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A Report on the Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners in Nanpi County, Hebei Province

Nov. 22, 2001 |   By practitioners in China

(Clearwisdom.net) Over the past two years, since July 20, 1999, the public security bureau, the police, and especially the atrocious "6.10 office" (an agency specifically created in order to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems), under the direct orders of Jiang Zemin, have been implementing their policy of state terrorism against innocent people by carrying out the nationwide persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China. The situation in Nanpi County, Hebei Province, is no exception. The following is a general account of the persecution going on in this area.

Part I. Torture of Practitioners by Police

Case 1.

The police force of Nanpi County have used various instruments to torture Falun Gong practitioners who exercised their legal right to appeal for Falun Gong Beijing. For example, Li Zhiru (female), Hou Mujiang, Hu Chaofeng (female) and other practitioners were all tortured by police on a device called the "ice chair" (a torture in which one is forced to sit motionlessly for a long period of time). Among them, Hu Chaofeng was forced to sit in the chair for 36 hours. The vile policemen also used other inhumane methods to torture Zhu Yuying, Liu Guiyan and other female practitioners, such as depriving them of food and sleep, forcing them to squat against a wall and hold painful postures, etc for long periods of time. Those who were beaten by police include Wang Jing (female), Chai Baohua, and others. On at least one occasion Nanpi County police went to the rural town of Baoguantun to torment practitioner Liu Zhonghua. They tortured him by letting a scorpion bite him.

Case 2.

A woman named Deng Shulan went to appeal in Beijing around the time of the Spring Festival 2001. Afterwards, some thugs in the town government tortured her. Her arms were broken and her lower back was injured. Her mouth was full of blood and 12 of her teeth were knocked loose by the beating. She fainted several times. Later, the police sent her to the county detention center without informing her family.

The government recruited thugs from every village. They invented a lot of irrational methods in which to torture practitioners, like forcing them to say profanities at Falun Dafa, curse Teacher Li and to give up cultivation practice. The victims include Li Xianwu, Guo Xiurong (female), and Shao Ruixiang.

Case 3.

The police in Luguan Town tortured practitioners under the banner of so-called brainwashing "re-education." They beat the practitioners' faces with their belts and the soles of their shoes. They tied the practitioners to a tree and shocked them with electrical batons. They struck the lower abdomens and genital areas of female practitioners. Moreover, they went further over the edge by forcing practitioners to beat themselves. The victims in this region include Wang Jing (female), Wang Peng, Liu Zhongling, Liu Peihua, Liu Bingxiang, Liu Xijie (female), Xu Wenlan (female), Li Jinxia (female), and Pan Xingzhong.

Case 4.

One afternoon in the fall of 1999, two policemen led by the head of the police station in Wangshi Town cruelly beat a 60-year-old practitioner named Song Binghuan.

Case 5.

Both Cao Hongquan from Baoguantun Village and Li Yanzhong from Wumaying Village had their front teeth broken by the police because they clarified the truth about Dafa to people. Moreover, the vicious police also instigated the practitioners' ignorant relatives to beat them. Wang Jing, Wang Peng and Li Shuangfei were each beaten by their fathers while in the Luguanxiang Police Station, and Li Jinxia was beaten by her husband there as well. The husband of Sun Baoxia from Wangsi Town was incited by the police to stab her with scissors.

Case 6.

In the Nanpi County Detention Center, Song Binghuan was hung up without warm clothing in the open air for several hours during a cold winter night because he practiced Falun Gong exercises in the detention center. A few female practitioners there were made to squat with their backs against a wall in a painful position for hours. Chai Baohua's arms were covered with burns made by prisoners with cigarette butts. Chai told them that they were violating the rules of the detention center, but the prisoners brazenly answered, "This is an order from the guards, and they will reward us with beer if we do well."

Part II. Illegal Confiscation and Imposition of Fines

In the whole territory of Nanpi County, Dafa books and cassettes were illegally confiscated, and many families' TVs and video players were stolen by authorities.

The police ransacked a lot of families' homes with the excuses that the practitioners would go to appeal in Beijing and clarify the truth of Falun Gong or even that they practiced at home. A practitioner named Yang Junfeng from Dalangdian Town had the furniture, clothing and all other articles of his family confiscated. They had to eat on the floor because police even took away their table. Practitioner Wan Guilan's family was robbed of all valuable electrical appliances, and both Zhu Guiying's and Liu Peikai's cattle were taken away and sold. The gas oven and other articles of Liu Zhonghua's family were confiscated. The home telephones of Liu Peisheng and Li Yanzhong were cut off. The villainous police at all levels (county, towns, villages and work place), even extorted money from practitioners in the name of "guarantee deposits" (intended to prevent them from going to Beijing to appeal), "living expenses (practitioners are forced to pay a large amount of money for their room and board while in detention)," "material fees (used to print out materials that slander Dafa)," "traffic fares (fees for escorting practitioners back from Beijing after they were arrested)," "[brainwashing] class fees," and "monitoring fees" (money to pay for cost of tapping their phones lines, sitting outside practitioner's homes, and trailing them wherever they go).

The following is a partial list of practitioners in Nanpi County from whom police extorted money:

Shao Ruixiang, Liu Junqiao, Liu Guiyan, Liu Bingxiang, Liu Zhongling, Liu Zhonghua, Liu Xijie, Liu Hongqin, Liu Dewen, Liu Fengqi, Liu Yieqing, Liu Zirong, Xu Wenlan, Xu Fengqin, Xu Fengchen, Song Binghuan, Li Zhiru, Li Yuhua, Li Hongjun, Li Jinming, Li Shuhua, Li Shuzhen, Yang Shuzhen, Yang Junfeng, Yang Min, Yan Fengru, Zhu Yuying, Zhu Guimei, Zhu Guiying, Ding Huiping, Chen Yueying, Chen Xiuzhi, Chen June, Cao Shulan, Cao Hongquan, Wang Jing, Wang Changfen, Wang Defeng, Wang Jianrong, Wang Hongsheng, Zhang Fashui, Zhang Yuling, Zhang Huifen, Zhang Xiuying, Zhao Jinying, Zhou Shumei, Zhou Hongxin, Zhou Junling, Hou Mingli, Hou Mufen, Hou Mufang, Hou Mujiang, Gong Jinfeng, Jia Xiuxia, Gao Jie, Huang Pingfa, Guo Xiurong, Jiang Wener, Chang Shouxuan, Deng Shulan, Xiao Yun, Qi Jianmin, Gong Jinfeng's mother, Liu Xijie's mother, Liu Peitai's wife, Li Yanzhong's wife, He Qiusheng, Chi Jingxi, Cui Zhenhua, Tang Xiuying, Hu Baolan, Tian Shuzhen, Chu Shuquan, and Sha Mei.

These people were fined upwards of thousands of yuan (RMB) and some of them were even fined tens of thousands of yuan if you add up all the fines against them. After they paid these fines, they were at most given a note (usually a blank note) as a receipt and, in the most cases, there was no receipt at all. The illegal fines have caused tremendous economic hardship and created conflicts within the families of the practitioners and their friends.

Part III. Illegal Detention, Illegal Arrest and Illegal Trial

So far in Nanpi County, one practitioner has been sentenced to prison and seven have been sent to labor camp. They were usually sentenced secretly, even without notification to their families. The sentences of the practitioners in the Nanpi County Detention Center have now been extended without cause. When the relatives asked when their family members would be released, the authorities replied that there was no definite duration for the detention of Falun Gong practitioners. Even a pregnant woman named Liu Xijie was detained for 56 days. Since July 20, 2001, practitioners have been detained just for saying that they continue to practice Falun Gong, regardless of whether they have appealed to the government. Shao Ruixiang, Liu Zhonghua, Ding Huiping, Pan Zhongxing, Xu Wenlan are all examples of practitioners who have been incarcerated for stating that they still practice Falun Gong.

Recently the authorities have begun another round of kidnapping practitioners and locking them in brainwashing classes. Pan Zhongxing was taken away when he was working in the field, Liu Hongqing was taken away while being at work and Guo Xiurong was arrested while doing chores at home. Li Yuhua was abducted by police when she was sleeping at home. Those scoundrels burst into her bedroom and took her away to an old folks home, where she was detained for a long time. In another instance, the authorities tried four practitioners and imprisoned them in the Nanpi County Detention Center without informing their families and without any sort of assessment in a court of law. They even claimed that it was an open trial. These so-called upholders of law are violating the laws themselves!

At present, all of these kind-hearted Falun Gong practitioners are enduring terrible persecution. Some of their families have been broken (for example, Li Zhiru, Song Binghuan, Liu Zhonghua, Liu Peisheng, Li Yanzhong, Chang Shouxuan); some of them have been forced to become homeless and wander about (for example, Liu Guiyan, Liu Xijie, Cao Shulan); some of their children have been deprived of their right to go to school (for example, the three children of Chai Baohua, the son of Chang Shouxuan and the daughter of Chen Xiuzhi); some of their salaries have been cut (for example, Liu Peisheng, Guo Xiurong, Li Jinming, Liu Junqiao, Song Yuer); and some of them have met with economic hardship (for example, the 5000 yuan (RMB) dowry of Yang Shuzhen's niece was used to pay a police fine, the fine paid by Hu Chaofeng's son was money he had to borrow from several different people, and Shao Ruixiang and Liu Zhonghua had to sell their cattle to pay a fine).

All the incarcerated practitioners are handcuffed and shackled. Behind iron doors and iron windows, they are completely deprived of the dignity of human beings and the fundamental rights of all citizens. We must ask what wrong has been comitted by these people who believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance?" Is it just that they try to be good people all the time and in all situations?