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Ms. Zhang Cuiying's Chinese Painting Exhibit Opens in Dublin Mayor's Office

October 06, 2001 |  

Upon completion of her Exhibition in Germany, Zhang Cuiying flew to Ireland to hold a Chinese Painting Exhibit in the Dublin Mayor's Office, where the Dublin mayor meets with visitors and holds ceremonies.

After learning Zhang Cuiying's experience in China and her accomplishments, the mayor of Dublin volunteered to offer his office and exhibition space and all services to hold a Painting Exhibition free of charge.

The deputy mayor unveiled the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. He said that the beautiful paintings exemplified Ms. Zhang's kind heart and Falun Gong's beneficial nature. He couldn't find a reason for Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong.

European Parliament member Patricia Morgan also came to the painting exhibit and took a picture with practitioners. Brian, the president of the Student Union of Trinity College of Dublin, and Elizabeth, the secretary, also visited the exhibit.

The Art exhibit also attracted many people. They all admired the richness of Chinese culture and remarked on the beauty and peace naturally revealed in the paintings, which are credited to Zhang's cultivation of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance.