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Short Stories of the Supernormal

October 26, 2001 |  


(1) The Story of Tang Jun

Tang Jun (alias), attained the Fa one week before April 25, 1999. Once he obtained the Fa, his Celestial Eye was opened.

Since obtaining the Fa, Tang Jun has always organized group Fa study and experience sharing in his house. Because he attained the Fa late, he has always felt that there wasn't enough time. Tang Jun firmly grasped the time to study the Fa. His Celestial Eye is open, so he can read Zhuan Falun with it.

After July 21, 1999, Tang Jun and many other practitioners exchanged experiences and stepped forward to validate and safeguard the Fa. They helped to bring large numbers of practitioners from other parts of the country to Beijing to appeal to the higher authorities. In August 1999, Tang Jun rented a van in Beijing. Every day, he picked up and dropped off practitioners going to Tiananmen, train stations, and other places and arranged for their lodging.

Once, Tang Jun's van was stopped by policemen. The seven people in the van were escorted by a police vehicle and taken to the police station. Tang Jun was the last one to get out of the vehicle. He thought that he had to leave, since there were still many things he wanted to do. He remembered silently what Teacher said, "To live with no pursuits, To die with no regrets. (Non-existence)" After getting out of the vehicle, a policeman asked him: "Are you part of that group?" Tang Jun looked at the policeman, but he did not say anything. A thin cloud of steam appeared to rise between them. The policeman couldn't recognize Tang Jun anymore. Tang Jun walked right out of the door of the police station.

Later, the police noticed that they were missing one person. They asked: "What happened to that person who was wearing red?" Actually, Tang Jun was wearing a yellow T-shirt.

(2) Influence

When Jiang X illegally branded Falun Gong a X (slanderous words omitted) in 1999, a great number of Dafa practitioners went to Beijing to appeal. There was one practitioner who went to Tiananmen specifically to arrange the accommodations for those practitioners. Once, this practitioner accidentally brought home a plainclothes policeman along with other practitioners. Everyone studied the Fa together and shared experiences. The plainclothes policeman managed to keep up and handle everything. However, once they got to the group practice, the game was up. He couldn't imitate the movements. The practitioners found out and were a little nervous. They asked the practitioner who brought them there what they were going to do. The practitioner openly said, "Nothing. There is nothing we can hide, and this will give him a chance to acquaint himself with us." Then, he walked closer to the policeman and gently said to him, "Don't worry about leaving right away. Stay here a few more days and see what we really are all about." In the following days, the practitioners let go of their attachment to fear and did not treat the policeman as a secret agent at all. They treated the policeman as if he were one of them. During experience sharing, many people told several heart-warming stories that deeply moved him. Later, when he had to leave, everyone sent him off with warm regards. He patted the shoulder of the practitioner who brought him there and said with much feeling, "You Falun Gong practitioners are all good! Jiang Zemin is a big demon!"

(3) Signing In (A practitioner's dream)

He climbed wearily up a tall, steep mountain. As he continued to climb, the more difficult it became. He looked up, and saw Teacher majestically sitting on the mountain peak. He vigorously climbed higher. However, the path gradually disappeared until he was climbing a dirt slope. At every step, the rugged land gave way, and he started to slide down. One little mistake would make him fall to the bottom. Despite repeated attempts he couldn't go higher. Then, from deep inside, a determined thought arose, "Even if I die, I will die on the path going up." He continued to risk his life and climbed higher. Then, a path appeared in front of his eyes, and he heard Teacher's voice coming from the peak: "If you have this thought, a path will be created for you, even if there is no path." His heart became joyful, and he strode to the summit.

There was a scroll next to Teacher. He looked inside and found that it was filled with names of practitioners. Some he recognized. Some practitioners had already signed in, but there were other practitioners who had a blank after their names. He found his own name, and happily and earnestly signed.