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October 12, 2001 |  

(Clearwisdom Net) Millions and millions of years ago, we made a vow to the King of Buddhas that when the evil persecutes Dafa, we will validate and safeguard the Fa. If we do not, we shall wish for the extinction of our body and soul. The thoughts of gods are steadfast, pure, and righteous.

Every one of us was arranged to have duties and tasks during the Fa rectification period, revealing our respective righteous enlightenment towards the different levels of the Fa. Everyone was different. Then, we came to the human world one after another.

Master is benevolent! To enable us to fulfill our oath in this life, he arranged the path of our many past lives so that we would encounter this chance today and laid down steadfast cultivation foundations for our complete return back home. Do you remember the many life and death trials we overcame in the past?

Today the evil is truly here to persecute Dafa! In order to impede Master's Fa rectification, the old forces painstakingly created today's extreme evil situation. Their aim is to stop all sentient beings from obtaining the Fa, causing Master's work to be in vain. To meet this objective, they imbued humans with evil thoughts over the past thousand years and influenced them to commit monstrous karmic crimes. Especially after July 20th, almost every ordinary human has, to a certain extent, committed sins in damaging Dafa, pushing humanity to the brink of total destruction.

They are not only persecuting Dafa but sentient beings as well. They not only force practitioners to write the so-called promise statements to drop their levels and insult Dafa but also persecute those everyday people who still hold righteous thoughts by taking advantage of their existing karma. These people are made to feel resentment towards Dafa, thus totally destroying their future.

At this dangerous turning point in history and during this special historic period, Dafa disciples stood up one after another and fulfilled their ancient vows. Some disciples lost their lives to validate the Fa. Some disciples are clarifying the truth and offering salvation to sentient beings even when they have lost everything they own. This period of time did not come easily. We, in the course of history, have lost our lives, shed blood and suffered all kinds of humiliation in order to live during this period. But compared to what Master has endured, our encounters are not worth mentioning.

If we cannot steadfastly hold our righteous belief in the Fa and Master, the matter which constitutes the foundation of our life would degenerate and split apart and at that time, we truly can no longer live in this universe. If we cannot fully break through the arrangement of old forces and clearly recognize their sinister intentions, we would be betraying Master and our own vows. In verifying the Fa and clarifying the truth, even if we have a little bit of selfishness, the evil will exist in this little space and continue to degenerate and persecute the sentient beings. Even if we hold back just a little when sending forth righteous thoughts, this would be a reason for the continual existence of evil.

Fellow practitioners, let us continue with our efforts! For all the righteous elements within the cosmos and for a wonderful future, let us carry out this grand, historic duty bestowed upon us by Master. Only this will ensure the day in the future when we stand before Master who gave us life and say without any regret, "Master, we have fulfilled our vows."