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Crimes Committed by Nanhu Detention Center in Anhui Province

December 02, 2001 |  


All male practitioners illegally detained in the labor camps of Anhui Province have recently been transferred to Nanhu Detention Center. The following is a snapshot of the crimes committed by the Center.

1. The guards of Team 5 at Fenghuangshan Brigade in Nanhu Detention Center used electric batons, clubs and sticks to enforce backbreaking duties upon practitioners. These duties consisted of multifarious tasks of hard labor, usually lasting at least 13 --14 hours per day. On one occasion, they brought the electric baton to the farm where practitioners were working and beat whoever was slow in finishing the assigned tasks. They would freely strike practitioners with their weapon and injured many in the process. The guards also solicited the help of cell leaders to partake in these cowardly acts. Acting savagely, they would strike practitioners regardless of where they were, and what they were doing. These thugs also stole the money and belongings of practitioners, and beat those who refused to do the same. For all the evil they had committed, however, these vicious criminals were never punished because they shared the money evenly with the guards.

As for the food in the Detention Center, it was old and spoiled, and many practitioners suffered from diarrhea as a result. The water they drank was also not suitable for human consumption, as it contained sand and soil.

Practitioners in Nanhu Detention Center were tortured because of their steadfast faith in Dafa. On September 6, 2001, Practitioner Hu Enkui was handcuffed to a flagpole for three days and four nights, and was attacked by all sorts of insects. Another practitioner was forced to stand naked outdoors in the middle of the night at the mercy of the mosquitoes. In another case, a practitioner was beaten with an electric baton because he was found doing the exercises. His body was covered with blisters from the beating. In addition to these, there were countless incidents where practitioners were humiliated and mentally tortured. 2. On an extremely hot day in July, the temperature was 38-39oC (100.4-102.2oF) indoors and 40 --50oC (104-122oF) outdoors. Practitioners in Team 4 at the Fenghuangshan Brigade were forced to labor in the fields at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. As a result, all 20 practitioners suffered from heat stroke, and seven of them lost consciousness and had to be sent to a hospital where they were administered emergency medical treatment.

Practitioner Han Zhong was handcuffed to a window for 15 days and nights. He was deprived of sleep, was not allowed to take a shower, and was exposed to all sorts of insects. During this period, the guard humiliated and beat him many times using an electric baton. Once, Han was beaten for four hours non-stop. As things stand, Han is still under this cruel and inhumane treatment, and his health is deteriorating rapidly. 3. In the detention camp, the guards and cell leaders of Team 5 did everything they could to force practitioners to long hours of hard labor. They had mandated that all practitioners be forced to perform grueling tasks in the local brick factory. While they worked tiredly, practitioners were further humiliated and beaten by these thugs. Often times, the beatings would continue until the practitioners were unconscious or critically injured. In Spring 2001, the guards beat a practitioner to death using a club at the work site. The guards announced that the death was caused by a heart attack. They also didn't allow anyone who knew the truth to speak about the incident. Those who did were transferred to another Team as a "punishment."

Practitioner Zhang Chunfeng and co-practitioners were mentally and physically tortured. In Team 11, practitioner Ji Guangkui and some others were forced to labor for 15-16 hours each day.

The above cases are only just a few examples of the torture that is carried out against practitioners of Nanhu Detention Center. We appeal to the kind-hearted and righteous people for their understanding of the seriousness of this situation and ask for their urgent support of practitioners in Nanhu Detention Center.