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Immediate Retribution in Jilin City Serves as a Warning to All

December 26, 2001 |  

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  1. Two Falun Dafa practitioners in Jilin City had remained homeless after they broke out of a forced labor camp. Under the help of a senior Dafa practitioner, they rented a room and started working on clarifying the truth of Falun Gong. One day, the three of them were carrying a coal gas pitcher and left a bag of truth-clarifying materials at the doorstep in the corridor. The bag disappeared the next minute when they came out from the room. They found out that the next-door neighbor was searching inside the bag. He was trying to see if there were any valuables in the bag. He then went to the police substation to inform the authorities. The two practitioners were forced out of this residence and became destitute and homeless again as police officers from the substation came to harass them and smash in their door.

Later this neighbor volunteered to help the vicious police officers watch Dafa practitioners and "gave briefings" to the police substation a number of times. He also constantly instigated the police to harass the senior practitioner. At the end of November 2001, he died of a sudden death. He was in his thirties and had been healthy all along.

  1. All three generations of a family in Jilin City are Falun Dafa practitioners. They have been on good terms with their neighbors. One neighbor, who also had been praising Falun Dafa, used to borrow and ask for items from this family. After July 20, 1999, this neighbor sided with the evil and constantly slandered Dafa. She relentlessly ridiculed and scorned the family after several family members were illegally sent to forced labor camps for appealling to the government (on behalf of Falun Gong). However, all other residents in the same building opposed her despicable acts.

One day in November 2001, a person with a mental illness came to beat the neighbor. No one knew where the elderly man with the mental illness came from, nor why he had severely beaten her. According to witnesses, the elderly man had pulled her hair hard, kicked her mouth and knocked several of her incisors out. She remains in the hospital at this time. The neighbors commented that she had been irresponsible in uttering slanderous things from her mouth. It was her mouth that was kicked which turned out to be the best example of receiving retribution.

Above are two incidents that have happened in Jilin City. We have published them to tell others that to treasure Dafa is to treasure one's own future. Good and evil receive their rewards--this is the eternal heavenly principle for humankind.