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Latest News from China - 10/10/01

October 16, 2001 |  



[Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province] Dafa Practitioners Safeguard Teacher's and Dafa's Dignity

During the last Spring Festival, the "610 Office" in Mudanjiang City adopted the most vicious and roguish measures to persecute and slander Dafa. They placed Teacher's portrait on the ground at the entrance of a railway station and forced every passenger to trample on it. There were many policemen and plainclothes around the place. Those who refused to step on the portrait would be detained. When practitioners found out about this, they went to the railway station and took Teacher's portrait back from the police. A female practitioner held her several months old baby with one hand and held Teacher's portrait in the other hand. She cried, "He is my Teacher. You can't do this!" Eventually, the practitioner took Teacher's portrait back from the policemen, but 15 practitioners were detained and 5 practitioners were sent to labor camp.

During the last National Day Holiday, they again placed Teacher's portrait on the ground at the ticket entrance of the railway and coach station and forced every passenger to trample on the portrait. Policemen and plainclothes police were everywhere. However, most passengers walked around the portrait. Some passengers did not cooperate with the evil and reasoned with them. Looking at these passengers, we knew people were awakening. After practitioners knew Teacher's portraits were placed on the ground, they sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. Six portraits of Teacher have been taken back since then.

[Shanghai] Police Illegally Detain the Three Practitioners in a Family

In August, Shanghai police illegally detained the three practitioners in Wang Zuoshan's family, who lived on Wuchuan Road in Shanghai. The daughter graduated in 1998 from Tongji University. She was arrested for validating Dafa in Beijing. Wang Zuoshan was detained when he clarified the truth to the public in Wujiaochang District. His wife was detained only because she admitted she was a practitioner. Their home was ransacked and Dafa books were confiscated.

[Sanya City, Hainan Province] Police Arrest Practitioners on a Large Scale

Recently, police from the Sanya City Police Department detained many practitioners. Before the National Day Holiday, the police from Sanya City Police Department ransacked practitioner Lin's home and detained him. At 2 am on October 9, 2001, plainclothes police from Sanya City Police Department broke into five homes in Sanya City's Fenghuang Airport Employee Residential Building. Six vicious policemen were sent to each home. The police confiscated some truth-clarifying material and detained four practitioners.

[Xingtai City, Hebei Province] Truth-Clarifying Material Work Suffers Some Losses

At the end of May 2001, several places making Dafa truth-clarifying materials were illegally ransacked. Over a dozen practitioners were arrested and are still imprisoned now. Some were sent to labor camps, and several practitioners will be put on trial.

[Yingkou District, Shandong Province] The Persecution Situation in Yingkou District

Recently, the evil forces in Yingkou District have been running rampant, arresting many practitioners. On September 14, while purchasing a printer at Sanxin Department Store in Yingkou City, local assistant Wang Baojin (male, about 40 years old) and another fellow practitioner were arrested and the money to buy the printer contributed by other practitioners was confiscated.

Since July 20, 1999, the evil forces in Yingkou District have been regarding Wang Baojin as the key person and ordered his arrest in the area. For this reason, he lost his job and had to go into hiding. On the day he was arrested, the police ransacked the small restaurant run by his mother.

It is said that the evil forces are planning to pursue extreme penalties in this case, yet they are afraid of the pressure from the international community. As many practitioners in China have been secretly tortured to death, we are worried about the safety of these arrested practitioners. We call on international human rights organizations and peace-loving people all over the world to pay attention to this matter.

A few months ago, practitioner Zheng Yongshi was arrested while carrying flyers. In the prison, he clarified the truth to nine practitioners who were transformed against their own will and helped them become sober-minded again. Later on, Zheng Yongshi was separated from other practitioners and detained with common prisoners.

Practitioner Jin Fuzhang has always been regarded as the No.1 person by the local police station. The policemen harassed him at home from time to time. They asked Jin to write the so-called "Four Statements" but he steadfastly refused to do so. Several months ago, Jin was arrested when he was found chatting with fellow practitioners on the Internet.

A Dafa banner was hung at Daochazi in Yingkou City. The police suspected it was practitioner Zhao Zhenhai's handwriting and therefore searched his home. Zhao was very determined. He refused to cooperate with the evil forces and was taken away.

[Luoyang City, Henan Province] The Experience of Luoyang City Practitioner Yan Hong

Yan Hong, female, 34 years old, was a worker from the Luoyang Tractor Factory. She attained Dafa in 1995. After July 20, 1999, her work unit listed her as a key target of transformation and ransacked her home. As she refused to write the so-called "guarantee letter," the officials of the factory transferred her to a heavy labor job position where she had to perform dirty and hard labor. In the meantime, Yan was forced to receive brainwashing provided by authorities from various departments. The time she spent there was deducted from her salary and bonus. At the beginning of 2000, the City "610 Office" forcibly put Yan Hong into a brainwashing class. During the period of more than 40 days, as she couldn't study the Fa or do the exercises, and she could not stand the propaganda of the evil forces attacking Dafa, she wrote an insincere guarantee letter and was then allowed to go home. After reading Master's recent articles, "The Knowing Heart" and "Towards Consummation," she enlightened that because of her human mentalities, she didn't take this step well and she felt painfully regretful. After studying the Fa, she was further enlightened to the Fa and decided to validate Dafa in Beijing with fellow practitioners.

The Jiang Zemin regime's vicious policemen at the Tiananmen Square took her into the police wagon and illegally detained her. The Luoyang City Liaison Office in Beijing forcefully fined her 5,000 Yuan. She was detained for 15 days after being escorted back by officials from her work unit. She was tortured so severely that her feet and legs became swollen with blood from the beatings she received and she was unable to walk. After her detention term expired, her work unit assigned a person to watch her 24 hours a day and prevented her from contacting other practitioners. Currently, her husband decided to divorce her and her work unit fired her. Even all this did not make her determination in Dafa waver.

In October 2000, Yan Hong was again forcibly taken to a brainwashing class. In the class, she clarified the truth to the vicious thugs who maliciously attacked Dafa and got an opportunity to escape. The vicious thugs searched everywhere for her and finally caught her at her parents' place in the countryside and sentenced her to 3 years of forced labor. She is now being held in the No.1 Team of the Zhengzhou Women's Labor Camp. Her family members are not allowed to visit her and her condition is unknown.