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Italy: Chinese Consulate in Milan Deceives Italian Police and Innocent People but Practitioners' Upright Actions Clearly Illuminate the Truth

December 02, 2001 |  


Due to our previous efforts through exercise demonstrations and truth-clarifying activities, lots of innocent people living in the Milan region have obtained a good understanding about Dafa, and have positioned themselves positively toward Dafa.

Still the evil people are very active, and use all possible opportunities and means to do evil. Here is a typical example: The Chinese consulate in Milan, Italy, continuously pressures the surrounding Chinese restaurant owners, and forces them to interfere with the Falun Dafa practitioners' practice site. During the first time practitioners were there, the Chinese consulate personnel intentionally stayed inside the restaurant and instructed the restaurant owner to pour out dirty water into the street. For this disturbance, the police department issued a fine. On the second occasion, practitioners were distributing "Real Story" flyers, and introducing Dafa to people coming by the practice site and those restaurant owners stopped interfering with practitioners' activities. Later on, the people who knew the true story pointed out that the real reason the restaurant owners interfered with practitioners' activities last time, was because the Chinese consulate pressured them to do it. Actually they are all very honest business people. But the Chinese consulate still would not give up their evil intentions, and instructed the local Chinese newspaper and business association to provoke more innocent people to disturb the restaurant owners again, causing their whole family a lot of trauma.

This afternoon while we were practicing the exercises, the Chinese consulate officials called some police to interrupt our activities and tried to provoke some conflict. However, because we had obtained a permit from the Milan police department, we successfully clarified the real story about Dafa to more people without further interference, while under the guard of plain-clothes police, and with the law in Milan on our side.

After finishing the exercises, we communicated with the police and the restaurant owner, and learned the following real story. The Chinese consulate officials pressured the restaurant owner to call the police. The policemen also told us that during the weekend, they received phone calls from the Chinese consulate claiming that a Chinese Italian complained about the practitioners' exercise site, and reported this to the consulate. Therefore they called the police. According to the police, the Chinese consulate official responsible is short, fluent in Italian, and named "Liang Haitao." The people who knew the truth told the practitioners and the police that they did not have any other choice because the Chinese consulate constantly pressured them behind the scenes to interfere with practitioners' activities. But they all knew that the practitioners are all good people. That is the real story about this "conflict." After communicating with them and eliminating the misunderstanding between each other, the evil acts from the Chinese consulate were exposed, and the furthering of the evil transformation and tactics of coercion and deception used against practitioners and innocent people in China into the international region were eliminated.

In the end, the police and restaurant owner received the Italian version of the Peaceful Journey, SOS flyers, and Journey to Return to One's True Self in Chinese respectively, and we all felt very happy that they clearly recognized the truth, and have positioned themselves with Dafa.

For those people who are planning to interrupt Falun Dafa practitioners from spreading Truth, Compassion, and Forbearance, do you know that you are against the Law, and you are really harming yourself? "Good is rewarded with good, and evil will be met with evil." This is the law of the universe. Good and kind-hearted people, please wake up and understand the real story about Falun Dafa.