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American Falun Gong Practitioner Assists in Spreading the Fa to her Native Country the Czech Republic

December 16, 2001 |  

These pictures are from my recent trip to the Czech Republic. Nearly every weekend, in various cities of the Czech and Slovak Republics, the practitioners pictured clarify the truth, demonstrate Falun Gong exercises, collect signatures for SOS, and distribute literature. This particular weekend, we were in the small towns of Policka and Moravska Trebova. My friend, Vladka, a practitioner from a nearby village, organized the weekend. Her little daughter is shown in the picture, clarifying the Truth to Vietnamese children.

The towns were quite busy, but only in the morning. Some women became interested when we were doing the exercises, and for the experience, tried to exercise with us. Most of the village children came on bicycles, and asked us lots of questions. Also, several Vietnamese women stopped by. They knew about Falun Gong, and said they were too busy to practice now, but wanted to wait until they retire, when they would have more time. By noon, the public square was almost empty. It was a good time to send forth righteous thoughts once more. We closed our eyes and one of the local drunkards tried to open my fingers. As soon as we started sending forth righteous thoughts, he left. He returned later with a handful of chewing gum, and then left again.

Righteous thoughts are powerful. We ended the day in City Hall, showing part of one of Master Li's videos. After that, for the local people who came, we answered questions about Falun Gong.