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A Letter from a Detention Center

Oct. 24, 2001 |   Falun Gong practitioners from a detention center in China

June 17, 2001

(Clearwisdom.net) Currently there are over a dozen Falun Gong practitioners that are illegally detained in this detention center. Here it feels to us that time is passing quickly, and we do not feel any sorrow. Everyone is happy and without pains. It is not because we are not being tortured, but because we cultivate Dafa and are truly immersed in the joy of Dafa's boundless benevolence. I personally feel just like what Master is talking about in "Master Li Hongzhi's Lecture at the Great Lakes Conference in North America": "Think about it, everyone: In the past, a person had to go through a lifetime of cultivation or even several lifetimes, yet today we're having people reach Consummation in a few short years. The process of enduring is but a brief moment, and besides, time has been accelerated. In the future when you look back--if you can reach Consummation, that is--you'll find that it was nothing and was just like a dream." We can really feel this now. The power of Dafa is shown through each of us Dafa particles.

During our seven months of detention, none of us have forgotten our duty of being here: we stepped out of the human world to validate Dafa, not to be detained and sentenced, and furthermore, not to submit to torture. Therefore when we were tortured and sent to this detention center, we started rectifying the Fa here, letting go of human concepts, life and death, and selfish thoughts. We wanted to rectify this environment so that we could have group Fa study and group practice like before. We demanded that our captors acquit us, that they return the innocence to Dafa, that they return innocence to Master. We clarified the truth about Dafa to everyone, fulfilling our duty as Dafa practitioners.

We went on hunger strikes three times. Each time we rectified the environment more. Just like Master tells us in the Fa: "because students need to improve themselves and eliminate the last part of their karma. How could it be allowed if during the course of a being's progressing towards the surface and gradually becoming a god, he doesn't make his own sacrifices, doesn't continue to improve himself, and doesn't establish his own mighty virtue? In all of this, I am on the other hand using the exhibiting of those beings' xinxing to allow students to establish their mighty virtue at the same time."("Master Li Hongzhi's Lecture at the Great Lakes Conference in North America") Master also says: "All of this is merely to use the evil's performance to solidify Dafa and remove cultivators' fundamental attachments so as to free cultivators from the shackles of humanness and karma."("Coercion Cannot Change People's Hearts")

Our longest period of hunger striking was fourteen days. During the fourteen days we did not eat or drink anything, including water, and we suffered inhuman tortures. People at the detention center locked four of us to the "Dead Man's Bed" (an instrument of torture that locks up a person with the arms and legs straightened and is extremely painful), and locked another four to the "Horse Bench" (another painful torture where a person is not allowed to move or sleep). This went on for fourteen days. Each of us broke through all these arrangements with our strong, unbreakable, and righteous thoughts towards Dafa. We never gave in to the viciousness. Once the viciousness had used all their torture instruments and could not think of any way to shake our belief, the environment started to change. They told us that we were allowed to practice inside the detention center but they could not release us. We did what Dafa practitioners should do and we are willing to be responsible for all righteous elements. We will improve ourselves in any difficult environment, and reach Consummation in the boundless compassion of great Master.