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Cases of Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Pingdu City, Shandong Province

October 18, 2001 |   By practitioners in China


Since July 20, 1999, the lawless officials and policemen in Pingdu City, Shangdong Province have committed many crimes against Dafa practitioners. The frequency of these crimes has increased during the past four months, when more than 60 practitioners have been forcibly kidnapped, detained, robbed, driven from their homes, beaten to death, or sent to labor camps and brainwashing classes. Their relatives have been forced to bear all kinds of suffering too. This is the result of Jiang Zemin's corrupt regime enforcing Jiang's directive: "Use all means to make Falun Gong practitioners lose their reputation, lose their financial resources and lose their lives."

The following are some of the practitioners who have been kidnapped:

1. Xu Zengliang, male, age 29, a graduate student, originally from Shuibo Village of Haiqing Town, Jiaonan City. Because Xu was determined to cultivate Falun Dafa, he was forced to leave home in September 2000. After leaving home, he continued to safeguard the Dafa. On April 14, 2001, Xu Zengliang, along with other two practitioners, Qi Shujie and Xiao Cao were arrested by the police.

Since he refused to divulge to the policemen information about other practitioners, Xu Zengliang was beaten to death on April 18. In order to cover the crime, the policemen suppressed the truth and covered it with a lie, claiming that Xu died in a car accident. Qi Shujie and Xiao Cao were sentenced to forced labor education.

2. On May 17, 2001, the Pingdu City Police forced their way into practitioner Liu Xia's home. Ignoring legal procedure, they arrested Liu Xia, his wife and another practitioner, Zhao Hongmin, who was temporarily staying in Liu Xia's home. (At the beginning of May, Zhao Hongmin was arrested by policemen from Chengguan Police Station. However, Zhao sent forth righteous thoughts and ran away from the police station three days later.)

Practitioners Jiang Mingyao and Sun Yanbo went to visit Liu Xia's home on that day, and the policemen who were waiting in the house to catch more practitioners arrested them also.

The policemen confiscated many Dafa books, audio and videotapes, CDs, laptop computers, printers and all kinds of truth-clarifying literature. They stole valuable belongings and all the money in the house as well as from the practitioners' pockets.

3. On April 15, Zhang Meiping, Sui Youjun and Tang Ruozi were arrested by policemen from Changle Police Station while they were exchanging cultivation experiences at Tang's home in Changle Town.

After suffering three days of mistreatment in the Changle Police Station, they were sent to Pingdu City Public Security Bureau for another eight days of abuse. The guards there treated them brutally, verbally abusing them, slapping and punching them, stepping on them, beating them with wooden boards, cutting them with knives, depriving them of sleep and forcing them into a painful posture called "Flying An Airplane (lying flat on the floor with their arms stretched out behind)."

Sui Youjun is almost 60 years old. He was beaten until his mouth was bloodied and his face was swollen. The policemen also ransacked his house and detained his family members for three days.

Then, these three practitioners were illegally detained for a month. After they served a month, two of them, Sui Youjun and Tang Ruozi, were in custody for another ten days. After that, Sui and Tang were illegally sentenced to forced labor education for three years.

As this was the third time Zhang Meiping had been arrested, after the above mentioned one-month's detention, she was then sent to Sifang Female Detention Center in Qingdao City for another month. Zhang went on a hunger strike for over ten days to protest the evil persecution and then, she fell into a coma. But the heartless guards refused her medical care until two days before her release. Then, fearing she was dying, they took her to a hospital.

Because the detention center didn't give the hospital enough money to treat Zhang, she was sent back home even though her life was still in danger.

Zhang was still in a coma when she arrived home. She was weak and as thin as a stick. Her eyes stared emptily, and her four limbs shook with convulsions. She had no memory and no expression on her face, and had lost control of her bowels. She looked miserable. Her nervous system must have been damaged terribly. A once kind, healthy, and clever Dafa practitioner has been reduced to this state by the inhuman abuses of these malicious state officials.

On the day when three of them were sent to Pingdu City Public Security Bureau, sixteen practitioners from Changle Town traveled to Pingdu City requesting that the policemen release those three practitioners. However, these sixteen practitioners were arrested as well. They were sent to a secret jail in Pantao Town; no one knows the details.

4. On the night of April 28, Wang Yuxing, and the couple Li Chunhai and Zhang Ruiying were kidnapped and detained for a month by the vicious policemen from Taishanlu police station in Pingdu City. The policemen also illegally searched their houses. Li Chunhai's child was left alone at home with no one to take care of her. After being detained for a month, Li Chunhai was still not released until he paid a fine. Li's wife was then sent to a labor camp in Guanzhuang Village of Zhangqiu Town. The policemen didn't release Wang Yuxing either (It was the third time he had been arrested) until Wang went on a hunger strike for nine days. After that he was released.

5. On May 2, Zhang Yonghong, Li Li and Xu Haixia were arrested and sent to a detention center in Qingdao City for a month.

In the detention center, Li Li refused to follow the orders of the corrupt officials; she maintained a hunger strike until her life was in danger. She was then sent to a hospital. In the hospital, she kept thinking righteous thoughts and refused to take any medication. The nurses forcibly injected her with some drug to make her sleep. Lili sent forth righteous thoughts to de-activate the injection. The righteous thoughts worked and she was remained conscious. The vicious nurses wanted to give her another injection, but they failed, because they couldn't find a vein to inject into. Li Li was then released unconditionally.

After being detained for a month, Zhang Yonghong and Xu Haixia were not released until after they went on a hunger strike for five days

However, on June 14, these three practitioners were again kidnapped and sent to a labor camp in Zhangqiu Town area. It is known that the evil had long prepared the labor education documents for the three and they were just waiting for the three to recover so they could detain them again. Li Li's husband was forced to move out of the city.

6. Wang Xiyu was detained for a month in Qingdao City. After her release, because she refused to renounce her faith in the Dafa, she was arrested again. The policemen refused to allow her family members to visit her. At home, she has a disabled husband who had to be taken care of by her elder daughter. Her younger daughter is a student. They are having a hard time without their mother's care.

7. On July 27, Li Cuizhi, Zhang Chunting and Wang Chunliang from Changle were forcibly sent to a brainwashing class in Pantao town. Li Cuizhi refused to cooperate with the lawless officials and went on a hunger strike.

8. At the beginning of August, Zhang Yong and Zhang Huirong were forcibly sent to a detention center in Qingdao City. They sent forth righteous thoughts and ran away from the detention center. Because of this, they have had to abandon their homes and wander around.

9. Yu Guizhen went on a hunger strike after being arrested; she was then released unconditionally.

10. On July 22 and 23, the village secretary Zhao Yanke and his clerk Zhao Yongjun took a gang of thugs to break into some practitioners' home at 1 o'clock in the morning. They searched the practitioners' houses and forcibly sent these practitioners to a brainwashing class in Pantao. Those practitioners are: Dai Juye, Zhao Yougong, Zhang Yuying, Sun Kelin and the daughter of Zhao Mingxiang.

11. On August 6, Jiao Peizhi was forcibly sent to a brainwashing class in the town of Pantao.

12. On July 22, Liu Rongping was kidnapped by four policemen and sent to a brainwashing class.

13. Sun Ailing was detained for fifteen days at the beginning of June. She was released only after she went on a hunger strike.

14. On August 6, four vicious policemen kidnapped Wang Dongmei at home and sent her to a brainwashing class in the town of Zhangqiu.

15. On August 6, Xiao Sumin was also kidnapped while she was shopping in a store and later sent to a brainwashing class in Zhangqiu.

16. On June 17, Cui Guofang and Cui Xiangying were arrested at Cuijiaji Village. After being detained there for a month, they were sent to Wang Village for three years of forced labor.

17. Sun Shujie was arrested and sent to a labor camp in Qingdao city in mid-June.

18. Wang Yuzhen was arrested while she was distributing Dafa truth-clarifying materials. She went on a hunger strike for a month and was then released unconditionally.

19. Two practitioners from Shiqiao town and Dazeshan town were arrested; their names are not known.

20. While validating the Dafa, Dou Yubao, Ms. Liu and Li Feng were arrested by policemen from Malan Town Police Station. After being tortured for several days, they were all put into a detention center for a month. In the detention center, they again suffered through a great deal of torture. After the month, Dou Yubao and Li Feng were illegally sentenced to forced labor for three years.

Ms. Liu, in her 60s, was tortured until she began to spit up blood. The policemen were afraid of taking responsibility for the injuries they had caused, so they sent her home.

No matter how we are treated, as long as we can wake up worldly people, save all sentient beings and safeguard the Dafa, we hold no resentment, nor regret.