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Two Cases of Heavenly Retribution

October 28, 2001 |  


  1. Villager Chen Jishun, who lives in the Ninth Community of Leiyin Village, Lian County, Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province, harbored hostility towards Dafa. He burned his mother's Dafa books and received due retribution shortly afterwards. Four of his fingers were cut off by a chainsaw while he was doing carpentry work. It proved the heavenly principle that good will be rewarded with good and evil will be met with evil.
  2. Tang Yaojian is the Security Head in Chansheng Village, Beiwai County, Guanghan City, Deyang Area, Sichuan Province. He worked very hard to persecute Dafa. Dafa truth revealing materials were posted close to his home many times. Tang Yaojian, accused a female Dafa practitioner, Wei Guangxiu of posting the materials and reported her to the city police station. Two people from the city police station, along with the local police substation and the head of the village association, went to the practitioner's home, climbed over the wall, and entered her home to arrest her. Tang boasted to others, "Wei Guangxiu dared to mess with me. See what happened to her..." Unexpectedly, ten days later, Tang became seriously ill and was admitted to the hospital. He spent over ten thousand Yuan (Chinese currency, the average monthly income for a villager is 200 Yuan) on hospital bills in fourteen days.

That evil will be met with evil is compassionate advice from Heaven. It is hoped that evil persons will be awaken soon.

Names of vile people involved are:

Tang Yaojian: Security Lead of Chansheng Village, Beiwai County, Guanghan City. Phone: 86-838-5240638

Li Wangao: Party Secretary in Chansheng Village, Beiwai County, Guanghan City.