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Lawless Villains in Haiyang City, Shandong Province Torture and Humiliate Dafa Practitioners

November 11, 2001 |  



Kidnapping, brutally beating, and humiliating Dafa practitioners

At about 4:00 p.m. on the afternoon of Lantern Festival day, February 7th, 2001 Haiyang City party secretary,Wang Guoqun and deputy party secretary Shao Wenbing, assistant manager of the "610 Office" [An agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems], issued an order to illegally arrest Falun Gong practitioners throughout the city and to compel them to give up the practice of Falun Gong.

The lawless people at Facheng Town locked up Falun Gong practitioners in a local government conference room. The practitioners did not have any blankets or warm jackets during this cold weather and could only sit on the floor at night. After the practitioners started a hunger strike to protest, the vicious hoodlums transferred practitioners to a hotel where six practitioners had to share one bed. They were not allowed to speak or to turn their heads, or else the villains would beat and kick them. The main victims were: Yu Shujuan, Liu Shubo, Jiang Changjun, Fan Mingwu's wife, Yu Changjun and his daughter, Chu Changyou and his daughter, Yu Tonglin, and others. The villains hung up Yu Tonglin and burned Yu's face and mouth with a lit cigarette, resulting in spotted scars on Yu's face. The villain also brought Yu Shujuan's mother to kneel down in front of Yu Shujuan to compel her to give up practicing Dafa. Furthermore the villains extorted money from all practitioners and confiscated personal property to varying degrees.

Hoodlums of Guocheng Town locked practitioners up in one conference room. There was no bed or mat on the floor. The practitioners had to sleep on the ice-cold cement floor. From January 15 to 17 (in the Chinese lunar calendar, around late February), the practitioners were not allowed to eat and family members were not allowed to visit. It was not until the afternoon of 18th that each of them was given a little food. Practitioner Wang Hongfa went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa in December (in Chinese lunar calendar). He was brought back and has since been locked up illegally in a small room. The vicious hoodlums tricked Wang's family members into believing that if they handed over 3,000 Yuan (the average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan), they would immediately release Wang. As a result, Wang's ingenuous parents and wife were all deceived. The money was swindled, yet Wang Hongfa was sent to forced labor education. Practitioner Liu Guochun was extorted a cash amount of 4,000 Yuan because he went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. On the evening of the 15th (lunar calendar), Liu was arrested. Later his house was illegally ransacked and family property was confiscated. Other practitioners were also extorted money in varying amounts. The party secretary of Guocheng Town, Meng, is the one behind the scenes who is giving these vicious hoodlums political backing.

Thug, Fangyuan, of Dongcun Town, after arresting practitioners, forced female and male practitioners to share the same bed and the same blanket for over twenty days. Xingcun Town authorities locked practitioners up in one small room. The deputy supervisor of the township, Wang Qunling (male), did not allow female practitioners to use the female restroom and made them use the male restroom instead. He followed them inside. It can be seen that these beasts in human clothing are very evil!

Xiaoji Town police station hired some local ruffians to humiliate female practitioners "for fun" every evening [Note: it is believed they were victims of attempted rape or sexual harassment]. People in the other counties and towns are just as evil!


Female Dafa practitioner Ren Tingling was tortured to death; she died in the brainwashing class

On February 22, 2001 (Chinese lunar calendar), Haiyang City's "610 Office" issued an order which stated that those practitioners who did not give up practicing Falun Gong would be forced to gather at "115 Base" to be brainwashed. Over 160 practitioners from the city were put in rooms of different sizes. Men and women were locked together in the same rooms.

Ren Tingling, jailed in room 209, was from Xiaotan Village in Liuge Town. She was brought back from Beijing after appealing for Dafa and was illegally imprisoned. Before coming to the "115 Base," she was imprisoned in the Dongcun Detention Center. People in the Dongcun Detention Center used extremely cruel and inhuman methods to persecute Dafa practitioners. Practitioner Zhaokai was hung up in the air, his feet not touching the floor, and severely beaten. A big clump of hair was torn off the front of female practitioner Wang Juan's head. Practitioner Ren Tingling was tortured until she became extremely frail and could not stand up. In March, when she was brought to the "115 Base," Ren Tingling was at the verge of death. One day (cannot remember the exact date), the other practitioners from room 209 found that Ren Tingling was in extreme discomfort. She was holding her body, clutching her own shoulders with her arms and her whole body was shaking. She was in critical condition. The other practitioners immediately told the guard, but the guard did not care. Shortly after that, the guard forced the practitioners to go watch a brainwashing video. Some practitioners wanted to stay and take care of Ren but the guard prohibited them. That morning, between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m., Ren Tingling died. The police lied to the public, saying that Ren Tingling died from a cerebral hemorrhage. (Related article: FDI Media Alert: Fifty Year Old Woman Tortured to Death in Chinese Concentration Camp )

On May 29, Dafa practitioners in room 209 sent forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil, but were seen by villain Shao Wenbing who brought the police to beat and kick the practitioners. After that, they did not supply any food. The hoodlums even hung the practitioners individually in different rooms with the practitioners' feet dangling in the air. Female practitioner Yu Honge was hung like that continuously for over a month. The cracks on the windows and door were sealed up with paper to disallow ventilation. She was not allowed to change clothes or to wash her hands and face.

The hoodlums also laid Master's pictures on the floor of every stairway entrance or on the paths the practitioners usually take. If one refused to step on the picture, he/she would be locked up in a small room and brutally beaten.

At present, these Dafa practitioners are in a dangerous situation. We appeal to International Human Rights Organizations and kind-hearted people to pay close attention to the lives of Haiyang Falun Gong practitioners! We hope that Dafa practitioners who read this report will send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate these vicious forces. Let those hoodlums who persecute Dafa practitioners suffer the consequences of their vicious deeds right now!

Criminals' list of names:

Haiyang party secretary, Wang Guoqun

Haiyang deputy party secretary /manager of the "610 Office," Shao Wenbing

"115 Base" supervisor, Yu

Haiyang police officers: Zou Huamin, Xin Gang and others.

Facheng Town tormentors and murderers: Yu Jie, Liu Tongchun, Liu Tongfang, etc.

Guocheng Town party secretary, Meng

Vicious Wang Qunling's address: Haiyang City, Xujiadian Town, Qiugezhuang Village

"115 Base" traitors: Yu Zecheng, Yu Mingxin, Zhang Junfeng, Fan Huiyong, Ji Fang, Yang Kuizhen, Sun Xiujuan, Lin Ruiqing.