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SOS! Global RescueWalk in Europe: Spread Fa and Clarify Truth at Sightseeing Places in Paris

October 04, 2001 |  

In the weekends Paris attracts many visitors while the government and news agencies are closed. To fully take the opportunity of our SOS! Global RescueWalk through Paris, the walkers and the Paris practitioners started a walk route along Paris's sightseeing spots. Considering the large quantity of flyers we distributed while passing the towns and districts of Paris, we made more flyers. Three practitioners held SOS! Global RescueWalk banners and sent out righteous thoughts along the routes to eliminate evil factors while others distributed flyers to tourists.

Passing the Eiffel Tower

The eye-catching signs of the SOS! Global RescueWalk banners attracted the attentions of many people. They were all willing to accept flyers. In France, many of the media agencies directly quoted the Chinese government's slandering propaganda, so many citizens were misled about Falun Gong. Our walk naturally revealed the truth to the public. We not only clarified the truth but also left the citizens with images of peacefulness, kindness and forbearance.

Interviewed by local media

We think this type of activity is a good approach for Fa rectification and clarifying the truth:
(1) Because it is a several practitioners' walk, there is no need to apply permit.
(2) It can take place and conclude at any giving time and place.
(3) It is easy to prepare: one SOS! Global RescueWalk in specific city in addition to the flyers
(4) While walking we can send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil factors so as to achieve better results.
(5) The walkers and flyer-distributors should be close enough: In one righteous field, the effect will be better.