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Sichuan Province Zizhong Nanmusi Female Labor Camp's Brutal Persecution of Dafa Practitioners

November 02, 2001 |   Article written by over 200 steadfast Dafa practitioners

(Clearwisdom.net) Nanmusi Female Labor Camp refused to release the Dafa practitioners who had been illegally imprisoned and who had completed their terms. This labor camp continued to imprison these practitioners in fear that they would disclose the darkness of the camp. They did not allow those steadfast Dafa practitioners make phone calls home or accept family visits. They blockaded all the information about the practitioners, and as a result, the family members had to look and inquire everywhere for their loved ones, but still could not find their whereabouts. The vicious thugs, instead, accused these practitioners of "not caring for their families!"

Nanmusi Female Labor Camp corporally punished the unyielding practitioners frequently. The corporal punishments include having practitioners standing against wall and lifting both their arms up, and then having criminal inmates mercilessly beating, kicking the practitioners, slapping their faces, etc. Moved by the mighty power of Dafa and the benevolence of the practitioners, some criminal inmates knew that Dafa is good and they wanted to become good people. Some even helped copying Master's articles for our practitioners. However, the vicious camp guards used "shortening detention term" as the bait to instigate some criminal inmates to brutally beat practitioners.

Dafa practitioner Liu Hui did not fear the vicious force and demanded an unconditional release. To defend Dafa, Liu Hui had been on hunger strike for several months. The vicious guards force-fed her and her body became emaciated. These practitioners were illegally detained in the labor camp simply because they practiced Dafa. In order to verify Dafa, practitioners stayed firm and unyielding. They firmly rejected the labor camp's illegal regulations and did not cooperate with the vicious guards' requests and orders. The vicious assailants then used electric batons to shock practitioners. Practitioners withstood all kinds of miseries and they demonstrated the strong will of Dafa practitioners.

Among the illegally imprisoned practitioners in Nanmusi Female Labor Camp, some went to Beijing to safeguard and verify Dafa, some revealed to people the truth about Dafa and distributed Dafa materials, some answered "yes" when asked if they would continue practicing Dafa, some went to demand the return of Dafa books, and some practiced Dafa at home while looking after their elderly parents. The vicious assailants in Nanmusi also fabricated false articles from Master to cheat practitioners.

We hope all kind-hearted people will not be deceived by the fabricated rumors and slanders propagandized by Jiang Zemin's regime, and realize that Falun Dafa is the truth of the universe. Those who persecute Dafa will certainly go to hell and suffer the prolonged and painstaking penalty. The truth of the "Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation Massacre", concocted by Jiang Zemin's regime, will certainly be revealed to the world. Practitioners in Nanmusi Labor Camp have withstood many miseries. Facing various "brainwashing" means, practitioners were not moved; instead, they continuously spoke to people about the truth of Dafa.

We strongly appeal to the United Nations and international human rights organizations, the governments and people all over the world to be aware of the vicious deeds that are happening in Nanmusi Female Labor Camp. We ask your help rescuing the practitioners who are illegally imprisoned there. We need your support to urge the Chinese government to release the innocent practitioners immediately, giving back the purity of Dafa, the freedom and the basic human rights of Dafa practitioners.