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Wicked People Receive Retribution for Slandering Dafa

November 09, 2001 |  



1. Wicked Person from Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province Receives Retribution

Hu Yalan is an officer in Yichun District Police Department in Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province. After July 20, 1999, she has been closely following Jiang Zemin and actively persecuting Dafa and slandering Teacher. Not too long after her bad deeds, her arm fractured with no reason. However, she was not regretful for what she had done. Later on, she had an operation to remove a brain tumor and recently, she got diabetes. Hu Yalan is still not conscious even after all the retributions.

2. Villagers from Hebei Province Receive Retributions for Slandering Dafa

Zhang Shuanbang is an old villager in Daziwen Town, Pingan County (Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province). He often slanders Dafa, and he is against the truth-clarifying materials posted by local Dafa practitioners. Once while pointing to a truth-telling flier, he said: "They've written this again. These people should be shot." Not long after he said that, he was killed in a car accident while he was on his way to Pingan County to unload sand on Sept 30, 2001.

A female practitioner from Yang Village, Yongnian County (Handan City, Hebei Province) went to Beijing to validate Dafa. While the practitioner was away from home, her sons and daughter-in-laws burnt her Dafa books. Soon after the practitioner returned from the detention center, her oldest son had blood coming out of his eyes, nose, and mouth on his way home. He fell on the ground, and someone had to send him home. Right after he was sent to the hospital, his wife was also admitted to the hospital due to the same symptoms. Before the couple got out of the hospital, the practitioner's second son was also sent the hospital with exactly the same symptoms. None of the hospitals they went to (including hospitals in Handan City) could tell what kind of disease they suffered from through examination. We are kindly telling people, all over the world, to learn from this lesson, treat Dafa with kindness, and don't do disrespectful things to Dafa.

3. Cases of Retributions in Jilin Province

This past summer, a Dafa practitioner from Zhanghuaweizi Village, Dashan Town (Qianguo County, Jilin Province) was discovered by a villager named Zhao Guohui (from the same village) while the practitioner was delivering Dafa truth-clarifying materials on his motorcycle. Zhao Guohui stole the motorcycle from the practitioner. Zhao has already met his deserved retribution for his wicked deed. Soon after he stole the motorcycle, Zhao got cancer in his nose. Hospitalized, the 40 year old Zhao Guohui does not have many days left.

A practitioner from Shihua Street, Qianguo County went to Beijing to protect Dafa. After the practitioner returned home, the local community officer Xia Qingzhi led some policemen from the local police station to the practitioner's home in the middle of the night to search for Dafa materials and arrest the practitioner. The practitioner sent forth righteous thoughts and escaped. Xia Qingzhi participated in the persecution of Falun Gong and cooperated with the evil. She had a serious stroke recently and has to stay in bed.