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An Old Woman from the Countryside's Experience In a Detention Center

January 04, 2001 |   Practitioners from Mainland China

My name is Du Yingjie (pseudonym), living in Qidong County, Hunan Province. I obtained Dafa on September 15, 1998. Before knowing the Dafa, I suffered from many kinds of illnesses. I had seeked medical treatment everywhere, but everything failed. I almost gave up all hope, but Falun Dafa gave me a new life.

In July 1999, those who intentionally reversed black and white slandered Dafa as an "XX" [slanderous word respectfully omitted]. Whenever I heard people saying such things about Dafa, I felt such sorrow in my heart that I couldn't help but cry. On August 15, 1999, more than 10 people broke into my house. They took away my Dafa books and forcibly sent me to the Qidong County detention center, where I was detained for more than 10 days. They released me after my son paid several thousand yuan worth (Chinese currency, the annual income of an average farmer in China is about 2,000 yuan) of fines to them. When I returned home, the local police station arranged for several people to monitor my residence. I was prohibited from practicing Falun Gong and leaving my home.

I am a real-life example of someone who has benefited a great deal from Dafa. What they broadcast on TV is not the truth. The government's actions against Falun Gong are unacceptable to me. On October 25, 1999, I went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa with four fellow practitioners, where I was arrested and sent back to the Qidong County Detention Center. The local government treated Dafa practitioners as prisoners. With our hands tied, they paraded us through the street. We faced all of those tribulations with smiles, because we are not guilty of anything. They would not let me go until my son again paid 3,000 yuan to them. Since I returned, policemen have searched my house three times within less than two weeks, and I was sent to the detention center again. We were treated inhumanely there and experienced such tortures that ordinary people could not imagine.

At the noon of January 1, 2000, some policemen found some Dafa books inside our quilts. They ordered us to leave the room and asked whether or not we would stick to practicing Falun Gong. I said Falun Gong is so good that I would keep practicing it for sure. Before I finished speaking, they started to beat and kick me. A policeman kicked me down to the floor, and I lost consciousness. A few minutes later, I heard Master's gentle voice in my ears, full of compassion, "When it's difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it's impossible to do, you can do it." I opened my eyes and found that I was lying on the floor. I thought I should stand up, and immediately I felt that a strong power dragged me up. Then, they locked us up in a smelly and dark room, where we immediately began to practice Falun Gong. Seeing that we still wanted to practice Falun Gong, they rushed into the room and beat us with sticks. They took turns beating us for several hours. Our hands and feet began to swell up and our skin turned dark purple. Other inmates who saw could not bear to watch and went away with crying. Meanwhile, none of us uttered a sound or shed a tear, even though practitioners Liu Xuyao and Peng Fubin were injured very badly. The police finally grew tired, and when they sent us back to our cells, it was almost dark. We were not given any water or bedcovers for the whole night.

Many practitioners have been beaten multiple times at the detention center. We were covered with bruises each time there was a beating. Some male practitioners like Zhang Xuanshou and Zhang Zhifu were hung up when the policemen beat them.

Another time when police found us studying the Fa [law and universal principle] and practicing Falun Gong exercises, they furiously rushed in the room and threw ice-cold water on our beds, quilts and clothes. They opened the paper-sealed window and door, letting the cold wind blow over us.

This time, I was detained for 165 days. Again I was forced to pay 2000 yuan before I could be set free.

I went to Beijing again after I was released. After I came back from Beijing, a group of policemen broke into my house. One of them fractured my right arm in three places. When I was sent away, the neighbors cried, seeing that my arm was injured so severely.

While in the detention center, physical suffering was nothing to us. What we felt most painful was that we could not study the Fa, although oftentimes I copied Master's teachings on bath tissues or boxes for fellow practitioners. My broken arm, from the shoulder to fingers, became dark purple and swelled up badly. Whoever saw it could not help but cry. I persisted in copying scripts with the injured hand, and three days later, I could use the hand to hold chopsticks. Gradually I could wash clothes by myself, and a half month later I could carry a bucket of water in the same hand. All the police and guards thought that my recovery was unimaginable.

We all had been beaten very badly, but we recovered so quickly without any medical treatment. There are too many miracles to be listed here.

Notes: In November 2000, Du Yingjie (Female) was detained in the Futian Detention Center in Shenzhen City, Guangdong province for distributing Dafa-truth materials. The police said that she would not be released unless she gave up her belief. Realizing that the police in Qidong County would be more vicious and ferocious compared with those in Shenzhen, her son (a Shenzhen resident) requested that Shenzhen police not send his mother back to the Qidong police station so as to avoid more torture.

Other Persecution of Practitioners in Qidong County:

Many practitioners in Qidong County were arrested while doing farm work. Only after they paid a large amount of money would the police release them, and some have been arrested and fined many times. The highest cumulative amount of penalties that a practitioner has paid was 13,000 yuan. Typically one was fined for about 5,000 yuan. For some practitioners, there was not a single cent left in the house after repeatedly paying fines. A lot of practitioners who have been to Beijing have had their houses searched and property confiscated. The police took everything from their houses, including cash, furniture, farm products, and food. Sometimes, they even attempted to pull down the houses. If practitioners' relatives had not risked their lives to fight against such vicious conduct, the police would not have given up.

Once released, many practitioners resumed group study and practice. Some went to Beijing, appealing for Dafa and telling the truth to the people, and some were arrested many times. The longest detention terms have been more than a year. Typically they are detained for about 3 or 4 months.

Each time, when the police knew that practitioners went to Beijing or copied Dafa materials, they would viciously beat several 'important' practitioners. They forced practitioners to tell them who organized appeals and other activities. In March 2000, a practitioner was ferociously beaten a few times, because he did not confess the source of his materials. Even now his wounded feet have not recovered. After July 2000, a lot of practitioners went to Beijing. The police forced them to admit that they were organized, so that they could be charged. If they refused to do so, they would suffer from cruel beatings. Practitioner Tang's little finger became disabled after being beaten, and he is still detained today. Practitioner Chen Guoxiu's leg was injured by torture, and it took her a long time to recover.

The tortures that practitioners experienced in Qidong County are too horrible to look at. In addition to hanging-beating, kneeling-beating, some other cruel penalties include:

"Tiger Stool"The practitioner's four limbs are locked with iron chains while tied on a bench. Some practitioners have been continuously tortured with this instrument for several days.

"Carrying sword on the back"Practitioner's both hands are handcuffed in the back, one hand goes down from the shoulder while another goes up on the back. Sometimes the handcuff was strapped so tightly that it cut practitioners' wrist to the bone. In fact, one policeman cannot loosen the handcuffs from their hands. Sometimes policemen viciously picked the moment that they felt the most painful to pull vigorously on the handcuff to increase the pain.

Some practitioners went on a hunger strike in the detention center. At the beginning, the police never cared about them. Seven or eight days later, they started to torture practitioners by forcibly feeding them high-density salt water, pepper water, or pepper powder until they stopped the hunger strike. A practitioner has been forced to drink several buckets of water at a time, and many have been tortured to the verge of death.

Major evil policemen in the Police Department of Qidong County are Huo Zhongyin, Wang Ximin, Li Wei, and others. Among them, Wang Ximin is the most vicious. Their telephone number is 86-734-6261726 ext. 6035.

The following are some innocent practitioners who have been detained:

Zhou Fengxiu, female, over 70 years old, has been locked up for more than 6 months. One day when policemen hung her up on the tree with handcuffs, dark clouds accompanying by a long roll of thunder suddenly covered the sky. The police were scared, and they tried to open the handcuffs for her but failed to do it. Later on they had to ask a practitioner to open it, and then the handcuffs were smoothly taken off.

Li Dongfang, 38 years old, was detained for 5 months. She already paid 2,500 yuan but is still short of money to meet the demand for 5,000 yuan of fines. She has not been released as a result. Her husband Tang is detained in the Qidong detention center, also and their two kids are left alone at home.

Tang Baoyan, 58 years old, has been detained for 6 months. His wife (a teacher), mother and two sisters have been locked up for several months, too. Tang had been dismissed from public employment.

Zhou Jianping has been detained for 4 months, and she was arrested for mailing Dafa truth-exposing materials to the government. Since she refused to disclose other involved people's names, the police tortured her badly. They beat her viciously and threw her into a pond. She was unable to walk when she was sent to detention center. In her early days in detention center, they even didn't allow her to eat and sleep. Instead, they forcibly feed her pepper water. It was heard that the police locked up her in the male prison cell, but nobody knows her true whereabouts. She could be on the verge of death!

Zhou Guixiu, 60 years old, detained for over 7 months.

Li Baozheng, detained for more than 8 months;

Peng Fubin, detained for about 5 months;

Zhang Xuanzhao, detained for 4 months. He had gone to Beijing on foot.

Deng Fuhua, detained 5 months;

Zhang Xinfa, detained 5 months;

Li Yinchun, detained over 6 months;

Yan Bin, 23 years old, college student, detained for 10 months;

Zhou Guangquan, detained for 4 months;

Xiao Shuyun, detained for 4 months;

Deng Shunhua, detained for 4 months;

Tang Jingyun, Liu Duansheng, Zhou Fei, and Zhou Zemei, their detailed situations are not clear.

The released practitioners are:

Practitioner #1, 30 years old, was detained for 15 days and fined more than 6,000 yuan the first time for going to Beijing. Later on due to practicing Falun Gong in public, he was locked up for another 15 days. One day in order to protect Dafa books, he was forced to kneel on the broken stones under the scorching sun for about 2 hours, and the next day he was forced to kneel on the stones for another 2 hours. The day after he was set free, policemen detained him third time after finding out that he was reading Dafa book at home,. This time he was locked up for more than 2 months.

Practitioner #2, 60 years old, was detained for more than one year. Her fines were up to 13,000 yuan.

Practitioner #3, detained for 4 month, has been tortured with the "Tiger Stool" and back handcuffs.

Practitioner 4, detained for 4 months.

Practitioner 5, detained for 6 months.

Practitioner 6, detained for about 6 months.

Practitioners who have been sentenced are:

Guan Minglian, 40 years old, was sentenced to forced labor for a year.

Cao Qiuxiang, 40 years old, was sentenced to forced labor for a year.

Tang Jiangyuan, 34 years old, was sentenced to forced labor for a year and three months.

Zhang Xuanshou, 60 years old, was sentenced to forced labor for a year and a half.

Zhang Zhifu, 40 years old, was sentenced to forced labor for a year and a half.

Kuang Daijie, 18 years old, was sentenced to forced labor for a year and was released because his extraordinary resolve on Dafa.

Kuang Zhongmiao, 40 years old, was sentenced to forced labor for a year and a half.

Practitioners from Mainland China

December 25, 2000