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Summary of Other News- 11/14/2001

November 16, 2001 |  


Mainland China

The Power of Dafa Saves a Policeman

One night, a practitioner was distributing truth-clarifying materials when a policeman blocked the road and insisted on arresting him. The practitioner solemnly told the policeman, "Persecuting a Dafa disciple is a heavy sin, protecting a Dafa disciple is a great virtue." The practitioner took out flyers and told the policeman to distribute them. The policeman couldn't refrain from accepting the flyers and followed the practitioner to distribute them all. In the end, the policeman said, "You Dafa disciples are really great."

The kindhearted teachers and students in China -- please don't forget justice, kindness, and awareness of right and wrong. Please use your reason and wisdom to learn the truth of Falun Dafa. Over 50 countries have embraced Falun Dafa. Please don't be deceived by lies and the fake stories on television.

Good is Rewarded With Good and Evil is Meet with Evil

Sujia Canal's pollution has led to the death of three million pearl-producing oysters and severe economic loss to the oyster bed owners. The pollution is worsening daily, especially near the largest sea cultivation base, the Bo Sea, and the number of animal species has declined significantly. It is obvious that the cause of these calamities are people who were merely motivated only by consideration for profit, regardless of moral considerations. This is the bitter fruit of Jiang Zemin's extreme selfishness and moral corruption.

Comprehensive Overseas Report

On the afternoon of November 11, Zhonghua Daily's building [in Taiwan] was the site for a co-sponsored lecture, together with the Falun Gong Association. The presentation was entitled "The Physical and Mental Change(s) Falun Dafa has Brought me." Ao Manguan, director of the orthopedics section at the Zhenxing Rehabilitation Center was the main speaker. Nearly 500 people attended. The atmosphere was very lively.

A direct conflict between the righteous and the evil took place at the University of Maryland. A Falun Gong practitioner asked Chinese ambassador Yang Jiechi face-to-face, "I just want to ask you, are you willing to have a peaceful talk with Falun Gong?" Yang hastily turned away and didn't dare to answer the question directly.

Practitioners in Penghu, Taiwan are promoting Dafa and clarifying the truth of Dafa for 9 days during the international "Haili Fengfan Art Fair." They are sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil and bad effects imposed upon people by the Chinese government controlled media . Also, nearly 100 practitioners promoted Dafa at a cultural fair in Yongan Town, Gaoxiong County, disclosing the facts about the brutal persecution against Falun Gong practitioners in China by Jiang Zemin and his associates.

Part VI of the news of the journey of "SOS Urgent Rescue - Driving Around Australia" by Falun Gong practitioners in Sydney, Australia. Practitioners handed out fliers and clarified the truth of Dafa to the visitors at the famed Ayers Rock in the middle of the desert in central Australia.

Practitioners in London appealed in front of the Chinese Embassy by doing exercises as a group. Some ordinary people encouraged them by saying, "Keep up your efforts and persist in what you are doing." A retired gentleman would stop and look at the report about the number of practitioners tortured to death every time he passed by. He would say every time, "There are more..." Once the old man came again, and he said to practitioners nearby, "The number increased again, the Chinese government is doing bad deeds."

Cultivation Stories

A practitioner in Northeastern China experienced tremendous changes both physically and mentally after she started practicing Falun Dafa. People around her were all amazed by the miraculous effect of Dafa. At the same time, they were also worried that she might be persecuted by Jiang's political gang. At the end of last year, she went to Tiananmen to clarify the truth and was arrested. She was tied to a bed and electrically shocked. After suffering from brutal torture for 3 days and 2 nights, she was released. She then continued to clarify the truth and expose the evil.

After a mother and her two sons in Hong Kong practiced Falun Dafa, all the illnesses that they had been suffering for many years disappeared without any medical treatment.

The story of a person who used to be grouchy: My family is very happy that I cultivate in Dafa. My neighbors all said, "You seem to have changed to a totally different person. In the past, you complained a lot; you were bad-tempered, impatient, and irritable. But now you are always so spirited, you no longer get angry or impatient, and you look much younger. Dafa is really good since it can change a person for the better."

A practitioner in Changchun City, Jilin Province, a farmer, is only 20 years old. He obtained Dafa in 1998. Ever since he went to Beijing to appeal in 1999, he has not been back. He does not have a bit of selfishness in his heart. All that is in his mind is about Fa rectification. Whenever he speaks, his tone is always firm and calm. The benevolence and energy his voice carries have moved many to tears and aroused their righteous determination to safeguard Dafa. The guard in the detention center said to him, "You have inspired thousands to go to Tiananmen [to appeal]."