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Dafa Practitioners in China Salute Western Practitioners for Coming to Tiananmen Square

December 02, 2001 |   Dafa Practitioners in Jiangxi and Guangdong Provinces

November 25, 2001


Practitioners from Anhui Province Salute the Western Practitioners from Twelve Countries Who Went to Beijing

We were overjoyed to hear that a group of Western practitioners from twelve countries went to Beijing to rectify the Fa. It encouraged and touched us very much. Your visit showed the evil in the world more clearly that their persecution of Dafa and Dafa practitioners will result in shameful failure. The effect of the Western practitioner's journey was mighty and unique.

We thank the Western practitioners who came to Beijing for all the things they did!

Anhui Dafa practitioners

November 25, 2001

Dalian Dafa Practitioners: Congratulations to those 36 Practitioners!

We were overjoyed to hear of your great Fa rectification journey to Tiananmen Square in China on November 20th. We Dalian Dafa practitioners will be inspired for a long time.

We have experienced once again the power of Dafa practitioners in the world eliminating the evil together. We are an indestructible unit. No matter which corner of the world we are in, we will let the sound of justice loudly echo through the cosmos!

Let's strive forward vigorously together and eliminate the final remnants of the evil!

Dafa practitioners from Dalian City, Liaoning Province

November 25, 2001

Shenzhen Dafa Practitioners Salute to the 36 Western Practitioners for Their Fa Rectification Action!

Let all of us Dafa practitioners use the mighty power of Dafa in each of our environments to strive forward vigorously and rectify the Fa together. Let Master Li hear even better news from us.

Shenzhen Dafa Practitioners

November 25, 2001

Jiangxi, Guangdong Dafa Practitioners Salute to the 36 Overseas Practitioners

Jiangxi, Guangdong Dafa practitioners salute you! Your mighty Fa rectification feat has shaken the whole cosmos, encouraged all the practitioners both inside and outside China and effectively frightened the evil! We will let more people know about your great mighty feat so that the evil has no place to hide and so that the glory of Fa rectification will spread all over the world.