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The Xinghua Street Police Station, Responsible for the Death of Dafa Practitioner Zuo Zhigang, Claims Another Victim

November 18, 2001 |   By a Dafa practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) There are about 60 police stations in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. Foremost among them in terms of persecuting Dafa practitioners, the Xinghua Street Police Station has committed countless crimes. In the past two years, this police station has sent twelve practitioners to labor camps, sentenced one practitioner to prison, and fined practitioners over 200,000 Yuan (Chinese currency, the average monthly income of an urban worker is about 500 Yuan). The amount of money fined is more than any other police station in Shijiazhuang City, and the crimes they have committed are truly shocking. The policemen tortured practitioner Zuo Zhigang to death on May 30, 2001. On the same day, it snowed heavily in Lingshou County, a stern warning from the heavens. However, the crimes committed by these perpetrators go much further than this. Below is a story that has only recently come to light, one in which a practitioner's family member died as a result of their persecution.

Qie Lili is a 23-year-old female practitioner from Dachehang Village, Shangzhuang Township, Luquan City. Qie is a teacher at the Xili Primary School in Shijiazhuang City. Qie benefited both mentally and physically from her cultivation of Dafa. Since she began practicing, she has become known for her enthusiasm, proficiency, and integrity. She is well liked and respected by her colleagues, students and their parents. She was living with her elderly father Qie Xiuxi, who was not a practitioner.

After July 20, 1999, Police Chief Wang Jianhua and officer Bai Yuanji from the Xinghua Street Police Station, Niu Mintang from the Xinghua Street Community Office, and some managers in Qie's workplace tried everything to force Qie Lili to give up her cultivation. They persecuted Qie in order to serve their own interests. They suspended her from teaching, withheld her salary and bonus, extorted 2,000 Yuan from her, and detained her several times. Qie went on a hunger strike in protest. In December 2000, someone reported her while she was photocopying a letter appealing for Falun Gong. Officers from the Dongjiao Police Station arrested her and transferred her to the Xinghua Street Police Station. In order to resist the persecution, she escaped using righteous thoughts. She has been forced to leave her home, and her current whereabouts are unknown.

Qie's father was implicated simply because his daughter persists in her beliefs. People from Qie Lili's school came to his home to threaten him. The elderly man was already frail and in poor health. Under the strain placed on him by the harassment, he suffered a stroke. After his daughter left home, people from the police station and her school pressured him to look for her.

After their evil deeds were exposed on Clearwisdom, officer Bai Yuanji did not repent of his actions. Instead, he hated the benevolent practitioners even more. He once said, "They even exposed me on Clearwisdom.net on the Internet. I am not afraid of retribution. I will make them suffer even if I will have to go to hell!" Aided by people from the Xili Primary School, he made many arrests. Bai also went to threaten Qie's father many times. He even climbed over the wall at night and broke into the old man's room to harass him. Just during the Spring Festival of 2001, Bai went to the home of Qie twice to threaten him.

Although living by himself and suffering from several illnesses, Qie's father was able to take care of himself. However, unable to endure the constant harassment, he became completely bedridden and unable to move about in a period of just two months. On the night of January 15, 2001 (Chinese lunar calendar), Bai once again went to the village to harass the elderly man. While he was trying to climb into Qie's home through a neighbor's yard, the benevolent and morally upright neighbor was filled with anger, "What are you doing? Do you still have any conscience left? The old man is already paralyzed, and you still want to threaten him! You cannot pass through my yard!"

However, Bai did not give up and broke into Qie's home once again. Distressed and frightened, the elderly man's condition worsened. He could not even speak the next day. Ten days later, he passed away, his heart filled with sorrow and regret.

When his daughter left, the old man's condition was not yet very serious. In only 3 months, Jiang Zemin and his associates drove him to his death. The elderly man's daughter, forced from her home, had no clue about her father's situation. The gentle old man did not even see his daughter before his death. His younger brother made arrangements for his funeral, yet none of his children were present. When talking about the tragic suffering of the family, the conscientious villagers could not hold back their tears. One of them said indignantly, "The man was clearly frightened to death by them! How I wish I could beat them up!"

The wicked acts of the Xinghua Street Police Station did not stop there. They hunted for Qie Lili, saying that they would sentence her to two years in a labor camp. If successful, they would collect a bonus for sending a practitioner to labor camp. Around June 2001, knowing that it was harvest time, they went to the village again. When they asked the villagers for directions, no one would help them when the villagers learned that they were looking for Qie Lili. However, they did not give up. They tried to find the home of Qie's grandmother and friends. They drove from the south of the village to the north, but still no one told them the way. In September, the police came to the village again, but they met the same difficulties and left empty handed. The benevolent villagers said, "They are not welcome here."

Through this incident, the villagers came to know the truth about Jiang Zemin and his associates' brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, about their evil nature that is against "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance". Amidst the persecution, more and more kind people have awakened and started to support Falun Gong. The time when the whole truth comes out is rapidly approaching.

Phone numbers of the perpetrators: Area code: 86-311 (Note: when dialing from outside China, one should dial 86-311, then the 7-digit local number). Their postal Code: 050000

  1. Li Shiliang, Secretary of the Education Department of Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang Province. 3837846 (O) 3807926 (H) Pager: 191--2302875 Department Head Gao Jianhua: 3806184 (O) 3808236 (H) Pager: 191--1860430 Cell: 86- 13603115453
  2. Qiaoxi District Police Department: Liu Zhongming (Director) 7026381, 7039977 ext. 7770 (O) Pager: 96777--777 Li Rongqi 7039977 ext. 7702 (O) Pager: 96777--2058
  3. Xinghua Street Police Station: Wang Jianhua (Chief) 3035234 (O) 3016048 (H) Pager: 96777--2023 Bai Yuanji (Policeman)
  4. Xinghua Street Community Office: Niu Mintang 7022915 (O) 3030349 (H) Pager: 717--2857335
  5. Xili Primary School: Fang Qin (Principal) 3032923 (O) 7995713 (H) Pager: 717--1836860 Liu Yingzhen (Secretary)
  6. Dongjiao Police Station: 7043788 ext. 3535, 7030743