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Keep a Pure Heart And Be Genuinely Responsible for Sentient Beings

November 13, 2001 |  


1. Righteous Heart, Successful Event-- Experience with Proclamations from Three City Governments

A female city mayor in the State of Tennessee was very interested in issues on China. We described to her how the Jiang Zemin government has been persecuting Falun Gong. After having seen the persecution pictures, she told us: "How could they do this? This is utterly inhuman." She said that she was willing to issue a proclamation to praise Falun Gong. She also actively called her neighboring cities to let them know. She said, "This is so wonderful that we should let them know."

The mayor of another city not only issued a proclamation on Falun Dafa but also doffed his hat to show his respect when we said goodbye to him. Another mayor was sitting in a wheelchair. After he read the Falun Dafa materials we showed him, he immediately moved his wheelchair to his secretary to dictate a proclamation.

Today we obtained proclamations from three city governments.

Later, the practitioners shared their experiences. Here are notes from the conversation:

--Whenever we have righteous hearts, the result is good.

--Today I shed tears every time I came out of a city hall. I am very glad that those individuals put themselves in the right position.

--People all said that we had taken much trouble to drive hundreds of miles back and forth every day. I deeply appreciated Teacher giving us this precious opportunity. Before this trip, I was content to be able to give out all my Dafa materials. Now I distribute Dafa materials from my heart without being concerned about how many flyers I can send out. I think it is more important for the people who receive the flyer to be really touched, rather than sending out reams of materials to people.

--Previously, I was reluctant to go out to clarify the truth and did not use wisdom to do it. Now I understand why we should clarify the truth of Dafa to mankind. My heart is getting purer and purer. I know how to arrange an event well and efficiency improves if I can do it with my heart.

2. We Can't Have Everyday People's Thoughts

After we entered one city hall, the mayor's secretary came out followed by the mayor. But the mayor did not answer my request. I thought at that moment that I should put down all my human sentimentality, including happiness, anger, grief and joy. How he responds to Dafa is his personal choice. I should keep a peaceful mind even when someone is looking down on me. I should not be touched by the human thoughts that others have about me. I used to be very grateful to those who issued proclamations for Dafa and felt that I owed them something. Now I think that Teacher kindly has cleared away obstacles for those uninformed, innocent people, so that now there's hope for them.

3. Overcoming the Language Problem

There are a large number of overseas practitioners who possess various kinds of capabilities, but there are also some practitioners who have language problems that greatly restrict their ability to clarify the truth to people. If we can overcome the obstacle of language, we can more effectively break through the arrangement of the old forces.

4. Break through Everyday People's Mentality with Wisdom

No matter what kinds of things we are doing, we should not be restricted by everyday people's notions, but neither can we make others feel that we are strange. We cannot leave a bad image of Dafa with everyday people.

The last time we held a press conference in a public library, the administrator had been worried that our press conference was involved with politics. She set many restrictions for us. In order to clarify the truth, we invited her to see our poster boards. She asked the department head and the director of the library to join her. After they had read all the poster boards, they were deeply touched. When they had seen that Falun Dafa practitioners in Tiananmen Square were so peaceful while being arrested, the librarians were moved. They then called their other colleagues to the library to look at the poster boards. I think if we had insisted on doing what we were not supposed to do, the result would not have been good.

5. Send Forth Righteous Thoughts Each Step of the Way

I consulted with others on how to have flyers printed many times, but I was never able to do it myself. This time, without asking anybody, I searched the Internet and did the task successfully. I realized that as long as you just sit and think, you will always have problems to face. However, once you actually begin the task, you'll find that you can actually do it without any problems.

Once we can break through all kinds of obstacles arranged by the evil old forces, our righteous thoughts become indestructible. If we cannot get through these obstacles, or if we just imagine that overcoming these troubles is difficult, then they will block us. So it's very important to send forth righteous thoughts for each step along our way. If we do not have a higher standard for ourselves, "fatigue" and "imagination" will penetrate and interfere with us. Whenever we are having a very difficult time, we should maintain the rectitude of a divine being. Then all the trouble will soon be over.