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Mom Is a Good Person But They Sent Her to Jail

December 24, 2001 |   By a 13-year-old high school student in China


I am a 13-year-old high school student in China. My father left us when I was very little, and mom and I had only each other. Our lives had been very hard, and mom was my only family. Most unfortunately, she has been taken away from me. These were bad deeds committed by Jiang Zemin and his police.

My mom is a Falun Gong practitioner and a good person. I have also learned to be like my mom, following the guidance of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" to be a good person. I had been practicing for four years, and we lived a happy life. Since Jiang Zemin started persecuting Falun Gong in July 1999, mom went to Beijing to appeal for the right of people to practice Falun Gong. The police arrested her after she returned home and sent her to the detention center. From this point on I started to have questions about the police. Before I thought police only arrested bad guys, yet I never thought they would arrest good people like mom.

During the Chinese New Year, 2001 (January 24, 2001) a squad of policemen forcefully took my mom away and sent her to the Jinan Labor Camp in Shandong Province. She was illegally sentenced to 3 years of hard labor. I could not describe the pain I went through when this happened. I had no choice but to live by myself. No one cared about me, and no one could pay my school's tuition. I lost all hope. What could I do?

Relatives who visited mom at the labor camp asked them, "Who was going to take care of the child at home?" People at the labor camp replied, "Let the local police figure out a way." The local police persuaded me to live with my relatives for the time being. But after all, other people's home is never like one's own home. I always thought about mom and felt sad all day long. Once, the police came to my relatives' home to conduct a search. My relatives never liked having me live with them, and now they loathed me even more. I was very distressed. I was later sent to the labor camp to live with mom for some time. Then I was sent back to live with the relatives again. I just lived this life day after day and never knew when it would end.

Kind hearted uncles and aunts of the world, could you help me? Could you help the tens of thousands of children who have lost their parents? We need them, and we need a warm home. My tears just flowed down my cheeks after remembering the song, "This is the calling from heart, this is the gift of love.... if only each of us could give a little love, the world would become beautiful for all of us."

December 13, 2001