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Radio France Internationale (RFI) Report: Calling on the European People to Rescue Practitioners Persecuted in China

October 20, 2001 |  

Bastille Square: Calling on the international community to urgently rescue practitioners persecuted in China Eiffel Tower: Candlelight vigil to mourn for practitioners killed by Jiang Zemin's regime

About 200 Dafa practitioners from Taiwan and France gathered in Paris on October 16 to hold a march and candlelight vigil, and call on the European people to rescue practitioners persecuted in China. RFI reported the activities next day in their Chinese broadcast to Mainland China and Region Parisienne. Here is the transcript.

Host: Falun Gong is not keeping quiet and lying down. Over 100 practitioners held group practice last night under the Eiffel Tower. Here is a report from Wang Lu.

Reporter: Over 140 practitioners from Taiwan last night lit candles and practiced at the Human Rights Square under the Eiffel Tower to mourn the practitioners tortured to death by the Chinese government. The team leader, Ms. Huang, told reporters that the goal of their European trip is to show European countries that Falun Gong is not a xx, not a political organization, and practitioners are surely not terrorists as they are vilified.

Another important goal of their European trip is to call on the European people to help rescue the Falun Gong practitioners jailed in China. One of the detained is Zhao Ming. Ming was arrested simply because he said "Falun Dafa is good" during his visit back in China from Ireland. His whereabouts are unknown.

During their European trip, Taiwanese practitioners will visit six countries. Two days ago they arrived in England; yesterday they came to France, and last night they went to Luxemburg from Paris. Next they will go to Belgium, then Holland. Their last stop is Spain.

This report was filed by RFI reporter Wang Lu from Paris.