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Latest News from China - 12/11/2001

December 22, 2001 |  

  1. Righteous Western Tourists Protect Dafa Practitioners in Tiananmen Square
  2. The Power of Dafa Shocks the Evil
  3. "The Evil Ones Should Think Twice about Their Flagrant Savagery"
  4. Dafa Practitioner Liang Lijie Is Arrested
  5. Exposing the Crimes of Yangming Public Security Bureau's Persecution of Dafa Practitioners
  6. The Family of Dafa Practitioner Wang Lei was Illegally Sentenced to Imprisonment
  7. Lanzhou City Holds a "Closed Brainwashing Class"
  8. The Forced Labor Camp in Panjin City is Illegally Detaining Falun Gong Practitioners
  9. The Police in Lao Township Commit New Crimes
  10. Tieling City Holds Forced Brainwashing Class
  11. The Crimes Committed in Zaohezi Forced Labor Camp
  12. Facts about the Persecution of Li Hongbin, A Dafa Practitioner in Harbin City
  13. Qiongshan City's Public Security Bureau in Hainan Province Extorted Money From the Owner of a Photocopy Store
  14. The New Procedures Used by the Evil Forces in Wuhan to Persecute Dafa Practitioners
  15. The Criminal List of the Public Security Department of Heilongjiang Province
  16. Exposing the Evil Done by the Liaoning Anshan Labor Camp


[Beijing] Righteous Western Tourists Protect Dafa Practitioners on Tiananmen Square

On November 27th, six practitioners from northeastern China stepped onto Tiananmen Square, unfolded a Dafa banner and shouted from the bottom of their hearts, "Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa! Restore the reputation of our Teacher!" The vicious police and plainclothesmen rushed at them from all directions. At this moment, a tourist group made up of Westerners passed by. They surrounded one of the six practitioners tightly to protect him and indicated to him that he should hide the banner.

The police outside could do nothing about the situation and had to leave. As a result, this practitioner returned home safely with the protection of those Western tourists. The other five practitioners were all illegally arrested, and their whereabouts are unknown.

Here we are very grateful to those kind-hearted Western tourists. Your benevolent hearts and just actions will bring a bright future to you.

[Zhenzhou City, Henan Province] The Power of Dafa Shocks the Evil

Some evil thugs from a hydraulic institute in Zhenzhou wanted to force three practitioners to attend a brainwashing class. Since they could not find two of the practitioners, they sent someone to monitor the house of the third. They planned to abduct him secretly at night. When this practitioner returned home in the evening, Li XX, a staff member from the security section stopped him. This practitioner understood the situation instantly, and asked Li sternly, "Li XX, am I a good person or a bad person?" Li XX replied at once, "Good person, good person." This practitioner asked, "Then what are you doing? Why do you treat me this way?" At this time another security staff member, Guo XX, pointed to a dark corner and said, "Let's go over there to talk." This practitioner thought instantly, "The evil is scared of being exposed in the light." He decided not to cooperate with the evil and said loudly, "If you have anything to say, let us go to a bright place!" Hearing these words, the evil was scared. Several people were hiding in the dark corner. The practitioner warned, "Stop! I tell you it is extremely sinful to persecute a Dafa practitioner; and it brings great virtue to protect a Dafa practitioner!" After he said this, all of those people were stunned and could not move. They stood there, staring. The practitioner saw this and thought, "I must leave". He got on his bicycle and left home immediately.

[Pingdu City, Shandong Province] "The Evil Ones Should Think Twice about Their Flagrant Savagery"

Since November, the evil people from three townships in the Beishan area -- Jiudian, Zhugou, and Yunshan--crazily arrested about twenty Dafa practitioners.

At the beginning of November, three practitioners from Yunshan township went to Beijing to validate Dafa and were escorted back by the local police. They were detained illegally, interrogated and tortured inhumanely. Two of them were released unconditionally; the other was escorted away from Yunshan. What his family saw, several days later, was his ash box. (The details are under investigation)

On November 20th, Dafa practitioners from Jiudian township held a Fa conference and suffered severe persecution from the evil. On that day the evil sent many police vehicles to arrest over ten Dafa practitioners. Three practitioners who did not attend the conference were also arrested at their homes later. Their homes were also ransacked.

Among the arrested practitioners, six were from Yunshan township. The vicious policemen from each town went to Jiujian to escort the practitioners back to their hometowns. The chief of Yunshan's local military squad, Guo Linqing, was extremely cruel. When he recognised a local practitioner, he ordered five or six vicious policemen to pounce on the practitioner like a pack of wolves. They beat him brutally. After that, Guo stepped up and grabbed his arm, beating and abusing him further. The practitioner's wrist was broken. Six practitioners from Zhugou, Pingdu township were sent to the Jiudian police station. Vicious policemen handcuffed each of them and unlawfully tortured them, utilizing very brutal means. The eyewitnesses said it was too cruel to watch. The degree of viciousness displayed was unprecedented in the history of the town. The police from Zhugou were also very evil. After they beat the practitioners, they ransacked their homes and took what they could get their hands on. They took their food and home electronics. A family member of a practitioner said, "They even took a rechargeable flashlight."

[Changchun City, Jilin Province] Dafa Practitioner Liang Lijie Is Arrested

Dafa practitioner Liang Lijie is a lecturer for the No.2 University of Aeronautics of the Air Force. She has a post-graduate degree. In November 2000, she went to Beijing to appeal and was illegally dismissed from her job. On November 30th, 2001, she was arrested while distributing Dafa materials in the Erdao area in Changchun. She has been sent to the No.3 Changchun Detention Centre. According to our information, five practitioners have been dismissed from their Air Force jobs.

[Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province] Exposing the Crimes of Yangming Public Security Bureau's Persecution of Dafa Practitioners

The malevolent policemen in Yangming Public Security Bureau in Mudanjiang City of Heilongjiang Province are "famous" for their "high rate of cracking criminal cases" by using torture to extort confessions. They also said that it was common to beat a couple of people to death while handling a case. In other words, injuring or disabling someone is not worth mentioning. The following are some experiences of Dafa practitioners.

Huang Guodong: On February 9, 2001, police from Yangming Public Security Bureau and Henanshan Police Station in Tieling City tricked Huang Guodong into going to the police station and tortured him by "Tying the Ropes" (The police tie up the practitioner with a thin rope, circle the rope around his neck, and tie his hands behind his back. Then the police will use all the force they can muster to tighten the rope. The rope becomes tighter and tighter around the body of the practitioner, making it more and more difficult for him to breathe. The pain can be so intense that the practitioner sometimes loses control of his bladder. There are instances when the rope was tightened enough to break a practitioner's arm. This modern instrument of torture is very cruel and has three levels. An ordinary person will become disabled due to damage to the nerves after being tortured like this for several minutes. For the first and the second pulls of the strings, a person can still endure, but when it comes to the third pull of the string, the chest will feel very painful, like it is being torn apart. Ordinary people will even admit they are murderers even if they are not after undergoing such torture. After Huang Guodong passed out, the policemen Xie Chunsheng and Miao Qiang still did not let him off. They used coins to scrape his bones and stabbed his fingers with. They poured cold water on him to wake him up, then continued to interrogate and beat him. They tortured him for many continuous days and also tried to force him to confess other irrelevant things.

Zhao Jun: On February 24, policemen from Yangming Public Security Bureau forcibly abducted Zhao Jun and took his computer from his home. On the same night, he was tortured by "Tying the Ropes" three times (the last time was at the third level). After Zhao Jun passed out, the policemen used the needles to stab the tips of his fingers and scraped his flesh to wake him up. Then they continued to torture him. The next day, Zhao Jun's arms became swollen and his right wrist was disabled. Later, the diagnosis showed that the nerves controlling the left side and central part of his body were damaged, causing him to become disabled. In order to avoid responsibility for the offence, the policemen claimed that Zhao Jun wore the handcuffs on the iron chair and fell down himself to become disabled. The police also used all kinds of cruel means to torture Dafa practitioners such as sleep deprivation, force feeding them mind-altering drugs, suffocating the practitioners by covering their heads with cotton hats, hanging them up, etc. After nine months, when they still did not have enough evidence to cause damage to Dafa, they turned their dark hearts to Zhao Jun's son, Zhao Dan, and forced a student who is a non-practitioner to testify in order to convict his father.

Zhao Dan is the so-called key witness for the police. He is a first year student at the Mudanjiang professional medical training school, and a non-practitioner. In order to fabricate the charges against Zhao Jun and other Dafa practitioners, the police tricked him into going to the police station. They tortured Zhao Dan by cuffing his hands behind his back onto the iron chair, covering him with a winter coat, not allowing him to go to the restroom or drink water. While the young man was confused, the policemen held his hand and signed the "testimony of the witness" on their fabricated record.

Today, we have learned that on the 12th of this month, the court will illegally and publicly put Zhao Jun and other Dafa practitioners on trial.

List of criminals who persecuted Zhao Jun, Huang Guodong and other Dafa practitioners:

The "610 Office" of Mudanjiang municipal Party committee:

Li Changqing, office: 0453-6548610home:0453-6522091

Mi Shuke, home: 0453-6549610

Zhang Qiuyang, office: 0453-6925997

The secretary of the municipal Party committee, office: 0453-6529988home: 0453-6533939

The city public security bureau:

Han Jian (director of the public security bureau), office: 0453-6924236home: 0453-6282015

Yang Raolin (deputy director who is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong), office: 0453-6918155home: 0453-6939286

Li Fu, team leader of the city bureau political security brigade, office: 0453-6282530

Dongchong Police Station: 0453-6304904

Li Jingxiang (head of the police station), office: 0453-6305948home: 0453-6305688pager: 126-1516968

The malevolent policemen who beat the practitioners:

Lan Jinghua: 139-45314552

Duan Xiaoyu: 136-045362880453-6302288 (home)

Zhang Jun: 139-45325575

[Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province] The Family of Dafa Practitioner Wang Lei was Illegally Sentenced to Imprisonment

Public security mediator Qiao Tiehong in Xin'an community on Baoan street, Guta District, Jinzhou City reported Dafa practitioner Wang Lei for setting up speakers to broadcast the truth about Dafa. As a result, all four people in Wang Lei's family were illegally arrested and they were sentenced to imprisonment on the morning of December 3, 2001 in a Guta courtroom.

Wang Lei was illegally sentenced to four years and six months; Li Fengqing was sentenced to three years and six months. At the same time, the policemen ransacked their home and took away their computer, copy machine, printer and CD burner, etc causing undetermined damage to Dafa.

[Lanzhou City, Gansu Province] Lanzhou City Holds a "Closed Brainwashing Class"

It is said that the evil force in Lanzhou City held a "closed brainwashing class," sponsored by the politics and law committee and the "610 Office." The work units cooperated by providing the money and the manpower. One of the sites was the warehouse of the former Lanzhou department store near Gongjiawan, Lanzhou City. At the moment, some Dafa practitioners have already been abducted and their whereabouts are not known.

It is said that after Dafa practitioner Tan Xiaorong, a Ph.D. student of Lanzhou University was illegally detained for more than five months, she was illegally sentenced to 18 months of forced labor. In late November 2001, she was sent to Pingantai Forced Labor Camp, where she was watched and monitored by seven ordinary prisoners who tried to brainwash her. Her husband, Zhang Qihu, is a teacher at the Xuzhou City Regular School. Because he cultivated Dafa, he was illegally sentenced to forced labor. Their child is only two years old and is being looked after by relatives.

Cong Qiuzi is a retired employee of the Institute of Chemistry and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. She and her husband are both Dafa practitioners, and also professors of the institute. In mid-November, 2001, when their home was ransacked for the third time, An'ning Public Security Sub-Bureau of Lanzhou City confiscated their computer, printer and other scientific research equipment. The evil people from the Institute of Chemistry and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences reduced Cong Qiuzi's salary and only paid him 300 Yuan (the average monthly salary of a worker in a Chinese city is 500 Yuan) per month to barely cover his living expense, which made the people who learned the facts about this very astonished. The evil people have been treating Cong Qiuzi in this way for more than one year.

[Panjin City, Liaoning Province] The Forced Labor Camp in Panjin City is Illegally Detaining Falun Gong Practitioners

Reports say that there are several Falun Gong practitioners who are still being illegally detained in the Panjin City Forced Labor Camp. The Camp officials have extended practitioners' terms, using as their justification their refusal to give up their practice of Falun Dafa. Some practitioners have been held for over half a year beyond their actual detention terms. The freedom of belief is protected by the Chinese Constitution and is also one of the basic human rights of a citizen. Prolonging practitioners' detention terms because their beliefs are inconsistent with those of the people in power is both deplorable and in violation of the law.

[Changtu City, Liaoning Province] The Police in Lao Township Commit New Crimes

Recent reports say that the police in Lao Township in Changtu City, Liaoning Province illegally ransacked Dafa practitioners' homes, harming innocent people. They unlawfully detained two practitioners -- one for having a poster illustrating and explaining Falun Gong exercises and the other for having a Falun Dafa tape in his home. These practitioners did not cooperate with the evil. With righteous thoughts, on that same night, they walked out of the detention center. Currently they have been forced to become homeless in order to avoid illegal arrest.

[Tieling City, Liaoning Province] Tieling City Holds Forced Brainwashing Class

On November 26, the people used by the old evil forces started to brainwash Dafa practitioners at home. They held a forced brainwashing class in Tieling City. Officials from the police stations in each area deceived and/or kidnapped practitioners and took them to the brainwashing class. In these brainwashing classes a practitioner can't be released until he writes a "guarantee letter."

Those who enlightened along an evil path [those who were successfully brainwashed and renounced Falun Gong] and cooperated with the evil force by attempting to brainwash other practitioners include:

Wang Fenglan: 86-410-4601478

Zhang Cheng: 86-139-41036597

Liu Liqun: 86-410-2817577

Zhang Shulan: 86-410-2824906

Jiang Xiulu: 86-410-2842621

Zheng Shuzhen: 86-410-2816950

The principal organizers of the brainwashing class held in Tieling City were:

Cui Zhixue from the City Political and Judiciary Committee: Tel: 86-410-2822847 or 86-138-04100453

Yu Haisheng and Yu Dehai from the City Police Department: Tel: 86-410-2843121

Zhang Jianguo from Chaihe Police Station: Tel: 86- 410-2207687

Ma Zhichun from Chaihe Police Station: Tel: 86-410-4833897

The crimes of Sun Lizhong from the District Political Protection Section in Tieling City: During the past two years, Sun Lizhong has taken the lead in persecuting Dafa and Dafa practitioners. He has arrested and beat practitioners, fined them, sent them to detention centers and forced labor camps, and illegally confiscated Dafa practitioners' cars, computers, cellular phones, and other property. He has taken advantage of his position of authority to steal from hardworking practitioners and used the money for feasting, gambling, and visiting prostitutes.

[Fengxiang County, Shaanxi Province] The Crimes Committed in Zaohezi Forced Labor Camp

Zhang Mingliang, 55 years old, is a resident of Baqiao District of Xi'an City. Zhang used to suffer from cancer, but completely recovered after cultivating Falun Dafa. In October 2001, the police sent this elderly man to a forced labor camp, simply because he was determined in his belief. The unimaginably cruel guards assigned two prisoners specifically to force him to give up his cultivation of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance." The guards even promised to reduce the prisoners' sentences if they could successfully force him to give up his practice. The prisoners beat him mercilessly. They did not give him food to eat, nor did they allow him to sleep. Even though he is still being held in the forced labor camp and his life is in danger, he remains steadfast in his practice.

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Facts about the Persecution of Li Hongbin, A Dafa Practitioner in Harbin City

Li Hongbin is a male, 43 years of age. On November 3, 2000, he went to Beijing to validate Dafa. Zhang, the assistant chief of the A'cheng Police Department, working in the A'cheng's Liaison Office in Beijing, extorted 158 Yuan from Li. The unscrupulous police from A'cheng Minzhu Police Station further extorted 3,000 Yuan from his family, and because they illegally took the money did not give any receipt.

On November 3, 2000 Li Hongbin went to Beijing to validate Dafa. A group consisting of police and plain-clothes officials beat him brutally. As a result, his mouth was bleeding and he was almost suffocated. Then the police sent him to Qianmen Police Station where a tall policeman brutally beat him with a rubber club. After making a search of his body and interrogating him, the policeman forcibly sent him to A'cheng's Liaison Office in Beijing. Once again he was cursed at, beaten and searched by Zhang, the assistant chief of A'cheng Police Department. After being escorted back to A'cheng, he was illegally detained for 15 days simply because he called out "Falun Dafa is good."

On December 19, 2000, led by the assistant chief of Minzhu Police Station, a group of policemen and other unidentified people went to Li Hongbin's home and tried to take him to a brainwashing class. Li Hongbin refused and said that he would not go with them because he needed to take care of his wife who was ill. They then pried his door open and broke into his home. The assistant chief beat him to the ground and gave him no chance to speak on his own behalf. The others ransacked his home. They took away the portrait of Teacher, a copy of Zhuan Falun, Teacher's articles, exercise tapes, exercise mats, and other property. Li Hongbin was sent to the brainwashing class. The next morning, police officer Cheng Wenkui took him away, telling him that he would be able to go back home. However, he actually deceived him into going to Minzhu Police Station, where they illegally interrogated him, but got nothing from him. Chief of police Wang Hengxian cursed him, hit his head and face, slapped him and grabbed him by the hair. He asked the other policemen to bring an iron chair and forced Li Hongbin to sit on it. They pulled out a lot of his hair and hit his mouth until it was bleeding. At that time, these inhumane men asked him to sign his name, but Li refused and asserted his innocence. The chief, Wang Hengxian then shouted loudly, "Whether he signs or not, send him to the detention center and sentence him to a forced labor camp." As a result, he was illegally sent to the detention center that afternoon. After being held in the detention center for 2 months, he was unlawfully sentenced to 1 year in a forced labor camp for "disturbing social security."

[Qiongshan City, Hainan Province] Qiongshan City's Public Security Bureau in Hainan Province Extorted Money From the Owner of a Photocopy Store

In July 2001, a photocopy store in Qiongshan city, Hainan Province, was sealed up by the Qiongshan City Public Security Bureau. The reason given was that this photocopy store made copies of the Dafa truth-clarifying materials. The photocopying facilities, including the computer, were confiscated, and the storeowner was put into a detention center and fined.

Later on the storeowner was released after he paid a deposit of thirty thousand Yuan as bail. He had to guarantee that he would not copy any Dafa truth-clarifying materials within one year so as to get back the money.

It was said that this storeowner had spent almost ten thousand Yuan in entertaining the officials before he was released. All the common people said the police in the public security bureau were really greedy.

[Wuhan City, Hubei Province] The New Procedures Used by the Evil Forces in Wuhan to Persecute Dafa Practitioners

Since December 2001, the Wuchan District Public Security Bureau in Wuhan City started asking for photos and handwriting samples of Dafa practitioners. They posted the practitioners' personal information onto the Internet. All the information concerning the practitioners that were registered in the police substations, residence committees, and the street committees was posted on the Internet so that the practitioners would be closely checked when they are going abroad, interrogated and arrested.

[Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] The Criminal List of the Public Security Department of Heilongjiang Province

Ren is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong in Harbin's Public Security Bureau of the Department of Public Security of Heilongjiang Province. His home telephone number is 86-451-4661936; his cellular phone is 86-13019018617; his pager is 4661188 page 905.

Liu Kan is the evil policeman of the Political and Security Section of the Nangang Police Substation of Harbin's Public Security Bureau of Heilongjiang Province. His evil deeds have previously been exposed on Minghui net. We hope fellow practitioners who have suffered from his persecution can work together to expose his evil deeds so as to suffocate and eradicate the evil. His cellular phone number is 86-130-09807771.

[Anshan City, Liaoning Province] Exposing the Evil Done by the Liaoning Anshan Labor Camp

One practitioner from Anshan Labor Camp gave up cultivation temporarily against his will under the persecution of the evil. Meanwhile, all his family members were illegally sentenced to forced labor, since they all practiced Falun Dafa. The labor camp, in order to force him to give up cultivation completely, told him with false kind-heartedness that he could take one day off. Before he left, the chief of the education section, Zhang Yongli threatened him: "If you do not come back, we will see that your best friend dies here."

One of the practitioners in the Anshan Labor Camp understood that it was wrong to give in to the evil forces, so he wrote a solemn statement exposing the hidden truth that the labor camp made Dafa practitioners work outside to make money for the labor camp. After the police found this letter when they were searching his body, they immediately locked him up with the criminal prisoners so as to persecute him severely.