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Details About the Murder of My Brother, Chen Aizhong, At Tangshan City's No. 1 Forced Labor Camp, Part I

November 24, 2001 |   By Chen Shulan -- Dafa practitioner and victim's sister

(Clearwisdom.net) I am Chen Shulan, female, currently 35 years old, born in Canfangying Village of Beixinbao Township in Huailai County, Hebei Province. Six of my family members are firm Dafa practitioners: my father Chen Yunchuan (63 years old), mother Wang Lianying (60 years old), younger senior brother Chen Aizhong (34 years old), younger junior brother Chen Aili (34 years old), younger sister Chen Hongnian (31 years old), and my 10 year old daughter.

Since July 22, 1999, our whole family has gone to Beijing to appeal many times. We suffered cruel torture and harsh fines for peacefully appealing at Tiananmen Square, and have been illegally detained several times. The total amount of money and personal property extorted by the local government from our family is as much as 24,000 Yuan in total. [About US$3,000, about 10 year average annual income in rural China] Currently, my father and younger junior brother have been illegally sentenced to 2 years in Datangwan Prison of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. My younger sister is illegally detained in Gaoyang Labor Camp in Baoding City, Hebei Province. My mother has been missing since she went to Beijing to rectify the Fa on New Year's Eve, 2001. Now, I am also forced to leave home [to avoid illegal detention]. My younger senior brother Chen Aizhong was illegally sentenced to 3 year forced labor camp and sent to Tangshan No. 1 Forced Labor Camp in Hebei Province on September 12, 2001. Eight days later, on the afternoon of September 20, 2001, he was tortured to death in the labor camp.

Aizhong started to practice Dafa in 1998. He participated in the appeal on April 25, 1999. We went to Beijing on July 20, 1999 to appeal again, but were stopped by the local government on our way, and were detained for 3 days in Huailai County Detention Center. We suffered harsh tortures after being taken back by the Beixinbao Township local government. We were forced to pay a fine of 500 Yuan for each person before being released.

On October 13, 1999, when Aizhong came to my home to visit (I was living in Changping County which belongs to Beijing), he was forcefully taken back by the personnel from Beixinbao Township local government and the police station. They also stole 9,000 Yuan from my home at the same time. After being detained for 2 months in Huailai Detention Center, Chen Aizhong was found not guilty and released.

On December 28, 1999, Aizhong and other family members went to Beijing to appeal together, and all were arrested again and suffered all kinds of tortures. After being taken back by the local government, we were punished with a 15-day detention at first, then the term was changed to a long-term detention. This time, we were illegally detained for as long as 10 months. We were unconditionally released after the whole family started to protest and Aizhong went on a hunger strike for 9 days.

On October 27, 2000, the whole family once again went to Beijing to appeal. In order to get rid of the people sent by the local government to monitor us, we took an indirect path and walked. On the way to Beijing, we climbed mountains and crossed rivers; we ate in the wind and slept in the dew. The trip was about 100 kilometers [about 63 miles] long and it took us nearly 3 days to get to Tiananmen Square. After we were arrested, Aizhong was taken to Xuanwu District Detention Center in Beijing. For not revealing his name and address, he was harshly tortured and suffered all kinds of abuses. Later, he was recognized by the local government and was taken back to Huailai County Detention Center. The practitioners detained there continued to protest and went on a hunger strike. At that time, the temperature dropped below 0 0C [below 32 0F]. The wicked head of the county police department, Xu Weiguo, gave orders that practitioners not be given quilts or blankets and made them sleep on the concrete floor. He also told the practitioners, "Who cares if you eat or not. If any of you die, you just die in vain." Aizhong was sent home by the wicked police when he was in critical condition after 19 days of hunger strike.

On November 21, 2000, four of us brothers and sisters went to visit a friend in one car and were arrested on the way. My younger senior brother and younger sister were sent to a detention center. Not being willing to be taken away by the evil, my younger sister jumped out of the speeding police car and was seriously injured. Half of her body was paralyzed. After my younger senior brother was sent to the detention center, he was tied to a cross and suffered all kinds of torture and abuse. The wounds on his body were so horrifying that the police temporarily hid him in a basement outside the detention center, because they were afraid they would not be able to explain the wounds when higher-level officers inspected the detention center. At night, an inmate leader once again tied Aizhong to a board on the floor and poured water on his face with a basin. The inmate kept pouring water on Aizhong's body until he was released the next day. At 6:00 p.m. in the evening, since the injuries to Aizhong and my younger sister were so severe that they could not take care of themselves, the wicked police at the detention center sent them home.

On 2001 New Year's Eve, our whole family once again went to Beijing to rectify the Fa. Aizhong was illegally detained in Dongbeiwang police station in Beijing. For not revealing his name and address, he was beaten and shocked with electric batons. He was stripped to the skin and handcuffed to a tree in freezing weather for over 1 hour. The snow under his feet was melted into a pool. He was then sent to the detention center of Haidian District Police Department in Beijing. The inmates there inhumanly tortured him by breaking the skin of all his ten fingers using the toothbrush handles; they called this torture "opening a lock" (first someone holds his two finger tips, then they insert a toothbrush handle between two fingers and forcefully and continuously twist it). Then they buried him under snow, which caused his two legs to lose feeling so that he could not walk. In Haidian District Detention Center, he went on a hunger strike for 9 days before being taken back by the local government and sent to Huailai Detention Center. He was illegally sentenced for 2 years of forced labor, and sent to Zhangjiakou Forced Labor Camp. The labor camp refused to take him (because of his health condition), so he was driven back to Huailai Detention Center. Later, he was re-sentenced to 3 years of forced labor and sent to Tangshan No. 1 Forced Labor Camp on September 12, 2001.

After 1 p.m. on September 21, 2001, Yang from Huailai County "610 Office," [a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches] Beixinbao Township Mayor Yao XX and the police station political instructor Wang together came to my home in Changping County. Yao said, "Tangshan Labor Camp has been calling the '610 office' of Huailai County for 3 days, saying your younger brother is seriously ill. Do you want to go for a visit?" I said "Yes," thinking something has got to be wrong since normally neither labor camps nor detention centers would allow practitioners' family members to visit, but today they came to my door to invite me. On the way to the labor camp, Yao repeatedly told me that my younger senior brother's (Chen Aizhong) health was not good, and he had renal failure and hematuria [blood in urine]. We arrived at Tangshan No. 1 Labor Camp before 4 p.m, and they immediately held a meeting with the labor camp leaders as I waited downstairs. At 6 p.m, they brought me into a conference room. The deputy director of the labor camp who is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong said, "Your younger brother was not in good health when he came. He had been on hunger strike for two days when he was in Huailai Detention Center, and he continued with the hunger strike after he came here, so we force-fed him. He did not cooperate with the force-feeding so we gave him a saline infusion. However, the infusion could not support him very long, and he was sent to Tangshan People's Hospital on the afternoon of September 19. Chen Aizhong vomited on the way, and he became better on the morning of September 20. But his condition deteriorated and he died in the afternoon. At that time, we cleaned his body and changed his clothes." I could not believe the death of my younger brother, and told them, "My younger brother once refused to eat and drink for 19 days in Huailai Detention Center, and refused the tube force-feeding and infusion in the same way. After he was sent back home, he quickly recovered. He has always been in very good health."

I thought that I must expose the evil, letting people all over the world be aware of their evilness. The deputy director asked me, "Do you have any request?" I raised three requests: first, I want to take a photo of my younger brother's body; second, to have a judicial medical examiner exam his body; and third, to have a detailed report on what happened to him during his stay at the detention center. The deputy director quickly agreed. After 8 p.m, the deputy director first let me see my younger brother's remain. We went to the mortuary, where I took a last look at my younger senior brother lying in a freezer. My younger brother's body had obviously been cleaned up. He wore a black hat, new clothes, his face was clean and pale, there was a trace of blood on his lips, his two ears were swollen and looked purple and black, and his right ear opening had blood upon touching it. I opened the zipper of his clean upper clothes, and saw a 10 centimeters [about 4 inches] long wound on his left chest. I asked them to explain the wound. The deputy director immediately said that it was a cut made in the hospital during a rescue attempt. Then I saw there was a large area of bruise with blood from his two shoulders to his back and asked how that was caused. The deputy director said, "It was there before." I said, "I do not think so, I know my younger brother better than anyone else. There was nothing on his body; this must have been caused by the beating." I did not have time to look at other areas, as they eagerly requested me to leave. I requested to take a photo at that time, but the deputy director told me to wait until the next day. I suspected that they would do some cover up on my younger brother's body, so I asked to stay. They held, dragged, talked and deceived me all the way out. I heard someone behind whispering to the workers of the mortuary. I turned my head around but he immediately hid away. I wanted to expose them and asked, "What are you talking about?" The wicked people became nervous, and a policeman with the badge number 1350147 pushed me out of the mortuary door in a hurry, and closed and locked the door immediately. I told Yang XX and Yao XX from Huailai County, that I would write a statement about the wounds on my younger brother's body and the blood from his ear in front of all the wicked people, so that they could not deny them after they finished processing the body tomorrow. They did not agree and sent me to the hostel. All the wicked people went to dinner together, leaving policemen Zhang XX (badge number 1350020) and Yu X (badge number 1350064) to watch me. After a while, the policeman with badge number 1350147 delivered dinner to me. He told me, "Your brother's health was normal when he came. The labor camp would not take any sick people." This obviously contradicted the deputy director's claim that my younger brother was not in good health when he came because he had been on hunger strike for two days when he was in Huailai Detention Center. Since this policeman had not taken part in that secret meeting, he unintentionally told the truth. After those wicked people from Huailai County came back with enough food and alcohol, they came to my room. Yang XX said a few true words after drinking the alcohol, "Your younger brother did a hunger strike here, and he did not cooperate when they force-fed him. He snapped the feeding tube. The bruises on his body were caused during the force-feeding." He was describing with his hand gestures. I was shocked but he immediately became aware that he'd said too much and changed his words, "That was just my imagination."

Around 10 a.m. on the second morning, the evil villains and I came to the meeting room of the labor camp. Before the deputy director of the labor camp started to talk, Yang XX from Huailai County "610 office" cut him short and said, "It's illegal to take pictures of the corpse." The major team leader of the labor camp followed, and also said it was illegal to take pictures of the corpse and that I should handle my brother's death more cooperatively, etc. Yang XX threatened me, "If you don't listen to me, we won't drive you back home." I said I could go back myself. I requested an examination done by a judicial medical expert. He said, "You must pay for all the expenses for hiring the judicial medical expert if it turns out that the death was caused by illness." The deputy director also said, "In order to save Chen Aizhong, the labor camp spent more than 10,000 Yuan. This should all be borne by your family." I said, "My brother's death was caused by Jiang Zemin's persecution -- he ordered that 'It's nothing if [a Falun Gong practitioner was] beaten to death, and the murder would be considered suicide.'" I asked the deputy director, "Didn't you promise me yesterday I could take pictures of my brother? How come it is illegal today?" They tried to deceive me and said, "You should sign the agreement letter first, then we can talk about your requests." I look at the agreement letter; it roughly stated: "Chen Aizhong died due to illness: weakness in respiratory system and renal failure. It was a natural death. All expenses should be borne by the family member. However, considering the family's financial difficulty, the labor camp will pay the cost for the family." I said, "What is on the agreement letter is incorrect. My brother was fine when he came to your place. In just eight days, you have tortured him to death. You should be responsible for all the expenses. I refuse to sign this." The deputy director said, "If you sign this, we will agree to all of your requests. We came up with this agreement after we deliberated it over and over many times." This very last sentence of his talking revealed the fact that they had fabricated the agreement. The evils were still quibbling about it. I further debunked their conspiracy, and exposed the truth of the "self-immolation" incident in Tiananmen Square. I said loudly, "Falun Dafa is Good. Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa!" All the evil people looked at me blankly and speechless.

I insisted on my request to take pictures and that only after I saw the pictures would I talk about signing the letter. The deputy director said, "I'm leaving ." At this moment, Yang XX from Huailai County "610 office" made all other people leave the room and said to me, "It doesn't matter whether you sign or not, we will handle your brother's case in the same matter. I know the reason you want the pictures. It is because you want to post them on Minghui Net (its English version is Clearwisdom.net) and let people in the whole world know about [your brother's death]." I quickly copied down the agreement letter. He started getting afraid and called the evil people in the labor camp in again, and said to me in front of them, "Take out what you have copied." I said fearlessly, "Which one of you dares to take away a single piece of paper from me?" Right away, the deputy director said, "What you have copied is invalid." I asked the deputy director who bought the new clothes my brother was wearing. He said the team leader of the labor camp, Wang Yulin, paid for them out of his own pocket. A policeman had told me before that team leader Wang Yulin knew most clearly about the process of my brother being murdered. Maybe he bought the clothes for my brother because he had a guilty conscience after doing evil deeds.

After the evil villains had their lunch, one after another, they talked and tried to deceive me again in the afternoon. They tried different ways to make me sign the agreement letter. I firmly resisted. At 8 p.m, I left the meeting room and went to the hostel. When I was passing the main entrance of the labor camp, I saw that officials of the labor camp and the County Judicial Bureau were all there. The Bureau Head whispered to two policewomen who were in charge of monitoring me.

Around 7 a.m. on the third morning, the policeman with badge No. 1350147 called out twice to another policeman with badge No. 1350020. After 7 a.m, Yao XX from Huailai County came and said to me, "Let's go to the labor camp." After I stepped out of the hostel, I didn't find any car from the labor camp, I knew they must have been deceiving me. After I got in the car, I said, "I want to go home." The evils laughed loudly, "We were waiting for you to say those words."

When we arrived at Changping County, Yang from Huailai County asked me "Where is the Changping County government office? I need to find a classmate." I led him there. After we arrived at the yard of the government office, he went upstairs with a briefcase. I felt something was not right and I said to Yao XX, "This place is not far from my home. I can go home myself." He didn't allow me to get out of the car. I asked him to drive me home, but he said I had to wait until Yang returned. I asked him to call Yang and hurry him up; he was afraid that I saw through the scheme and said he would go upstairs to take a look. He didn't return for a long time. At this moment, Manager Huang of Changping Metal Company (my husband's company) and Secretary Wang of the Goods and Material Bureau walked into the yard. I had just gotten out of the car. Secretary Wang shouted at me angrily: "Why did you come to make trouble again?" I said, "I didn't make any trouble. The evils tortured my brother to death. They wanted me to sign an agreement letter saying that my brother died of illness. I refused to sign, so they dragged me here." Wang XX from Huailai County immediately said, "She didn't make trouble. We took her away, and now we brought her back." Secretary Wang of the Goods and Material Bureau asked me, "Where are they?" I said, "Upstairs in '610 office.'" I waited again for a long time, and still didn't see anybody. I ran up to the sixth floor, and went into the "610 office." When I entered the room, I saw a staff member typing a false report on the process of how my brother was persecuted in Tangshan City. When the two evils from Huailai County saw me, they were shocked, and asked me how did I come up? The police officer from Changping police station hurried me out, and told me to wait in the room outside. I realized the evil was afraid that I would expose this incident and let people around the world know. They intended to send me to a forced labor camp through the Changping County government in order to accomplish their vicious purpose. However, for lack of legal basis, all together, relevant staffs from Changping County Police Department, Metal Company, the Goods and Material Bureau, and the evil villains from Huailai County finally sent me home. Later, the vice manager of Changping Metal company threatened me again, "You should not post your brother's case on the Internet. If we find out you posted it on the Internet, we will definitely arrest you." It's obvious that they were extremely afraid. From September 21 to 23, during the process of handling the incident, I didn't eat and drink, I protested with a hunger strike and didn't cooperate with the evils.

I heard that my brother's body was cremated on the afternoon of September 23 without our family members' approval, signature, or any other legal procedures. The evil people from Huailai County took the ash box back and it is unknown to us where it is located.

Tangshan City's No. 1 Forced Labor Camp tortured a healthy Dafa practitioner to death in only eight days. In order to deceive the public and create illusions, they conspired with vicious villains from Huailai County to cover up the truth, and were fearful that people around the world would know the truth.

Countless Dafa practitioners have sacrificed their blood and life to awaken people, let the people not be deceived by Jiang Zemin's regime. The day of the Fa rectifying the human world is coming soon.


List of the Evil Criminals:

Tangshan City Forced Labor Camp: Deputy Director

Major Team Leader, Badge No. 1350021

Evil police, Zhang XX, Badge No. 1350020; Yu X, Badge No. 1350064; a policeman, Badge No. 1350147

Team Leader, Wang Yulin

Section Chief, Li Weidong

Huailai County "610 Office," Yang XX

Beixinbao Township Mayor, Yao XX

Beixinbao Township Police Station, Political Instructor, Wang XX

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