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The Western Practitioners Who Appealed at Tiananmen Hold Press Conference in Los Angeles

November 25, 2001 |  

At 11:00 a.m. on November 23, 2001, Western practitioners Leeshai Lemish and Brad Carson and other Los Angeles practitioners held a press conference in the sunny Santa Monica Beach Park. The Western practitioners described their experiences of the trip to Beijing. [For details please refer to their open statements to the media.]

The major local Chinese and English media attended the press conference, including World Journal, Singtao Daily, KSCI-18 TV station, Los Angeles Times, FOX 11, KTLA, and ABC etc. Two Chinese radio broadcasting stations, AM 1300 and Radio Free Asia conducted a telephone interview with Leeshai Lemish.

Leeshai Lemish describes his experience in BeijingBrad Carson is interviewed by a reporterPassers-by look at the posters
Reporters from the World Journal and KSCI Chinese TV station interview Leeshai LemishGroup practiceReporters from FOX 11 TV station interview Leeshai Lemish