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Tale of A Practitioner Committed to a Mental Hospital

January 09, 2001 |  

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner in the city of Wuhan, in the province of Hubei, and I obtained the Fa in late 1996. In the second half of 1997, apart from my regular schoolwork, I spent all of my spare time-including the time when I was riding on the bus- to learn Zhuan Falun. This way, I memorized Dafa (great law and universal principle) . Since July 1999, there have been vicious slanders on Dafa by the news media in China. I decided that, as long as this was not rectified, I would need to go to Beijing. In October 1999, I went to Beijing and did the Falun Gong exercises in Tiananmen Square. Two months later, I went to Beijing again to appeal. I was detained. In February 2000 (before the Spring Festival), I was taken to Yijiadun Police Subdivision from my work place without any reason by Ye Guohui, a household registration personnel. When I got there, Jin Zhiping, a police officer from Qiaokou Police Substation asked me about the "Press Conference". I said, "I did not attend any press conference, nor did I meet with any news reporter." They forcibly searched me and took away my telephone book. Later, they sent me to a secret place in Hanyang District and detained me there illegally. It was said that a detention center was very close to the place I was kept. They threatened to send me there if I failed to tell them what they wanted to know. I was kept there for 7 days, during which I was forced to stand facing a wall all day except when I went to sleep. They didn't allow me to have lunch. The Spring Festival was approaching, but there was no progress with their "investigation". One day, I saw the police reading an order from the higher office. Afterwards they transferred me to Liujiaoting Mental Hospital in Wuhan, where I was illegally detained for nearly three months. Soon after my arrival at the mental hospital, Xiong Wei, a physician-in-charge from the Department for Mental Disorders came and talked to me. She said she knew about Falun Gong, but she asked me to take some pills. I refused. She then lied that they were Vitamin C pills; but it was a drug that affected the central nervous system. On the eve of the Spring Festival, many nurses went home for the holiday. I volunteered to help the head nurse to take care of the patients. Some patients needed help, but their relatives didn't come. I washed their clothes, did the cleaning, and brought them clean clothing. Everyday, I helped with cleaning and miscellaneous chores. Other doctors also came to know me and why I was there. They said, "It is good that we have a Falun Gong Practitioner like him here." Later, I helped them with the recovery of the patients. Because I treated the patients like their family members or close friends, they trusted and told me their stories. I often talked with them, and gave them guidance according to Dafa principles. The doctors were surprised to find that patients who had often talked with me recovered much quicker. The doctors also liked to talk with me and they acknowledged these rather extraordinary influences we practitioners had. They said, "you are welcome to work here as a psychotherapist, if you learn some medicine." Thus, I was praised by both doctors and patients. The doctors also asked me to help them with entertainment events and other activities for the patients. Two months had passed, my family wanted to take me out of the hospital. The hospital refused, saying it had to go through the police. Soon after that, Doctor Xiong came to me and said that, the family members of a new patient saw me doing the Falun Gong exercises in the hospital; and if I continued to do the exercise, I would have to receive therapy. I ignored her threat and continued practicing. Doctor Xiong then coerced my mother to sign the permit for my therapy. My mother signed under duress. I told my family members, if I should be rendered seriously or fatally injured by the therapy, they must not retaliate in any way. After my mother signed the document, she couldn't sleep for the whole night. She was worried because only major operations in a hospital required signatures from family members; also she hadn't seen any signature needed for people to be sent there for treatment before. A normal person kept in the mental hospital without reason, and forced to receive therapy, how could this happen? Early the next morning, my mother went to the hospital trying to rescind her signatory, but Doctor Xiong evaded her. So, my family members demanded my release instead. After the "discussion" by heads of the hospital, they agreed to let me go. I asked them to write down in the document of what had really happened to me, but the hospital refused and wrote that, I was sent there because of "mental disorder." Thus, a Falun Dafa practitioner without any mental problem was taken away by the police and kept in the mental hospital for nearly three months. This is the so-called "taking good care of" practitioners by Jiang Zemin and his followers. A Dafa practitioner December 27, 2000