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News Briefing - 11/09/2001

November 12, 2001 |  

Tony Vlatko, Green Party candidate of the Australian Parliament, learned the truth of the persecution against Falun Gong. He expressed his will to write a letter to the government and to the relevant departments for support. Vlatko also invited Falun Gong practitioners to be the guests of his show, and allowed practitioners to introduce Falun Gong to the constituents before the general election.

Exposing the Truth of the Persecution

Fang Xianzhi, a 60-year-old Falun Gong practitioner and a retired worker from Chengdu Cty, was tortured to death. He died from force-feeding in the Ningxia Street Detention Center of Chengdu City this February. When Fang Xianzhi was arrested earlier this year, he was drenched in cold water and was repeatedly slapped in the face.

Lu Hongfeng, the vice-principal of the No.1 Elementary School of Lingwu City of the Ningxia Autonomous Region, was tortured in the mental hospital because she refused to renounce Falun Dafa. She died on September 6, 2000 due to the beating of her husband and the torture from drugs. The "6-10 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) implemented its implication system on a large scale repeating the persecution style of the Cultural Revolution.

Dafa practitioner Ju Yajun died from the inhuman torture of the Changlinzi Labor Camp of Harbin City. Ju was force-fed and injected with unknown drugs, which caused his death on October 26 while he was in the hospital for emergency treatment. On January of this year, Dafa practitioner Kong Deyi was also tortured to death due to brutal force-feeding methods.

On September 29, Chengdu City police broke into the home of Dafa practitioner, Zhou Yong. The police tried to kidnap Zhou by force, causing him to fall from the sixth floor to his death. Zhou Yong's work unit, Air Compressor Factory of Chengdu City, required all its employees to circulate lies outside the factory that "Zhou Yong passed away naturally". On the following day, Zhou's body was quickly cremated.

Lessening the Pressure on Dafa Practitioners in Mainland China

Joe Francis and Tom Peacock, Democratic Party candidates of the Australian Parliament, declared that they would help to stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners until China ends the suppression.

Senator Marice Payne of New South Wales, Australia, responded to Falun Gong practitioners on October 5 that he would spare no effort to support the unyielding stand of the Australian government with regards to the human rights violation of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Representative Susan Bucher of Florida, United States, wrote a letter to Falun Gong practitioners on November 2. She commended that Falun Dafa offered tremendous benefits to Falun Dafa practitioners, to the surrounding communities and to the neighborhoods while transcending the cultural, social, economic and national boundaries of Europe and North America.

Chairman Nicole Fontaine of the European Congress wrote a letter to Falun Dafa practitioner, Zhang Cuiying, on October 19. She emphasized the proposal of the European Union to "strongly ask China to stop the suppression of Falun Gong." She also said, "We will continue to express our opinion on this issue clearly and loudly until the condition is resolved satisfactorily."

Increase our Understanding Rationally

Whether or not we have time: We must keep in mind that every minute and every second exists for Fa-rectification. Time may appear to be a constraint, but things will be accomplished in time as long as we maintain a pure heart, a righteous mind and selflessness. This is the power of Dafa.

My simple understanding of the "solemn promise": The solemn promise that we have made to the Lord of Buddhas is divine and selfless. Our righteous belief in the Lord of Buddhas and of the law of the universe is eternal. We not only took an oath to the Lord of Buddhas, but we also promised many other beings.

My personal cultivation experience and understanding: Teacher taught us the Fa-rectification verse and sending forth righteous thoughts. This is the key in allowing us to participate in Fa-rectification, to establish the mighty virtue of Fa-rectification and to walk on the path towards Consummation. When we maintain correct relationships between us and Fa-rectification, us and living beings, and when we are be able to maintain the powerful righteous thoughts every moment, the net of the evil force would be totally destroyed.

Maintain a clear mind and an understanding of Dafa: Regardless of what a fellow practitioner has seen with their third eye, or the depth of one's understandings, these are merely the manifestations of the Fa at a certain level, not the Fa in its entirety. During cultivation in the Fa-rectification period, we need to truly understand Dafa, to maintain a clear mind every moment and to treat Dafa in a serious manner. We should base our judgments according to the Fa in order to walk on the right path.

Mainland China

Latest News from China - 11/09/2001

A practitioner was transferred from Tangshan City's Kaiping Labor Camp to Shijiazhuang City's Labor Camp and then to Gaoyang Labor Camp of Hebei Province. She survived the long-term torture such as beating, electric shock, sleep deprivation, and being force-feeding human urine and excrement. But she still continued to practice the exercises, reciting Teacher's articles, and protesting the vicious persecution through a hunger strike, which manifested a Dafa particle's Vajra-like solidity.

On the morning of September 27, 2001, practitioners from a city in Hebei Province hung up over 30 Dafa banners, which shocked the evil and frightened the police.

Before the October 1, 2001 National Day holidays, while two police cars chased a county practitioner, he kept on clarifying the truth to the surrounding people. The police put him into a labor camp without any proper legal procedure. The practitioner sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the vicious forces. He was released after a nine-day hunger strike.

On October 1st, eight female practitioners from Hebei Province went to safeguard Dafa in Beijing. Four of them returned safely on the same day. Three returned on the second day. One practitioner was sent to Changping County Detention Center. She safely came back after a six-day hunger strike.

In October, the vicious officials in Shandong Province's Laiyang City Steel Company offered a reward of 30,000 Yuan [about 4 years salary of an average worker] to entice employees to report Dafa practitioners. None of the 70,000 employees in the company however cooperated with the vicious forces to earn the "karmic money." Instead, some kind-hearted employees helped practitioners to distribute truth-clarifying materials, supported practitioners financially and provided practitioners with transportation vehicles. Some even were illegally detained for helping practitioners.

Changchun City police authorities persecuted practitioners with various atrocious tortures. They deprived practitioners of their sleep, administered harmful medicine to practitioners, locked up practitioners in different detention places and extended their detention terms.

Police from Tianjin City's Jiangdu Road police station have detained practitioner Li Xiwang untill now. Li Xiwang's wife is forced to live in hiding. No one was taking care of their 4 year-old child. Changzhoudao Police Station officers confiscated their computer, loudspeaker, electric door mirror, cellular phone and some other possessions. After ransacking Li's home, a policeman shamelessly said, "Nothing is worth taking in this home."

The director of the Beijing Huairou County Detention Center beat practitioners to the point of death on his own initiative. A male warden publicly said to a practitioner, "Even if you are beaten to death, you are a dead body without a name."

The "6-10 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary system] in Yantai City, Shandong Province planned to use police force to start a one-month long raid on Dafa practitioners living in hiding near Zifu District's Xinfu area. The main criminals in the "610 Office" who are persecuting Dafa are Wang Jian and Zhang Jian.

The police authorities in Hegang City of Heilongjiang Province further persecuted Dafa practitioners. Recently many people were detained. A female practitioner had her home ransacked and was then forcibly taken away from home. Her whereabouts are unknown. Police authorities recently recruited over 500 "security" people to patrol day and night and appointed special personnel near mailboxes to monitor people who mail letters in order to detain practitioners clarifying the truth.

Police officials in Harbin City of Heilongjiang Province currently assigned some personnel in residential areas to arrest practitioners who distribute truth-clarifying literature.

Li Ronglai, a practitioner in Leshan City, Si Chuang Province was illegally detained in Mianyang City's Xinhua Labor Camp. He has been closely monitored.

On October 29, Shang Zhijie, director of the Political and Judicatory Committee in Hongwei District of Liaohua City, Liaoning Province, led some people to go to Jinzhou City to escort practitioner Hua Yujie back to Liaohua City, and put him into a detention center. When Hua Yujie's family asked which laws Hua Yujie had violated, the vicious police answered, "Hua Yujie did not cooperate when we were arresting him."

The wardens in Hebei Province's Shijiazhuang City Labor Camp were very cruel. They tied practitioners with thin cord, beat them up, hung them up by their handcuffs, poured boiling water on their back, and did not allow them to sleep for several days.

Names of criminals of the Jing County Police Department in Hebei Province: officers in "610 Office" Zhao Mingguang, Li Guisheng, Police Department head Yang Wenzhuang.

Recently, quite a few practitioners were arrested in the Dalian area after being reported to the police for distributing truth-clarifying literature. Many police stations have set up a monetary reward system based on the number of Dafa practitioners a policeman arrests. If a policeman fails to meet the quota, he would credit himself with arrests from the police department's list of known practitioners. We hope that practitioners living in the area will be on alert and leave no chance for the evil to harm them.

Practitioners in Beijing: please be careful of former practitioners who are helping the police.

A number of former practitioners who are helping the police were recently "released" by detention centers in Beijing. They are known to be vicious and hypocritical in trying to damage the Fa, as the evil is desperate in its last attempts to attack the Fa. In order not to be deceived and harmed, practitioners who want to rescue these former practitioners have to act wisely and prudently when getting in touch with them.

We would like practitioners in the Shijingshan area to be particularly vigilant toward the following former practitioners who were recently released from the detention centers: Li Yuejin, Huang Jian, Liu Shuyong, Cao Hui, Guo Fei, and Zhang Shihua. A few practitioners contacted them but have since then disappeared. Nobody knows what has happened to these practitioners.

Practitioner Jia, a teacher from the Gucheng, Shijianshan area, was arrested on her way home to visit her mother. She is currently imprisoned in a brainwashing center. We hope that those practitioners reading this will send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil.

The telephone number of Ge Xiugen, the person in charge of the 6-10 Office in Shijingshan, is 010-68836350.

Su Gang, a young software engineer working in the Qilu Petroleum & Chemicals Corporation in Zibo, Shandong Province, was tortured to death. His family members were since been put under close surveillance. Su Gan's father has not been allowed to leave his home for the past two years.

The policemen destroyed the security doors of some practitioners using welding equipment, forcing their way into the practitioners' homes and arresting them.

Inmates in the Shizishan Detention Center in Hubei Province were directed to and rewarded for torturing Dafa practitioners. Usually, a guard and six inmates will form a team to torture one practitioner using a punishment called "pressing against the wall." Practitioners were subjected to this torture for up to 19 hours without sleep. Some of the practitioners became mentally disoriented or paralyzed by this form of torture.

Zhang Ping, the Director of the Xishan Detention Center of Tonghua City, Jilin Province, routinely leads the brutal beating of practitioners. He encouraged the guards to beat the practitioners, saying, "Beat them as hard as you can. If they die, I will take responsibility." The practitioners then began a hunger strike as protest. As a result, they are now imprisoned in a "small cell." (Note: The detainee is locked up in a very small, damp, and dark cell. The guards handcuff the practitioner in a fixed position, in which the practitioners can neither move nor lie down. Detainees have to urinate and defecate in the cell. Only half of a regular meal is served to detainees locked up in a small cell during the daytime.)

Sixty-two practitioners solemnly declared that all of what they did and said to renounce Dafa under torture was null and void. They vowed to continue their practice, redouble their efforts to make up for the damage bought to Dafa, expose the evil and clarify the truth to the best of their abilities.

The police recently detained, tortured, and extorted some practitioners in Harbin City. Some of the practitioners were detained for over 30 days and extorted close to 10,000 Yuan.

The brutal violence committed by the 610 Office and the police against practitioners in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region has brought many calamities to the area. On October 30, 2001, a gas explosion occurred in the Akesaye Township in Luntai County, killing six and injuring four.

In Heyuan City, Guangdong Province, more than three hundred people suffered from food poisoning and were immediately sent to the hospital. The officials in Guangdong Province are notorious for brutally torturing practitioners. This has resulted in a string of natural and man-made disasters during the past two years.

Six workers at the Longtan Tin Quarry in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province were buried alive in a landslide. This seemingly 'accidental' calamity is by no means accidental. Six practitioners from Chenzhou City, Jiahe County were recently tied up and paraded up and down the streets. They were later sent to labor camps.

The Deputy Secretary of Qiyang County slandered Dafa in a meeting and collapsed immediately afterwards. He received his retribution and remains in a catatonic state.

The police at the Labor Campof Tieling City, Liaoning Province torment Falun Gong practitioners in many brutal ways such as: stringing them up, digging their eyes, putting their heads into the toilet bowl, and burning them with cigarettes, etc. Their viciousness has brought many disasters to the region. For instance, a serious traffic accident in Tieling recently killed three people and injured fifteen.

Some suggestions on making and spreading Falun Gong materials: The materials should be composed to suit different and specific situations and made easy to understand. In this way they will be more effective in explaining Dafa.

The attachment to consummation should not be mixed with the understanding of the profound meaning of "Consummation." We must realize clearly the great significance of "Consummation" in the Fa-Rectification process.

I ask the news media in Mainland China: Where is your conscience? During the two-year persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang's group, you have served as the propaganda pilots, fabricating stories, slandering Falun Gong and spreading lies through TV, radio and newspaper in an overwhelming manner, deceiving people all over the country.

Cultivation Stories

The experiences in cultivation and Fa-rectification of an associate professor in a Medical University are moving and touching. The great Law has forged great cultivators. A story from Xuanwu Detention Center in Beijing: Policewoman Li Wei was ruthlessly beating Falun Gong practitioners one by one. She could not bear to beat the last one. The vicious policewoman realized that the old woman standing in front of her had been her teacher in elementary school.

On my way home I let everyone who saw me know the truth about Falun Gong. The change in the people from a certain "6-10" office (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.): they went from searching practitioners' homes, arresting them, and threatening them and their families to giving in and writing promises not to arrest practitioners any more. We definitely should not cooperate with the evil forces. We should completely oppose all the arrangements by the old evil forces and travel well on the journey back home with clear minds.

My journey of protecting Dafa: During the 16-months of hardship I stuck to the belief of Dafa every minute, set strict standards for myself, faced the persecutions with a righteous mind, escaped from the den of the monsters and joined the huge trend of Fa-rectification. We can break through any difficulty as particles of Dafa.

Miracles happened after I began cultivating Falun Gong. My body became healthy and all my old illnesses disappeared. Through my personal experiences I have witnessed the miraculous power of Falun Dafa, and have let go of the incorrect notions based on my shallow knowledge.

Practitioners from Russia write: The attachment of achieving -- waiting to achieve a better state of cultivation before doing something; these are all human thoughts. To do is to cultivate. To really step out from the human level, the three generations of my family went to small towns nearby to clarify the truth and distribute Falun Gong newspapers and fliers.

The understanding of Falun Gong of a former Buddhist practitioner from Taiwan.

Babysitting and sending forth righteous thoughts: A Mom found her one-year-old child sending forth righteous thoughts and holding her hands in the position Master taught us. She realized the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts frequently and continuously, and began to teach the child the standards of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance."

News from Overseas

On the evening of November 7, a seminar introducing Falun Gong was hosted by 84-year old Dr. Carter, professor of religion and philosophy. Dr. Carter talked about the time he spent with Mahatma Gandhi in India and with Dr. Martin Luther King, and described the current situation of Falun Gong.

SOS! Urgent Rescue activities in Munich, Germany: We are letting more citizens know about the vicious persecution of Falun Dafa by the government of Jiang Zemin.

The eight-day "SOS! RescueWalk across Illinois" will end on October 14. The walkers will pass through more than 30 towns and villages to introduce Falun Gong to the local media and communities.

Nine elderly practitioners in their sixties and seventies, who joined the "SOS! Rescue -- Global Walk" started the journey from Washington D.C and Baltimore toward Annapolis, the state capital to appeal on behalf of the Falun Gong practitioners enduring persecution in China.

A letter from a reader: Falun Dafa's Minghui.Net should be "indestructible like diamond" and be guaranteed of the "Purity."