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Latest News from China - 11/17/2001

November 24, 2001 |  


[Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province] Practitioners Sentenced for Broadcasting Dafa Programs

On February 2nd 2001, practitioners from Nanchang City set up loudspeakers at every detention center and prison and broadcast Dafa programs. Later, the practitioners involved were arrested. On November 7, the court of Xihu District, Nanchang City illegally tried 26 practitioners. Here is a partial list of those who were illegally sentenced to imprisonment:

Chen Baozhi ámale á52 years old á11 years imprisonment
Huang Baohua áfemale á43 years old á11 years imprisonment
Huang Zhaoping áfemale á37 years old á11 years imprisonment
Li Xiaoqing áfemale á47 years old á9 years imprisonment
Sun Wenzhang, a physics teacher at Jiangxi Agricultural Universitymale á25 years old 8 years imprisonment
Hu Qingying, a university studentfemale á26 years old 8 years imprisonment
Luo Wenbin, a teachermale á26 years old á7 years imprisonment
Lai Hui ámale 40 years old 7 years imprisonment
Huang Dong'an, a graduate studentmale á32 years old 5 years imprisonment
Zhang Dianzhen ámale 48 years old 4 years imprisonment
Zhang Li female á41 years old á3 years imprisonment
Zheng Min áfemale á36 years old 3 years imprisonment
Wang Yuanhe male 54 years old 3 years imprisonment
Zhu Shilan male 36 years old 3 years imprisonment
Zhang Shujun female 40 years old 3 years imprisonment
Liu Yonggang, a cadre and a university graduatemale á26 years old 1 year imprisonment
Mao Mao áfemale á47 years old 1 year imprisonment
Tao Yi ámale 49 years old á1 year imprisonment

Responsible unit: Nanchang City Xihu People's Court

Chief Justice: Chen Minping

Judge: Xiao Shujiang

Deputy Chief Justice: Yu Shan

Court Secretary: Jiang Ge

[Benxi City, Liaoning Province] "610 Office" Joins Forces With the Benxi Steel Corporation to Persecute Falun Dafa Practitioners

Recently, the vicious "610 Office" of Benxi City collaborated with the Benxi Steel Corporation to secretly plot traps in order to persecute practitioners.

Before the National Day holiday, practitioner Zhang Zuotang, a retired senior engineer of Liaoning Province's Benxi Steel and Construction Corporation, was notified about a meeting at the company. After he arrived at the meeting, he was abducted to Bailou Detention Center where he has been illegally detained up to the present.

On October 23, practitioner Lin Zhongxia, an inspector of Quality Assurance Section at the No. 1 Machinery Repairing Factory, Benxi Steel Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Division, was notified by the section director about a quality test at the work site. When he came to the site, he was abducted and taken to a brainwashing class.

Practitioner Liu Jincheng and Song Ge, workers at Benxi Steel Processing Workshop, were notified by the workshop Party secretary Xu Qibin and manager Pan Yuandong to bring some tools to the worksite. The honest practitioners believed them and brought the tools and stepped into a vehicle. After they got in, they were forced to attend a 20-day brainwashing class.

Those responsible:

Xu Qibin, office phone: (86) (414) 782-3773, home phone: (86) (414) 385-9452

Pan Yuandong, office phone: (86) (414) 782-3773, home phone: (86) (414) 284-6919


[Dalian, Liaoning Province] Many Practitioners from Dalian Arrested

Recently, many practitioners from the Dalian area were arrested. Most of them were illegally detained in Yaojia Detention Center in the Ganjingzi District. These days, we have also heard that many practitioners went on a hunger strike in Yaojia Detention Center. But, we lack detailed information. We hope practitioners can help illegally detained practitioners by utilizing all methods.


[Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province] Some Practitioners Abducted While Posting Truth Flyers

Recently, many practitioners have been followed or trapped and arrested by security guards who ambush them at residential buildings while they distribute truth-clarifying materials. (Two practitioners escaped from the evil persecution with their strong righteous thoughts.)

From a reliable source, the police system in the Longfeng Area received secret orders from high-level officials by phone. The new instructions mainly targeted the practitioners distributing the truth flyers. The police collaborated with local building management companies and street offices to patrol, follow, and trap practitioners in order to arrest them. Mainly, they worked from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. This started on November 15, and has lasted through the month.

Practitioners in other areas in Daqing City, please be cautious about similar plots. At the same time, we suggest that all practitioners send forth righteous thoughts together. Eliminate the evil persecution of Dafa and Dafa practitioners. Let the evil plots fail completely.

[China] Be Cautious About This Kind of Destruction

A few days ago, many local practitioners were speaking of practitioner X who was tortured to death in the detention center. We searched and found that there was no such case recorded. At that time, we didn't pay much attention to it and thought that the practitioners might have had a Xinxing problem. So, we thought more Fa study and experience sharing would do. But recently, two other things happened that caught our attention.

First, one area said they needed truth-clarifying materials and left a contact phone number. But, we found that area already had materials distributing channels in place. Second, a message came in saying that a labor camp had beaten a practitioner to death and they wanted access to the Internet to "expose the evils." After we investigated it, there was no such death case. These two pieces of information came from the same source, so we understood that special agents were trying to infiltrate and had attempted to utilize our campaign to "clarify the truth and expose the evils" in order to damage Dafa.

Through these events, we understood that practitioners doing Dafa work should be based on the Fa and must be responsible for the Fa and fellow practitioners. We must not let emotion control us. Practitioners must be calm, be aware of their words, and not have the show-off mentality and zealotry in their hearts. When relaying urgent or important information, practitioners must ascertain the reliability of the content, and should not blindly spread what they hear.