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Farmers Who Long for the Buddha Fa's Salvation

December 13, 2001 |  

A practitioner living in the countryside distributed truth-clarifying CD's, given to him by fellow practitioners, to his friends and relatives. After kind-hearted and natural people saw that Jiang Zemin's group was responsible for the "Tiananmen self-immolation," the Zhongnanhai "April 25th" event, and the 1400 death cases, etc., they all understood the truth of what Falun Gong really is like. They said furiously: "Jiang XX doesn't do any proper deeds... in order to persecute Falun Gong, he ordered television stations to tell lies and deceive the public. He creates too much harm." When some of the people were leaving, they took CDs. They said that when they get home, they would let their friends and relatives watch them, so they wouldn't be deceived by the "government," so they wouldn't sacrifice their lives for Jiang XX, and they could leave themselves a road to escape. There was one relative who took a few CD's when leaving. After getting home to his village, he gave a CD to anyone who had a VCD player. The villagers all strived to watch it. Some expressed that they wanted to learn Dafa, and said that it is such a good practice that helps heal illnesses and teaches people to be kinder; Jiang XX must be crazy not to let people practice it.

I am extremely happy for them. Therefore, I think that it is an urgent affair that the practitioners of Mainland China thoroughly and deeply clarify the truth to the people in the countryside. If every practitioner in Mainland China could start to clarify the truth to his/her friends and relatives, and give all human beings a chance to position themselves, the moment of Fa-rectification in the human world will come.