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Suining, Sichuan Province: Details of Su Qionghua's Death at the Hands of Police

January 05, 2001 |  

Thirty two year old Dafa practitioner Su Qionghua, from Suining Sichuan Province, died at 6:30 pm, Dec. 20th, 2000, after being kicked out of a window by policemen from the City's National Security Squad and Chuanshan Police Sub-Station.

According to witnesses at the scene, on the morning of Dec. 18, over a dozen policemen from the National Security Squad and Chuanshan Police Sub-Station came to search Su Qionghua's home and confiscate her property. Su Qionghua would not open the door, but tried to reason with them. The police surrounded her house, yelling and shouting, "After we capture her, we'll kill her!"

Later, at around 6pm, two policemen used ropes to gain access to her 6th floor apartment from the roof. At this time, Su Qionghua was leaning out the window explaining the truth about Dafa to around three to four hundred spectators outside on the ground. When the policeman lowered himself down from the roof, he fiercely kicked her. She grabbed the policeman's foot with both hands, but the policeman straightened his foot quickly and Su Qionghua fell from the 6th floor. Spectators outside then all shouted, "The police have killed her! The police persecuted someone to death!"

After Su Qionghua fell, the police took no measures to save her. Instead, they tried to hide the truth of what happened. While she was still breathing, they lifted her onto a net (used to catch people who jump in order to commit suicide) and took a photograph, hoping to make it look like they had tried to save her from committing suicide. By this time, Su Qionghua had stopped breathing, so they took her away in a police car.

Another policeman named Huang abused Su's 12-year-old daughter, searching her body, and seizing the key to her apartment. After opening the door with the key, the police cut the cable TV cord and hung it from the ceiling, placed a blanket over the window, and moved a mattress next to the window (making the room appear to be the scene of a suicide). After falsifying this evidence, they took photographs and video in order to deceive the public. However, they could not escape the three to four hundred sharp eyed witnesses. When the relevant department investigated the cause of Su Qionghua's death, those kindhearted people with integrity all said: " She was persecuted to death by the police!"

Practitioners from Mainland China

Regarding these incidents, Dafa practitioners have written the following letter:

An Open Letter to the Public Security Officers and Policemen in Suining City, Sichuan Province

To the Public Security officers and policemen in the City of Suining, Sichuan Province:

You must know this fact much more clearly than we do: at 6:36 pm, Dec. 20, 2000, in the Tiangong Temple governed by Chuanshan Police Sub-Station of our city, after being surrounded, abused, and kicked by some policemen from the National Security Squad and Chuanshan Police Sub-Station, Su Qionghua was killed by " the people's police" because she insisted on practicing Falun Dafa.

Did you hear the screams from the several hundred spectators, the terrible sound of Su hitting the ground, or the miserable weeping of her 12-year-old orphan? We wonder if anything could move your hearts. Those kindhearted people who witnessed the scene could hardly go to sleep that night, nor eat their dinners; their hearts were extremely grieved by this tragedy. But you--the "people's police"-- what did you think about it? What stance will you take when facing those several hundred people, or your own consciences, or the young child who lost her mother? We hope that both the law and your consciences will accuse and condemn you for this sin.

For more than a year, you have persecuted Falun Gong practitioners, using all kinds of evil measures such as illegal arrest and detainment, confiscation of property, beatings, fines, and much more. You deprived them of all their God-given human rights, and did not even allow them to speak on their own behalf for fear that your sins would be made public. All that you have done is completely against the law. Do not think that you can do whatever you like or that you can casually take people's lives. All lives are equal in Gods' eyes. The universal law is absolutely fair; "truth, compassion and forbearance" judges everything.

Public Security cadres and policemen, you have worked really hard to persecute Falun Gong for over a year. All of your efforts, however, simply help evil people do wicked things. This only adds to your sinful karma, which you will never be able to pay back-- yet you will have no choice but to pay it back in full. Are you aware that all of your hard work is serving only to destroy your long term future existence?

All Falun Dafa Practitioners from Suining, Sichuan Province

December 25, 2000

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