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Urgent Call for the Rescue of the Wife of a Taiwan Citizen Who Is Being Illegally Imprisoned In China

December 21, 2001 |  


To Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation and the World Human Rights Organization:

A Chinese woman who is married to a Taiwan citizen, Xiang Lijie, benefited a great deal in terms of her health, both physically and mentally, from practicing Falun Gong. Thus, she went to Beijing to appeal to the Chinese government and clarify the truth about Falun Gong, but Ms. Xiang was illegally arrested and sent to a forced labor camp for one and a half years.

After being released from the labor camp, she requested to return to Taiwan to join her family. The "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) of Changchun City, Jilin Province, said that the provincial public security department did not agree and would not process her request. (for a detailed report , see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/12/7/16595.html) Because police kept harassing Ms. Xiang, she was forced to leave her home to avoid further persecution. On December 5, 2001, she was again arrested by the police in Liaoyuan while clarifying the truth. She was imprisoned in the Liaoyuan Detention Center. Currently, no one is allowed to visit her.

Because her situation is very serious, we make this special appeal to the Taiwan Overseas Association, the World Human Rights Organization, Xiang Lijie's husband and family members in Taiwan, and all kindhearted people in the world to urgently rescue Falun Dafa practitioner, Xiang Lijie, who is enduring terrible persecution.


The related telephone numbers are attached (the district number of the following phone numbers is 86-437):

City Political Committee

Mayor, Liu Yongxin, 3517768, 3510632

The Directors of the 610 Office

Deputy Secretary, Wang Junlin, Office: 3318839 (3317428), Home: 3317427

Deputy Secretary, Yan Baotai, Office: 3319366, Home: 3243856

Deputy Secretary, Zuo Jingchun, Office: 3317418, Home: 3249598

Secretary-General, Xu Zengli, Office: 3317438, Home: 3258677

The Municipal Government

Deputy Mayor, Zheng Lianshi, Office: 3515121#463, Home: 3223719

Deputy Mayor, Yang Ruixian, Office: 3512210#410, Home: 3224667

Deputy Mayor, Luo Junqing, Office: 3519980#464, Home: 3233778

Secretary-General, Zhang Ying, Office: 3517958#460, Home: 3225973

City Court House

Office: 3222722

Liu Chengxiang, Office: 3224971, Home: 3209380

Yu Qingsheng, Office: 3222992, Home: 3233398

Zheng Wande, Office: 3224095, Home: 3222236

Guo Weiping, Office: 3230979, Home: 3228615

Su Shengji, Office: 3224289, Home: 3235239

Prosecutor's Office

Office: 3224016

Zhang Haisheng, Office: 3225015, Home: 3224703

Qi Baogui, Office: 3236208, Home: 3234501

Xu Yanhe, Office: 3227548, Home: 3223518

Liu Xiaoguang, Office: 3235708, Home: 3234695

Du Yunming, Office: 3234078, Home: 3253876

Zhong Nanxiang, Office: 3226408, Home: 3260227

Police Department

Police Chief, Lu Zhenjiang, Office: 3224842, Home: 3269088, 13904370105

Yang Haijun, Office: 3239693, Home: 3227135, 13904376999

Deputy Police Chief, Shi Xingquan, Office: 3220748, Home: 3260058, 13904370444

Li Yuping, Office: 3224894, Home: 3228032, 13904378639

Zhang Wei, Office: 3225911, Home: 3231254, 13904377125

Xu Zhongxian, Office: 3225911, Home: 3228437

Political Security Deputy, Liu Dongcai, Office: 3225977, Home: 3239466

Economical Security Deputy, Li Gang, Office: 3226358, Home: 3234232, 13604376980

Public Security Deputy, Zhao Fujun, Office: 3222911, Home: 3228136

Legal System Deputy, Liu Changlin, Office: 3225977, Home: 3226610

Public Security Bureau in Longshan District

Bureau Chief, Zong Furen, Office: 3225471, Home: 3228002

Yu Taibo, Office: 3225551, Home: 3196690, 2906690

Duan Jizheng, Office: 3225471, Home: 3226902

Deputy Political Committee, Li Tai, Office: 3228649, Home: 3232267

Pei Kai, Office: 3225683, Home: 3259377

Political Office, Han Dong, Office: 3227880, Home: 3235051

Disciplinary Inspection, Bi Limei, Office: 3227880, Home: 3229367

Administration, Zheng Xuesheng, Office: 3228208, Home: 3249198

Political Security Department, Lin Chunxue, Office: 3227880, Home: 3230751

Legal System Branch, Zhou Yongshun, Office: 3227880, Home: 3226549

Xi'an District Public Security Substation

Police Chief, Yu Qingshan, Office: 3614670, Home: 3240286

Deputy Police Chief, Zheng Jianfeng, Office: 3614815, Home: 3236598

Disciplinary Inspection Committee, Yang Qinglu, Office: 3610770, Home: 3615720

Political Office, Tang Yange, Office: 3610770, Home: 3615062

Public Security Branch, Yang Xiaowei, Office: 3610770, Home: 3220415

Political Security Department, Sui Zhanhai, Office: 3610770, Home: 3228289

Public Security Department at the Mining Bureau

Department Head, Li Kai, Office: 523361, Home: 523865

Political Committee, Pang Yong, Office: 522819, Home: 3616568


Assistant Department Head, Wang Zhongshu, Office: 522319, Home: 3612160

Wang Xiaoshi, Office: 523591, Home: 3240220