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Officers of Jinzhou District Police Department in Dalian City, Liaoning Province Commit Crimes Against Dafa Practitioners

December 02, 2001 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Yin Baolan is a female. Her family has not had one peaceful day for two years. The authorities forced her away from her home and family, under the persecution of Jiang's gang of hoodlums. In 1999, Yin Baolan went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. Officers from Jinzhou District's police department illegally sentenced her to a one-year stay in a forced labor camp. After she was released she went to Beijing for the second time and was then sent to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Not long after she was released from Masanjia, Jinzhou police department authorities again came over and ransacked her home and arrested Yin Baolan for the third time. This time they put her into Jinzhou District's Detention Center and sentenced her to serve forced labor. In the detention center, Yin Baolan started a hunger strike to protest. The authorities revoked her forced labor sentence for health reasons. But Jinzhou District police department officials refused to free her, despite her critical condition due to the hunger strike and the severe torture. They illegally kept her in the detention center indefinitely. We have learned that Yin Baolan's life is currently in danger. Not long ago, the police abducted her son and his wife (they were just married recently). Both are now detained in the Pulandian Detention Center in Dalian City. They were treated as " major cases in Northeast." Both were chained in shackles once they entered the detention center.

Wang Chunlan, female, went to Beijing to appeal in June 2001 and displayed a banner on Tiananmen's Gate Tower. She was arrested and detained in a detention center in Beijing. Unable to verify her hometown, police asked other inmates to obtain her home phone number and later sent her back to her hometown. She was then detained in Jinzhou District's Detention Center, after which they sentenced her to a forced labor camp. For health reasons, Dalian Forced Labor Camp refused to accept her and she was released. Not long after she was freed, police once again tricked her out of her home and sent her to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. The policemen were extremely vicious, constantly persecuting practitioners and illegally detaining them despite their poor health conditions.

Liu Wei, male. A foolish old lady, a member of the neighborhood committee, reported him to the police for visiting a Dafa website at home. Police abducted Liu. Liu Wei's wife is several months pregnant. Her husband's arrest was a shock to her both mentally and physically. Both mother and the unborn baby suffered a great deal. These wicked people couldn't care less about others' lives. All they care for are their personal gain and benefits.

Tan Sufang, female, was reported by a wicked person when she was promoting Dafa. Officers from Guangming police station in Jinzhou District arrested her and beat her up. The means of treating Falun Gong practitioners used by Guangming police station personnel were extremely vicious.

Lu Huimin, female, was illegally abducted from home without any valid reason. She was spotted when trying to walk away from the detention center. The wicked police officers beat her so hard that her lower body bled and she was bedridden for many days.

Qin Shumei, female. Police officers from Politics and Security Section of Jinzhou District police department beat her on the face and head with bamboo boards for attending a Fa conference. Her head was swollen and her face was covered by black and blue bruises. In jail, she had to remain in bed for more than ten days.

Ma Lin, female, was beaten by the guards in Jinzhou District Detention Center for going on a hunger strike, doing Falun Gong exercises and refusing to do forced labor. They put a torture instrument on her and used a metal frame to confine her hands and feet for a long time. After suffering these severe torments, she was sent to the forced labor camp.

The above are a few examples, which are only the tip of an iceberg. In more than two years, Jinzhou District's Police Department authorities have persecuted, illegally abducted, fined and detained many Falun Gong practitioners. Many were sent to forced labor camps. Currently, many Falun Gong practitioners are illegally detained. We hope that kindhearted people all over the world will pay attention to their situation.