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Dafa Practitioners From the Poor Regions in Gansu Province Overcome Difficulties to Clarify the Truth

October 26, 2001 |   By a Dafa particle in China

October 15, 2001

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioners in some poor regions of Gansu province are very determined in practicing Falun Dafa and in their belief in the universal principles, "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance." Without concern for being caught by the vicious power and authority, Dafa practitioners in Gansu province and surrounding areas overcame many difficulties, first starting from themselves to tell the truth of Falun Dafa and expose the evil to the people around them.

Those who have been led by Jiang Zemin to persecute Dafa practitioners have explored various means to attempt to destroy the steadfast faith of the practitioners in Dafa. Their evil purpose is to try to stop them from cultivating Dafa, and from offering salvation to all sentient beings through clarifying the truth. They treat those practitioners who appeal in Beijing and are persistent in Falun Dafa practice with unreasonable penalty, beating, cursing, binding, parading, confiscating their grain and property, arresting, sentencing to labor camp, etc. For example:

Ren Yunian, a Dafa practitioner in Wuwei, was sentenced to one year at a labor camp due to his or her (the gender is uncertain) appeals in Beijing. The local security people also fined Ren without reason up to more than 10,000 Yuan. The grain stored at Ren's home was also looted by them, which caused the whole family to be left with nothing. Ren Yunian is now suffering inhuman torture in Pingantai labor camp.

The Guan Zhenyuan couple, Dafa practitioners from Wuwei, was sent to a labor camp after appealing in Beijing, with a teenager left at home unable to attend school because of financial problems. Even so, the evil police officers still fined the family thousands of Yuan and took away all their grain.

Jia Peifu, a 62 year-old practitioner in Baiyin, is beyond the required age to be sentenced to labor camp, but he is still illegally held in a labor camp.

Zhang Yanrong, a Dafa practitioner in Yongchang, was unlawfully sent to a labor camp for two years because he went to appeal to the government. He is still suffering so far in the Pingantai labor camp. During the spring sowing time, over eighty Dafa practitioners in that county came over to help his family to sow the fields. Such a touching scene was highly praised by the local people. Zhang Yanrong, a man of over fifty years old, wept upon hearing his wife say: "We the practitioners outside [the labor camp] are all fine. Everything is ok at home, please don't worry. The practitioners only hope you do better inside the labor camp and are worthy of being a Dafa practitioner." Zhang Yanrong believed he would indeed do very well, as a Dafa practitioner should do. Indeed, he conducted himself quite well, as I (the writer) was also held in the same labor camp as him.

Many Dafa practitioners in Huining County have been unreasonably fined, kidnapped, paraded through the streets, arrested and sentenced to labor camps in succession. Because the truth clarifying materials are all over the streets and lanes, the wicked police couldn't judge where the source was, and sent eight practitioners to labor camps overnight. Recently the truth-clarifying materials have been distributed all over the villages of Huining county, and the Dafa banners were hanging in the main public places. All of these means have effectively shocked and suppressed the evil. The police wanted to arrest Dafa practitioners everywhere but they cannot do it. More and more people in the county have learned the truth.

Below is a brief dialogue that occurred between a practitioner and a local person:

The practitioner told the local inhabitant: "Falun Dafa is the universal law, and teaches people to be good and cultivate according to the principle of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance."

That person said: "Oh, those who practice Falun Gong locally here are all honest people. But they're too honest, and they follow Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. I fear that XX party will persecute them too.... By the way, what is the real story behind the self-immolation showed on TV, and what is the truth regarding the reported suicides?"

The practitioner replied: "All of those are false. Nowadays where can one find the true news? What is reported by the ruling regime is intended to fool the public. The evil can never defeat the righteous. Don't worry about this, it won't be too long before the Fa rectifies the human world. I hope you know the truth. Those who risked their lives to appeal and tell the truth are saving more people, but Jiang Zemin is just utilizing the power given by the people to behave like a hooligan, acting out of his own jealousy. He did this in order to achieve his political ambitions. You can understand it after you read these truth-clarifying materials. Please don't throw them away after you finish reading. You may pass it over to someone else. When you do this you are also doing a good deed. This is also good for your future."

The person said: "Falun Gong is very powerful and the practitioners are not afraid of death. One day when I came out, I saw many banners hanging on the streets, and the policemen tracked everywhere but still couldn't find anyone responsible."

The practitioner said: "You may put the truth-clarifying materials on the windows of others, or squeeze them into the door slots, or by many other means. Thank you!"

The person said: "OK, I am not afraid to do this."

Local Dafa practitioners in Gansu province and from surrounding areas all overcome various difficulties to tell the truth. They buy paper, write characters with a writing brush, and then post them outside. They use diverse means to Hongfa (introduce Dafa to the public) and clarify the truth. Some practitioners even posted materials in the public security bureau.