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Jilin Province's Jiutai Forced Labor Camp Severely Beat And Torture Dafa Practitioners

November 30, 2001 |  

(Clearwisdom.net ) When practitioner Xu Yangang from Qianguo County, Songyuan City in Jilin Province was kidnapped and put into the Jiutai Forced Labor Camp, he expressed his determined objection and strong protest against the unfair treatment, and went on hunger strike. Soon he was put under restricted detention, monitored by 6 common criminals who took turns. The criminals included Ge Zhongbiao and An Changlin. During the period of restricted detention, Xu Yangang suffered all kinds of inhumane tortures. Sometimes the 6 common criminals took turns slapping his face; one of them would take a break when being tired from beating Xu and another one would continue to beat Xu. Sometimes they beat the sole of Xu's feet with a wooden plank until the plank was broken, causing his feet to become severely swollen. Some times they hit him with their fists and kicked him with their feet, or beat his thighs with wooden planks. The long-term beating caused Xu's swollen muscles on his thighs to separate from the bones, and his two legs were as thick as a person's waist. He completely lost his ability to walk, and could only stand up half way when using the toilet. Everyday the villains handcuff and rope him to a bed, so he could not move at all. During winter in northeast China he was not given any quilt and mattress. There was no heating in the room and the windows were kept open. After enduring the hunger strike for almost one month and under such brutal tortures by the thugs, Dafa practitioner Xu Yangang was in critical condition with one breath left. Even then, the thugs kept poking fun at him, burning his heel with lighters or forcefully pressing his nose.

In order to force practitioner Pan Gang from Panshi City of Jilin Province to give up Falun Dafa, the guards in the labor camp forced him to do highly intensive labor. Everyday he had to carry a load of over a couple of hundred Jin [1 Jin is about 1.1 pound] on his shoulder when forced to carry the soil. Seeing the forced hard labor failed to make him give up, the villains kept beating him after he returned to the cell from work, and the nails on two of his toes were ripped off. Later, because Pan Gang went on hunger strike to protest against the illegal persecution, the guards cuffed and hung him to the bedstead for as long as 4 days. During this period, they cuffed one of Pan's hands to the bedstead and had someone pull his other hand to the opposite direction, causing the handcuffs to cut into his flesh. His endless miserable crying could be heard all the time.

Practitioner Yang Lidong from Qianan County of Songyuan City was forced to carry a load of hundreds of Jin. When he indicated that he should not be abused like this, the thugs beat him on the back of his head with iron hooks, and his head started bleeding immediately from two wounds. His hair turned red from being covered with blood.

Practitioner Jiang Guilin from Jinlin City was forced to carry heavy loads of soil for three days. His shoulders were bleeding and suffering from the heavy loads; the skin was peeled off and flesh could clearly be seen. The injuries caused him to be unable to work for several days, although he was a 57-year old man.

Practitioner Zhao Xishun from Dehui City was force-fed after going on hunger strike, but what was force-fed was a thick mixture of salt and water. The frequent force-feeding severely damaged him both physically and mentally. Since he did not cooporate when being force-fed, five guards held down his hands, feet and head while Doctor Jin of the clinic used needles to puncture the central part of the sole of his feet, center of the palm of his hands and the area between his nose and mouth. The Doctor moved the needles back and forth, causing blood to shoot out from the needle spots. As Zhao Xishun still did not corporate, they harshly tried to pry open his mouth with iron tools, causing him to lose three teeth. Zhao Xishun now still keeps two of the three lost teeth as evidence.

Practitioner Bai He from Jilin City was also forced to carry heavy loads of soil weighing hundreds of Jin. He reported the abuse to government officials but never received a response. On the contrary, he was dragged on the ground by two common criminals who held his two legs and kept running. He was dragged from the top of a hill to the bottom, and it was very dangerous. When another practitioner Jiang Lide called loudly for help, Jiang was hit and kicked by guard Gao Yucheng into the river nearby.

Practitioner Jiang Lide from Wutai Township of Dehui City was beaten by a guard who kept labor records, and was lashed with a whip made out of iron wires. The reason for the beating was because he did not kill a mouse. Another time the guards insisted that Jiang had spoken to practitioners in another team, and kept beating him severely on the head with a leather belt until he lost consciousness and could not recall what had happened around him.

Practitioner Wang Hongtian has a hunchback. He was pushed down to the floor and the villains stood on his back stomping harshly, claiming that they were helping him to cure his hunchback.

Practitioners were forced to do more work than the common criminals in the cells. They were forced to clean the floors, and were beaten at any time by the thugs with the excuse that the floor was not clean enough. Furthermore, during the work outside, the thugs also created difficulties for practitioners using all the excuses that they used in the cells, and not allowing practitioners to do any light work. When practitioners carried heavy loads of soil, they were even forced to walk fast or run.

These are some facts about how practitioners were persecuted at the Jiutai Forced Labor Camp of Jilin Province, which can be proven by any investigation. Other details of Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted there are yet to be disclosed.