Accompanied by Sun (male, in his 40's), a camp department head, and Zhou Qin (female, 37, phone number: 86-24-89210054), the head of the #1 Female Section, the doctor briefly touched the back of Gu's neck and said, "She is okay. You can do whatever you want to do with her." What he meant was forced-feeding. Gu was not involved in any hunger strike but she was force-fed anyway, which caused her extreme pain. Sun, however, accused Gu of pretending and increased the duration for force-feeding. Meanwhile, the guards took away the pens and paper she used to communicate and forced Gu to speak, which she was no longer able to do. The 'reformed' people also mentally tortured Gu, taking turns brainwashing her day and night in order to make her succumb. As a result of the cruelty, Gu's health condition deteriorated rapidly. A side of her face became swollen. Also, she had developed such pain that she could not sleep on her back. On November 1, 2001, Yang Yu, the head of the Third Squad and barely 30 years old, sent Gu home.

On November 7, 2000, Hao Shushan, Chief of Nanpiao Division, Gangyaoling Police Station, brought 4-5 policemen with him to Gu's house, kicked the front door open, ransacked her place and took away all Dafa books, compact disks and a cassette recorder. Then they made false reports on Gu, accusing her of mobilizing practitioners (they were only visiting friends) for Dafa activities. Based on that, Gu was sent back to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp where she was sexually abused and brutally beaten by Zhang Jun, a vicious policeman from the Third Squad. Gu was so battered by the attack that her eyes were swollen and she vomited as she tried to eat. She could not speak anymore, although Hao insisted that she could. She was sent to the hospital and diagnosed with cancer (the medical record of the diagnosis was kept in Masanjia Hospital). Dong Bin (female, the head of the Third Squad) sent her home on May 30, 2001.

Gu cannot practice dentistry anymore since she has lost her ability to speak. Her livelihood is in jeopardy and she relies on the financial assistance of other people. Her 80 year-old mother is suffering from a serious heart ailment as a result of the ordeal the family has gone through. Gu is a single parent. Her 16 year-old daughter has dropped out of school as a result of being denied of her mother's care for a long time. Gu is still closely monitored by the Police Station.

The phone number of Hao Shushan (Chief of Gangyaoling Police Station who is responsible for the torture of Gu, male, over 40): 86-429-4192517