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News Briefing - 11/07/2001

November 10, 2001 |  

Falun Gong Practitioner Dies after Labor Camp Warden Injects Him with an Unknown Substance - 11/9/2001



Hu Qingyun, former Judge of the Jiangxi Province Supreme Court and a Falun Gong practitioner, was persecuted to death in the prison hospital of Jiangxi Province. He was diagnosed with leukemia at the end of 1997. At that time medical experts told him that he would only live for at most three months. In the beginning of 1998 with medical experts telling him he only had about 3 days to live, he learned Falun Dafa and began to cultivate. Miraculously, he recovered. In July of 1999, he wrote letters to state leaders sharing the truth about Dafa. As a result of that innocent act he was arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison. He died in prison on March 22, 2001.

On September 25th, practitioner Yu Bixing from Sichuan Province was arrested for distributing materials about Falun Dafa. He died on the way to the police station. A witness said that Yu was thrown out of the police vehicle and died on the spot.

Dafa practitioner Lan Hongyu from Hebei Province was badly beaten in the Pingan Town Detention Center of Zunhua City. He died on June 17th. The autopsy showed extensive brain tissue damage due to abnormal breakage of blood vessels. His internal organs were filled with blood clots at the time of his death. Lan's mother, wife and eight-year old daughter are left behind.

According to inside sources, all the high level officials in the Chinese public security system knew the real story behind the "Tiananmen self-immolation." The people who had set themselves on fire were "paid 30,000 RMB." International media analysts pointed out the suspicious nature of portions of the immolation footage, especially the footage showing Liu Chunling being hit on her head by a heavy object. The China Central Television re-broadcasted the footage of the immolation, but this time they deleted all the footage in question.

The Montreal Falun Dafa assistance center announced on November 6th that He Bin, who published newspaper articles under the name "Falun Gong Practitioner in Canada", had never been a Falun Gong practitioner.

The Toronto Star published photos of the 306 paper doves hung up in the plaza in front of City Hall during the November 3rd festival, attended by over one thousand people. Each dove represented a Falun Gong practitioner murdered in China simply for his/her unwavering belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance."

Support for Falun Gong Practitioners in Mainland China

Ross Cameron, MP of the Australian House of Representatives for the electoral division of Parramatta has fully supported Falun Gong for the past two years. He has stated that "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance" are universal principles beyond the boundaries of race and creed. Recently, he promised an Australian woman that he would ask the Australian government to look into to the case of her husband who is being persecuted in China.

While giving a speech at the University of Sydney, Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer heard the story of an Australian citizen's husband being persecuted to death in China for practicing Falun Gong. The Minister expressed deep sympathy to the wife and daughter of the man. He also said he would like to know more about the situation.

The mayor of Springfield, Massachusetts, Michael J Albano, proclaimed "Falun Gong Week" last month and encouraged citizens to participate in Falun Gong exercises to improve their minds, bodies and spirits.

On October 31st, the BBC station in Scotland interviewed a British practitioner on the "Good Morning Scotland" program. The practitioner spoke about Falun Gong and the persecution in China. He also made a request to Hu Jingtao [one of Chinese top officials in the Central Government] who was visiting Scotland at the time to stop the persecution.

On November 3rd, in Taiwan, over 30 practitioners gathered on the first floor of Youai Department Store (the only department store in Yilan County of Taiwan), and demonstrated the set of five Falun Gong exercises to the crowd. Practitioners also distributed Falun Dafa brochures and collected signatures.

On November 4th, Falun Gong practitioners in Malta went to the Chinese Consulate and delivered a statement condemning the escalating persecution against practitioners in Changchun (the city where Falun Gong originated) by Jiang's political gang. They called for immediate legal action against Luo Gan, the head of the "610 Office" and the release of all the illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners. On the same night, practitioners sent an English version of the statement to all major newspapers and other news media.

The same day, practitioners in Ireland also went to their Chinese Consulate and condemned the persecution and recent deaths of Falun Gong practitioners in Changchun and requested immediate legal action against Luo Gan. They sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil "610 Office."

On November 5th, over 120 Falun Dafa practitioners in Toronto gathered in front of the Chinese General Consulate and held a candlelight vigil to remember fellow practitioners recently persecuted to death in the city of Changchun and condemn the brutal and ongoing campaign against Falun Dafa.

The Digital Collegian of Pennsylvania State University published an article on November 5th about local practitioner Chen Ning and his son Chen Gang and their detention in a labor camp in China. They were detained for over a year because they refused to give up practicing Falun Dafa.

Invited by the renowned French human rights organization "League des droits de

l'Homme", dozens of Falun Gong practitioners went to city of Lyon in central France and called on the Chinese Leadership for a peaceful resolution to the Falun Gong issue in China.

Cultivation Stories

Xiao Li's story: Xiao Li used to practice self-cultivation at home. Later he realized that he should do more important things instead of considering cross-legged sitting at home the main approach to upgrading his xinxing [mind, heart nature]. That's why he made and distributed truth-clarifying materials and clarified the truth to many people around him. Even the police observed the realm of a cultivator from him.

A Fa-rectification trip to Beijing: After a long-time struggle in my mind, I finally stepped forward from uncertainty and boarded the train to Beijing. Once there I tied a banner reading "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa" to a parapet of Tiananmen Square.

Dafa saved me from the brink of death: I was on the brink of death before obtaining the Fa. At the beginning of 1996, I attained the videotapes of Teacher's lectures and was deeply attracted by the broad and profound principles of the Fa. That evening, I experienced intense cleaning up of my body. The next day I totally recovered, and all my previous symptoms vanished thoroughly.

The piano in tears: After we decided to sell our piano, bead-sized tears dropped one after another from the piano. ... Is this a myth in the human world? No, it truly occurred in our family.

Coming out of the devil's den by keeping righteous thoughts: One wicked policeman from the Jingye police station of Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province arrested a practitioner for no apparent reason. The practitioner kept his righteous belief and righteous thoughts and asked Teacher for help. As a result, the handcuffs came off.

As a group we overcame tribulation with righteous thoughts: On the evening of the October 10, 2001, twelve Dafa practitioners converged on Tiananmen Square. Together they protected the Dafa banner and shouted loudly: "Falun Dafa is good!..." The police dispersed them several times, but each time they re-gathered. That banner linked the practitioners together. Their pure and righteous calls attracted many people's attention. Some were saying, "Look, Falun Gong is really great "... We are willing to sacrifice everything for this single thought of people.

Principal Guo Xiangli and Party Secretary Liu Ruihua of the Beian Primary School in Chaoyang District of Changchun City colluded with policemen Wang Yaodong, Zhang Yukui and Li Jun to deceive practitioner Zhang, a school teacher, to the Chongqing Road police station. They forcefully handcuffed Zhang. Later, with Zhang's strong righteous thoughts, the handcuffs came off. The practitioner walked out of the police station in a dignified manner, which strongly shocked the evil.

Composite Dispatch News from China

The Chongqing Female Labor Camp employs a massive police force to brutally persecute practitioners. At the end of September, they singled out more than 200 practitioners to Brigade 4, to carry out totally isolated persecution. The torture included locking them up in a confinement cell, tying their hands and feet with a rope, sealing their mouths with tape, and other abuse. With the connivance of the guards, the criminals at the labor camp brutally beat practitioners until they became disabled. Practitioners have firmly resisted the evil's arrangements.

Changchun City Heizuizi Labor Camp carries on evil persecution such as mental torment, cruel physical torture and humiliation. The wicked people forcefully brainwash practitioners and punish them with sleep deprivation if they do not write the "separation letter." [A letter stating that they will break away from Dafa] Some practitioners were mercilessly beaten until they were black and blue, their eyes engorged with blood, and their necks swollen from beatings with electric batons. A 70-year-old woman was arrested at home and was forcibly sent to this labor camp.

The ruffians at Lanzhou City Pingantai Labor Camp handcuffed practitioners to heat radiators so that practitioners could neither stand nor squat down. They deprived practitioners of the rights to sleep and use the bathroom. They also hung practitioners up, with hands cuffed behind their backs, slapped practitioners in the face and shocked them with electric batons. The labor camp officials have currently ordered drug addicts to pretend to be practitioners, in order to shoot TV footage that they've been "reformed."

On October 21, 2000, the politics and security section of Qiongshan City Police Department illegally detained a practitioner with the excuse of inquiring about Falun Gong. The practitioner has been illegally detained in Qiongshan No. 1 Detention Center for almost a year. The police there frequently intimidate practitioners during the interrogation, and beat them cruelly. They once said, "We can beat you to death and drop you out from the 5th floor, and then say you jumped from an upper story to commit suicide."

News From China --- 11/07/2001

"Human rights Scoundrel" Jiang Zemin recently traveled to Shijiazhuang City, Henan Province. While he was there the authorities of Shijiazhuang City seriously violated the personal freedom of a citizen and rampantly arrested close to 200 other Falun Gong practitioners.

Practitioners in a city in Anhui Province managed to hang Dafa posters onto some of the colored banners already hanging in a park. The posters attracted the attention of many tourists who admired the bravery of the Falun Gong practitioners.

The Chaoyanggou Labor Camp enslaves Falun Gong practitioners and forces them to do heavy labor. They have to load bricks onto trucks in the heat of summer when the temperature can reach 100o F. Ten people must load a truck in ten minutes. Their hands bleed as their skin is rubbed off from handling the rough bricks.

Falun Gong practitioner Shen Tao is a teacher in Chengdu Electronics and Technology University. He was arrested for making truth-clarifying materials and sentenced to 3 years in a labor camp. The Wanjia Labor Camp, due to the great pressure from the outside world, released the 12 practitioners who survived the atrocity that occurred on June 20, 2001 (translator's note: 3 female practitioners, whose terms were overdue were tortured to death on that day). However, a few days later, the police kidnapped some of the practitioners and detained them again.

A 70-year-old practitioner was arrested but did not follow the demands of the evil police, telling them nothing except his/her age. At the same time, this person sent forth righteous thoughts and managed to walk out of the police station with dignity.

An old professor told a practitioner, "I have read your flyers. We should stick to good things. You Falun Gong people must hang on!"

My husband was detained after he went to Tiananmen Square to publicly state the benefits of practicing Falun Gong. My university colleagues consoled me, "The world has changed, and these days even the police are very bad. They persecute good people and lock them up."

A labor camp in Hunan Province reduced the sentences of some inmates as payment for keeping surveillance on practitioners and stopping them from practicing Falun Gong in their jail cells. The practitioners, who are on a hunger strike, are tied to a bed and force-fed or given intravenous infusions.

Luo Yong, a policeman in Wangsong Street Police Station of Jianghan District in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, pushed a female practitioner so hard that her head and face were severely injured as she fell to the ground. The brainwashing class in Jianghan District detains practitioners and isolates them from the outside world. They use various cruel techniques, even violence, to try to change practitioners' belief in Falun Dafa.

The 610 Office in Dalian City, Liaoning Province has a new way to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. They are planning to endlessly brainwash the detained practitioners instead of "educating them through labor."

Practitioners Ren Haifei and Li Dan from Dalian City were kidnapped by the police. Their whereabouts and condition are unknown.

Today, 76 practitioners declared invalid their statements to stop practicing Falun Gong. They said that all of what they had said or written that is not in accordance with Falun Dafa principles occurred while they were under the threat of violence, mental pressure, and even physical torture. They said they would double their efforts to make up for the damages brought to Falun Dafa, and that they would expose the evil conducts of the police and declare the righteousness of Falun Gong to the best of their abilities.

Words spoken by a little girl: "My family is broken. My parents are detained and beaten by the police for practicing Falun Gong. The police have extorted all of our money. Now I am left alone at home with no source of income and no parents. My parents are good people. Why are they persecuted? Why are the police so cruel to the good people?"

A letter from practitioners in China was sent to the UN Secretary. In the letter, they called for the human rights organizations in the world to send people to China to conduct an investigation of the Falun Gong issue and to urge Jiang Zemin's group to stop the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

Here we solemnly warn the perpetrators in Tiananmen Police Station: All your cruel and inhuman conduct has been recorded. Nowadays Chinese people often say, "How many more days can Jiang Zemin live?" Why don't you think about your own end? The retribution is impending.

Summary of Overseas Activities:

The celebration of "Falun Dafa Peace and Compassion Day," organized by Falun Gong practitioners in Canada, was solemnly held at city square of Toronto. The representatives from the government and various nongovernmental organizations and lawyers spoke in succession. They honestly and warmly expressed their condemnation of the evil and support towards Falun Dafa with a clear-cut stance.

Verdens Gang in Norway reported on October 21 that a Chinese couple was deprived of the right of bearing children just because the husband practiced Falun Gong. She was forced to have an abortion in her country. When the wife got pregnant again, she went into exile in Norway. They are living witnesses to the dark politics under the control of Chinese leader.

On October 18, 2001, Luxemborug Wort in Belgium wrote an article titled: "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance" -- A Chinese way of life. The report also focused on exposing the fact that Jiang Zemin used "State-run terrorism" to cruelly persecute innocent Falun Gong practitioners.

An introduction of Falun Dafa was held for the first time in Croatia, and was organized by a local philosophy professor. The largest daily newspaper in Croatia positively reported this activity on its front page.

The Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper in Germany published an article on October 29 entitled: "Looking for inner harmony." The article introduced that an Australian artist, Zhang Cuiying, held a personal photo exhibition at China Garden on Saturday. It also reported her experience of being in prison in China because she practiced Falun Dafa.

Pictures of Dafa promotion events were reported at the Loy Kra Thong, Bangkok, Thailand.

Views on Cultivation

Gods do not fail to keep promises. In history, many enlightened people promised human beings that they would "come back to save them when disaster occurs in the future." Dafa practitioners in the process of Fa-rectification are not common cultivators. They should try their best to clarify the truth, save everyday people and fulfill the vows they made in different time-spaces.

When you fall, do not be discouraged. I did not do well and fell down. If we cannot pick ourselves up at once, this is the same as enlarging the hole and letting the evil have a chance to take advantage of us. When I calm down to study Fa, I find my attachments and deformed notions. I then completely eliminate these acquired substances that do not belong to myself and close the hole.

Here are a few thoughts when reading "In a Few Words: Purify Our Righteous Thoughts." With regards to commenting on others, we must look at the problem in all aspects. Only if we comment in objective and fair ways will it not cause any harm to others. The predestined relationship in cultivation practice is very complicated. One cannot use formulated thoughts to figure it out easily.

Selfish, evil-enlightened and transformed people: Those people, who were transformed because their fundamental attachments were not given up, want to get the human world as well as heaven by one magnificent feat at the same time because they are not willing to give up their vested interests. Falun Dafa everywhere is moving at a steady pace. It does not have so many showy philosophical thoughts.

Darkness and gloominess exist solely because of selfishness; unselfishness and selflessness allow people to rise. The purpose of cultivation practice is just to take away human beings' selfishness and to have them return to the origin! At any time and place, we should put our hearts in a righteous position and use the characteristics "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance" to treat all things and matters.

One thought was about the safe problems of taking legal procedures to the United Nations Human Rights System.

Another way of improvement was mentioned. A practitioner said that in the process of his writing or correcting experience stories, his thoughts, understanding and experience were refined, put in order and raised up.